Building a SALABLE Book of Business

How You Can Help Agents Succeed at a Higher Level

by Real Estate Coach Judy LaDeur

Recent NAR predictions state that nearly 70% of active real estate agents will exit the business over the next 5 – 10 years, most intending to simply walk away from the business they have spent years building.  Of the agents that would like to sell their business most don’t know how and without help would likely experience problems with tracking, second party referrals, the buying or selling agent going to another company as well as trying to determine who is responsible for keeping the business going through advertising, marketing and mailing.  Understanding how to help an agent sell their business is a Recruiting/Retention tool that allows a company to capture the market share of retiring agents within their market. It’s not just for agents that are considering retirement in the next five years, it’s also a great opportunity for agents with five or less years in the industry who want a jump start by purchasing someone else’s business, as well as the agents who find themselves in between these two scenarios who want to learn how to make their business saleable in order to get top dollar in the future. The best part is that there is no money up front, but lots of money over the next 5 years, so it’s easy for any agent and any broker to implement.

NAR predicts that over 50% of the REALTORS® who currently sell real estate will retire, relocate, or leave the business due to serious illness in the next ten years. Each time one of your agents leaves for any reason, you lose that market share.

What’s the first step? Your agents should have a saleable business. If their business is not currently set up in a contact database management program, then it cannot be sold.  To leverage their business and take advantage of this particular program (the ability to sell their real estate business at some point in the future) – that is the first thing you should do as a broker. Educate your team about the importance of having their business organized and set up in a CRM program. Offering that program is a good retention and recruiting tool. It should have the ability to set up several categories and upload photos. The more categories you have, the more valuable your business will be.

Components of a good data management program:

  • Easy to use. When we get busy, we are less likely to use a program that requires a lot of steps to enter the data.
  • Robust. The notes area should be sufficient to make 20-30 notes on each client after each call and or visit. Remember, you will have this data base for many years and the notes are important when you sell.
  • Diverse. You should be able to create a minimum of 20 categories such as: Great for referrals, Buyer, Seller, purchased 2-5 properties from me, investor, seller prospect, buyer prospect, farming area, bowling club, family member, friend, out of area friend who refers clients, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, leads that were referrals, etc.
  • Intuitive. If you have taken my course on how to know how they will make their decision based on their behavior pattern, you would also add the categories of expressive, amiable, analytical, and driver.
  • Searchable.  Remember, you can have 1 client in 6 different categories, but you want to be able to say, “I have 267 people who have purchased a home from me, but 198 of them have purchased 2 or more homes from me.  However, note that 190 people in my data base were sent to me as referrals from a client in my data base.”
  • Detailed.  Keep all details about the clients, their families, their referrals, property details, etc. on their contact sheet.
  • Have the ability to create alerts.  You should be able to put reminders about when you will make contact with them on your calendar from this program.
  • Exportable.  You should be able to easily export from the data base for your mailings.
  • Group-able.  You should be able to set up groups for purposes of sending group emails or specific group mailings.
  • Visual.  A great feature is the ability to have their photo on their contact sheet!

The more people that are in the database, the more valuable the business is when they decide to retire, relocate or leave the business for any reason.

Marketing is another important component.  A recent survey showed that 87% of people surveyed reported that they definitely would use their agent again, but didn’t because they can’t remember who they are or how to find them!  Are you agents marketing to their data bases on a regular basis? What are you doing to support their marketing? Studies show that 10% of the people in their database will do business with them or refer business to them each year if they stay in contact. For most of your agents, that is more than their current level of business.  Your agent should do the following to build and maintain a strong business:

  • Stay in touch 12 times per year with something of value in writing. Our Profitable Sales Agent Newsletters are the perfect tool to stay positioned with something of value every week.
  • See your past clients and sphere of influence at least twice per year.
  • Send personal notes 4 times per year.
  • Talk to your clients at least 3 times per year.
  • Interact daily using social media

If their business is organized and they are marketing on a consistent basis, they are positioned to sell their business for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The How to Successfully Sell or Acquire a Thriving Real Estate Business kit is available for purchase on our site at for just $79, or sign up for The Profitable Recruiter today and receive this kit as our free gift to you.  We’ve even got a terrific letter that you can send to your recruiting prospects promoting the fact that, with your company, you will help them build a business they can SELL for a nice profit when they are ready to leave the industry.  What a powerful way to recruit this season! 

