Everything You Need to Recruit the Agents You Want This Year

Leveraging a Recruiting ONE-TWO Punch

Real estate recruiting speaker and coach Judy LaDeur has worked with thousands of brokers over the past 25 years, and has fined-tuned the art of successful recruiting.  Recruiting is essential to succeeding in today’s market. However, there are very few brokers who actually take the time to learn about recruiting and make it a priority. The truth is that a lot of brokers just like you struggle. They struggle simply because they don’t understand recruiting. But, the good news is that recruiting doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming! These are not complicated systems or techniques.

Judy started out as a highly successful REALTOR®. She figured out how to leverage the skills she already had to become a master recruiter. Now she will teach you how to do the same. In Judy’s systems, you’ll learn the tools necessary to increase your market position $50-100 million dollars, every single year. It all starts with simply recruiting two experienced agents per month. We’ll assume that these newly recruited agents are doing about $2.5 million in production each. That’s $5 million added to your bottom line each month, but more importantly, you are pulling $5 million from your competitor every month as well. That means in just 30 days you would be $10 million dollars stronger in the marketplace. Or $120 million dollars stronger in just one year. What would that mean for your business? Would it make it easier to recruit the agents you want? When you increase your market position something very different happens…that “something” you’ve been trying to obtain all along. All of a sudden your company has more signs in the market and your agents get more calls. Your competition’s market presence suddenly drops – they have less signs and their agents get fewer calls. Your original group reaps the benefits of the bonus calls and the new activity and each agent does a few more transactions every year.

Using the secrets that the top brokers in the nation already know, any company can bring in at least twenty four producers every single year.

You already have 80% of the skills and talent that you need to be a dynamite recruiter. With the right strategies you can have agents lining up at your doors begging to work for you.  Recruiting is your one-way ticket to success. You will have the power to stop your attrition, increase your production and increase your market position. These are proven, systems that you can use. Dominate your market by leveraging the power of recruiting!

It is very important to keep in mind that much of recruiting is timing. You must be patient. Send them information on a regular basis to educate them on who you are and what you can do. Then, when the time is right, that person thinks of you. It’s much like “farming your area” as a sales agent. The perfect way to stay in touch and be positioned when the time is right is to register today for The Profitable Recruiter Marketing Platform. You will receive motivational emails each week that your prospects will love. You’ll also have access to a library of letters, phone scripts, notes, social media content, and master-class webinars for recruiters — even webinars for your agents and prospects to attend.  All of this and more positions you to CONSISTENTLY get face to face with the agents YOU want to RECRUIT when they are ready.

How do I conduct the recruiting interview?

The key to the recruiting interview is…stay focused on them. It’s all about the agent. You must stay focused on them! In her advanced training audio system, Judy takes brokers through the 7-step process and teaches them how toprofitable recruiting system know what the recruit wants, what to present and how to present your company and your systems in a way that builds value. When you hire on value, you do not have to “buy them” or compete on money. Judy will not only teach you how to conduct the interview, but you will hear Judy role play the entire process with a broker. Every presentation must be customized to meet their needs.

How do I overcome stalls/objections from the agent?

The ability to overcome the stalls and objections that agents are giving you is one of the keys to a successful interview. However, we have found that the better your presentation skills, the fewer the stalls and objections. Brokers and recruiters who follow this process will hire an average of 70-80% of the agents that they interview that day, or they will get a commitment that day if the timing is right. It just goes back to making sure that you are not dragging people in off the streets who are not interested in joining your company and that you maintain that contact until the timing is right.

Every pro member of The Profitable Recruiter can now access Judy’s Profitable Recruiter Audio Training System (a $297 value). In this audio training package, you’ll have more than SEVEN HOURS of recruiting tools, scripts, dialogues, role-playing, and foundation builders.  In her Profitable Recruiter Membership Platform you’ll have weekly eNewsletters, recruiting letters, lumpy letters, retention tools, social media tools, a full library of webinars on demand (for you and your agents), and new scripts monthly as well.  This power-packed duo of recruiting tools is literally everything you need to recruit the team of your dreams, but this offer won’t be on the table for long.

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Got questions?  Email us for answers!  Good luck and happy Recruiting! 

NOW: There Has Never Been a Better Time to Recruit

Strike While the Iron is Hot

By Real Estate Coach Judy LaDeur

Today’s market has given us an opportunity that we have not seen in many years, and many brokers are missing it! After a 10-year recession, agents have had a few years to start making money again and they are comfortable. Brokers are saying that the agents are “happy”. Of course, they are happy, they have money in the bank once again. But could they be making more money? Could they be planning for their retirement more effectively? Could they have more balance in their life and career with your company? They will never know until they meet with you and that’s your job!

Now is the critical time to get face to face with as many agents as you can while their inventory is low and they have time to meet. Don’t take no for an answer, or at least don’t take one “no” for an answer. Agents who are comfortable will tell you what they are happy because it’s less painful to stay where they are then to go through the pain of telling their broker good-bye and making a move. This is the time of year to be more persistent when you are talking to those agents. Think like a 2-year-old. They know what they want and they don’t give up easily!

Use one-liners to keep the conversation moving towards the close to get together, and keep it short and sweet. When you leave a message, keep it short. “Hey it’s (Your Name) over at (Your Company). Please give me a call, I just need two minutes of your time.”

If they are not picking up the phone, or calling you back, try texting. It works great with busy agents. “MLS records indicate that you could be leaving a lot of money on the table, based on your sales performance in 2016. If we can put that money in your pocket, would you be willing to meet with us?”

When you know them, but they resist getting together, try:

  • Do you trust me? Then meet with me.
  • So what? Let’s get together!
  • What’s it going to hurt? It’s an hour of your time to learn something about your competition.
  • We need to get together.   I know, I know… let ‘s just get together.
  • I completely understand, but….

If you are calling an agent that you know, who is not picking up the phone, you can send them a text first and say, “In two minutes you will be getting a call from me. Please pick up your phone. Please, please, please…”

If agents bring up objections or concerns on the phone. Brush it off. “Look, it’s just a matter of value. If you can take home more money, and put more in your bank account, and do that with less hassle in less time with less stress — do any of those other things really matter?  Let’s get together so we can look at the numbers together. If you won’t make more here, we won’t ask you to join.”

This is the time of the year to keep “making those calls” at the top of the list.

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  • recruiting to specific personality types
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