The Real VALUE in Focused Recruiting

Start With the Math!

by Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Sometimes it’s tough to get brokers to see the value in staying focused on their recruiting efforts.  I get it. You wear a lot of hats every day and it is work.  That’s when I usually break out a little math that helps illustrate my point.  Here goes: If you were to recruit a two million dollar producer away from your competition – you’d gain $2 million in market share.  At the same time you decrease your competitor’s market share by $2,000,000.  That’s a $4,000.000 market position increase for you for each agent you recruit!

Now it’s getting exciting right?  So if you recruit two agents per month for 12 months, that’s an additional 24 agents, with a $48 million market share increase and $98 million stronger position in your marketplace.

If you were $98 million stronger in your marketplace one year from today would it help your agents do more business?  Would it help you with retention?  Would it be easier to recruit?  YOU BET!

By staying focused, every broker should be able to recruit an average of 24 experienced agents per year or more — depending on your current size.  Ironically, as you become stronger in your marketplace, the strong producers will naturally seek you out because they want to be with the best.

Let’s work the problem out backwards. We’ve always been taught that even though objection handling and closing skills are critical, if the prospect isn’t sold (due to a poor presentation) no close in the world will help.  So, closing skills are important, but ONLY if your presentation is effective.

How do we perfect the presentation process?  With training and lots of practice.  (Remember that old saying – “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  PRACTICE!”  Your attitude needs to be “We don’t need them all – we just need the BEST!”)

It’s hard to accomplish your recruiting goals when only one agent per month walks through the door!  But when you have lots of prospects, you can be more selective. So, get lots of practice, AND build your confidence through proven systems.

How do you get in front of lots of candidates?  By PROSPECTING.  It’s not a bad word, we promise!  There are hundreds of good prospecting systems and ideas being implemented by brokers all over the globe.  The key is to find what works for YOU and YOUR ORGANIZATION.

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Creating Your Hit List

Overcoming One of the Biggest Recruiting Hurdles Brokers Facerecruiting list

Hands down, one of the biggest obstacles brokers have to kicking off their recruiting efforts is building the list.  It’s a little funny, because most of these same brokers would be first in line to teach their AGENTS the importance of building THEIR list – their farming/prospecting pipeline.  In a time where competition is high, and recruiting isn’t a ‘should do’ but a ‘MUST do’ – it’s time for all brokers to ‘walk the same walk’ that they encourage their agents to walk.  In other words – build your list.

Here are three great places to start:

  1. Competitors:  List ten companies in your market that are at an equal or just below market share level comparatively to your office and identify the 5-10 agents you would most like to recruit from each and put them into your database.  Jot down any facts you know of these agents, the more information you have on the front end – the easier it is to identify their hot buttons during your marketing and eventually, in your interview.
  2. Your Agents:  Some brokers find this a little tricky, but here’s a great approach for making that conversation easier. Here’s a sample dialogue for you:  “Hey Bill, I’d love for you to do me a favor.  Take out two of your business cards.  Now flip the first one over and write co-broke on the top for me.  Please share the name of an agent who you really had a great co-broke experience with in the last 90 days.   Awesome – now, flip the other card over and write One Desk on the top.  Now if you don’t mind share  the name of the person who if we ONLY had room for ONE AGENT in our market who you’d think would be a great fit for our office and you’d be proud to be associated with – who would that be?”  Then you can quickly discern who the top agent fits would be by comparing all the cards from your agents. Follow up with these agents is a very ‘warm’ recruiting call.  “Hi (name) – I asked my agents recently to let me know, if we only had ONE desk – who their top choice in the market would be to fill it.  Your name came up 7 times! I’m very impressed.  I’d love to make a little time for us to get to know each other better and discover how we might be able to make that happen!”  You won’t get all of them right away – but put those in your database as well – with an identifier as “co-broke” or “one desk” and stay in touch!
  3. Your local board:  The agents most likely to make a move fall into the 1-7 year category.  We’ve shared strategies and dialogues before for recruiting those 12-24 month agents that usually a great prospect.  Take a look at the top 200 agents in your market and find some common denominators that would make them a good fit for your company.  A good rule of thumb is for every 100 agents on your prospecting list…10 should be top producers, 20-30 new agents, and everyone else should fall into that mid-range producer level.  The last group will have the most turnover and highest potential for recruiting.  Put them all in your database with identifiers for the level they are at and their time in business – as well as any other information you can find.

Now, start marketing!  Connect with them all via your weekly eNewsletter.  Next segment your top hit list (A group) and send lumpy letters to these top 25 or so per month.  Stay in touch, follow up, and be present in the market place.  Recruiting is all about POSITIONING yourself to be the broker agents WANT to call when they are ready to make a move!

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The Most Important Ingredient

Attracting the Agents You Want in Today’s Market

By Judy LaDeur

What is the secret to attracting the agents that you want in today’s market? Preparation is the most important ingredient.  Most brokers tell me that they do not spend time preparing for the interview. They just show up at their office in time to conduct the appointment. Not taking the time to prepare for the interview is a lot like showing up for a listing appointment unprepared. When you take the time to do your research, you will be better prepared for certain objections, know which tools and systems to present, understand how they make their decisions and what’s important to that agent.

I always suggest spending 15-30 minutes preparing for the interview. Some things to do are:

  • Google the agent to see what you can discover about them
  • Go to their Facebook page to see what is happening in their life at this time
  • Look them up on Linked In. What are they saying? Are there testimonials?
  • What do you know about their company?
  • What do you know about the agent?
  • Have they sold any of your listings? Who did they work with?
  • What is their behavior pattern?
  • Based on their behavior pattern, what tools or systems are they most likely to want?
  • Check MLS records to see what their production was the past 12 months.
  • What is their company’s policy with regard to listings being released?
  • What will be the best questions to ask this agent, based on what you have discovered?

Whenever a broker or recruiter takes the time to be prepared for the interview, they will always have a better outcome.

You would never show up for a listing appointment or buyer without the proper preparation.

NAR has shown that an agent will stay with your firm for an average of 7 years.  If your profit per agent is just $10,000 per year, that agent represents $70,000 to you. Since most interviews last about an hour, that means that the return on your one-hour investment is $70,000, if you know what to do and what to say when that agent comes in to meet with you. It seems like a good investment to me!

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