Four Factors You CAN Control in Recruiting

Positioning Yourself for Exponential Resultsfour factors for recruiting

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Bottom line? Recruiting is the lifeblood of your real estate brokerage. If you are not actively recruiting, you are on your way out of business. You can have the best team in the industry, but at some point, every agent that you have will leave. They will retire, they may get ill, and they might just get tired of working, or relocate. But for reasons out of your control, they will leave.  There are many things that you can control to keep them there for as long as possible.  Here are those things which you can control:

  1. Office Environment & Culture: The brokers I know who are excellent recruiters, also provide an exciting work environment for their agents. They are in the office to greet their agents daily, they create reasons for the agents to come into the office, they host fun events throughout the year in the office, and the office has a clean, professional look about it. Create a welcome, efficient place for your agents to network, meet clients, and impress your recruits and you’re one step ahead of your competition.
  1. Create a Written Profile of the Perfect Agent for Your Office:  By writing down what it would take him or her to be the perfect fit for your team, your mind will actively look for people who fit your profile. Have you ever noticed that if you buy a new blue car, that suddenly you see that color and model everywhere? Once you are aware of something, your mind will point it out.  The same is true for agents.  When you are consciously aware of what you are looking for, your mind will also quickly discount people who do not meet your profile. You will hire more of the right agents, and fewer agents who fall short of your criteria. The time to talk about your criteria and expectations for your agents is in the interview process.  Don’t be shy. During the interview say things such as “The ideal agent for our team is an agent who is looking for (quality). Our expectations of those who join our team are (expectation).  The typical agent on our team averages (annual income). Those who are right for your team will make statements that confirm they meet your criteria.  If you are hiring new agents, you may want a separate profile, which may encompass areas such as passion, drive, experience in other sales fields, and education. A new agent’s desire and persistence can overcome many obstacles. For experienced agents you may want to consider things such as the time constraints each one will put on you or your staff. It seems there are always a few agents in each office that take up the bulk of the leader’s time.  Your focus should be to find good people so you can replace the ones who do not meet your criteria.
  1. Prospecting: Once you know who you want, you next job is to find those agents and position yourself and your company to recruit them. Prospecting effectively allows you to fill your office with the kind of agents who fit your profile, which will enable you to earn more money. Prospecting can take on many forms such as direct mail, social media, face to face interaction with agents, phone calls, texting, emails  and anything which will allow you to connect with the right agent for your team. Prospecting does two things: It keeps you positioned with the agents that you want until they are ready to move. It also tells you which agents are ready to make a move that day.  For that reason, calling must be a daily part of your prospecting, but don’t try to recruit them over the phone. The purpose of the call is to get the interview. They can’t sign up over the phone. I am amazed at the number of brokers who do not prospect, and most prospect less than their agents do. The brokers with the most productive offices lead by example. They are always prospecting and building their business, just like they expect their agents to prospect. Are you willing to get in the mud with your troops? Are you willing to show and teach them by example the value of prospecting? Are you going to teach them through your actions what leadership is about?
  1. Powerful presentation: Just as your agents need to perfect their best listing presentation — you need to create a dynamic presentation which is customized to each agent. The agent needs to feel that you have a lot to offer him/her in knowledge and experience. Your presentation should be based on well-scripted questions to find their hot buttons as well as products and services that they currently need in their real estate career. The better you learn what the agent is looking for, the more powerful your presentation will be.  Focus on hiring agents on value. What is the value to them in joining your team? How much more can they earn as a member of your team? Just as agents can get more listings by reducing their commission, you can always get more agents by lowering your fees or increasing your splits. Do the best sales agents reduces their fees and profits just to get more listings? NO. And the best brokers do not “buy agents”.  They do, however, end each interview with an invitation to join their team, if the agent is a good fit.

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