4 Keys to Keep CHANGE from Creating VULNERABILITY

Recruiting Secrets to Stay AHEAD of the Competition

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

It’s that time of year, right? When you are looking at your business plans and thinking about making some changes in your company ?  Change is GOOD, but properly timed change is GREAT!  We have all heard the saying; the only constant thing in life is change.  The same is true for your business.  Change is necessary and needed to move forward. However, change is also the #1 reason for vulnerability in a real estate office.Change Management Flow Chart

When you are vulnerable, you can lose agents. There are also times when you should NOT implement a change.

Change is the #1 reason for vulnerability. When you implement change, there are a certain number of agents who will be unhappy with the change. It has the potential to create some resistance in your office.  We understand that it’s impossible to implement a change and have everyone be happy. But here are some tips for implementing change to control vulnerability.

#1: Try to involve your agents whenever possible: If you are changing locations, ask a team of agents to help you locate a new location. Go out with them to scout out new office space. Let your agents sell the group on the new location.  You could also set up a committee to determine the new colors for the office and ideas for office design. Let them spend their time with the designer, but you can make the final decisions.

#2: Use the exchange method: When you take away or add a service, use that opportunity to evaluate all your existing services and tools.  Whenever a company tells me that they are going to add a tool or service, I usually ask them, “Are you planning to discontinue any services or tools in the near future?”  Or if they want to discontinue something, I want to know their plans for the near future.  This allows you to hold a business meeting with your agents and explain that after careful evaluation of all your tools and services, you are making some changes to better support them in their business. You can explain that a certain tool or service is not yielding great results, so you are implementing something better for them.  Another example is: If you are changing compensation, or implementing a new fee, time it with the implementation of a new service.  “We are implementing a transaction fee of ($Amount) but you will no longer be charged for (service).”

#3: Grandfather your existing agents whenever possible when you are changing compensation or fees:  Money is always a tricky change, and possibly the most delicate one. When possible, “grandfather” the existing agents and apply the change to those new agents who will be joining after the implementation.  Another idea is to grandfather all agents whose production is above a certain amount. You could say “If you are generating GCC of $90,000.00 or more, you will be grandfathered with regard to the new changes.”  You can also grandfather agents who have been with the company a long time.  “If you have been with our firm for 10 years, or your production is $(Amount), you will not be subject to the new changes.”  Keep in mind that emotional agents will usually not leave because of the money, but they are hurt that after so many years, or at their level of production, that you would take money out of their pocket, or not honor the original agreement that they had.

#4: A management change is also tricky:  Whenever you change managers, you should consider the personality of the manager that is being replaced. If the manager that is being replaced was very friendly, emotional and well liked by the agents, you would be more vulnerable with a new logical manager.  If the manager that you want to put into place is a different personality, you can decrease your vulnerability by putting in an interim manager, or yourself, while they go through their mourning period over the loss of their manager they liked.  What I found worked well was to personally manage the office for a period of 6-12 months. During that time I would look for a new manager. When I found the new manager, I would bring them in as a manager in training and co-manage with them for 3 months. After 3 months, I would turn the office over to the new manager, and ease out over the next 30 days.

Times to avoid change:  There are two times that you want to avoid making a change if possible. Do not make changes during “recruiting season” or when their production is at a low point. The months of December/January and August/September are probably the two most vulnerable times to make a change. Agents typically have fewer listings and pendings during this time, so making a move is easier. You also do not want to make a change while you are already vulnerable from a prior change. For example, if you just changed the name of your company, don’t change the compensation plan the following week.

Bottom line: The best way to retain your agents if you are vulnerable, is to always be working on retention. Start today by sending thee notes a week to your agents. Think of something nice to say about them and let them know how much you appreciate them.  If you always practice retention, the competition will have a tough time raiding your office.

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Six Powerful Ways to Follow Up With Recruits

It’s the #1 Key to Bringing On the Agents You Want
Smiling Handsome Man Using Phone While Walking

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

How many agents have you talked to the past 12 months who were not ready to join, but gave you permission to stay in touch? One of the easiest ways to recruit more agents each year is to follow up with those who say “no” initially.  The decision to change offices is a tough one, and when the market is strong, it’s even tougher!  Sometimes, due to fear of the unknown, the agent will stay put.  Have you ever heard that people will stay with something they know, even if it is not good, rather than make a change? The logic is that at least they know what they have.  Change requires that they venture into the unknown. However, brokers who consistently follow up with agents after the interview, say that up to 50% of their hires each year were results of follow up.

Here are six powerful ways you can follow up directly and indirectly: 

1.  Call.  One of the least favorite things for brokers to do, but one of the most effective.  Some of the best people to call are those your agents have had transactions within the last 30-60 days.  If they’ve had positive experiences, call those agents and congratulate them on their professionalism and give them kudos for a job well done. Let them know if they are ever interested in exploring other options – you’d love to sit down and meet.

2.  Send a Lumpy Letter.  These are perfect for capturing attention, showing that you are not only interested but a creative and even fun broker that’s willing to be outside the box.  It gets them thinking — and talking!  Sometimes it’s even good for recruiting more agent than one for that very reason!  Learn more here.

3.  Use weekly e-newsletters.  These are terrific, especially for emotional agents.  When they are non-invasive or pushy – but instead motivational, give great tips, and spotlight you as a leader, and a broker who is in the know in the marketplace — recruiting prospects respond very well.  John from New York had this to say, “I am surprised at how hungry the industry is for local news and statistics. The number of agents who come up to me at broker open house events and association functions to comment on the Monday Morning Wake Up and the Friday Update is incredible. This opens the door for a “getting to know each other” conversation.”  

4.  Be present in your market. This is no time to be a stealth broker.  Agents are busier right now than they’ve been in years. When they see a broker who takes time out to attend broker opens, board events that they are honored in, charity functions that they are part of, etc. — it shows them that you are more than a name on a door. It shows them that you someone who’s willing to be part of their solutions.

5.  Make an invitation.  Got an agent you’d really like to sit down with?  Let them know. Send them an invitation for a cup of coffee, or a lunch at their favorite spot.  Let them know, no pressure, no sales pitch.  You just would like to get to know them a little better and you appreciate what they are bringing to your market.

6.  Offer training.  Right now agents are often in 24/7 mode, but offering training at the end of the summer with a great speaker, powerful topics, and terrific takeaways can be a great introduction to what you bring to the table.  Let them know it’s the kind of training that sets the perfect pace for the rest of the year and will help them kick off a fantastic fall season.  Make it easy and non-threatening for them to register, and extend the offer as a by-invitation-only event.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to FOLLOW up with agents. Why? We have just had the best real estate market that most agents have ever experienced. When they are making money, they feel confident. They also feel valuable. Pick up the phone and call the agents on your hit list this week. You might be surprised to see how many are willing to meet with you between now and September.  Don’t wait until late August or September. That will be too late. Make recruiting a priority now.

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The Top Five Must-Do Strategies for Brokers to Implement in Today’s Market

What You Do Now Will Affect How You End This Year and Start the Next

By Real Estate Recruiting Expert and Coach Judy LaDeur

Our market continues to change at a crazy clip and smart brokers and managers are turning to serious systems and tools to keep up.  To help make the most of your recruiting efforts, energy and marketing dollars, I’ve put together five top strategies for a successful rest of the year that are generating tremendous results for brokers.

  1. Take Out the Guesswork. Be sure to have a SPECIFIC, laid out, retention program to keep the agents that you already have. Agents need to know that they are appreciated and wanted.  In changing and competitive times, agents who feel under-appreciated begin to look to your competition for acknowledgement. For those of you who are members, make sure those Monday Morning messages are going out to your current team, not just your recruits and follow the weekly retention action plan that corresponds to your message.
  1. Be the Resource. Provide powerful ongoing training, coaching and mentoring to keep your agents productive, ahead of the trends and confident in their skills and tools. Productive agents are happy agents and companies who continue to provide resources for success will grow exponentially over their competitors. Not to mention, like attracts like. If your agents are happy, productive and knocking it out of the park in your market, they’ll catch the attention of other area agents who will be curious as to how your company can help them do the same.
  1. Support them. Provide marketing support for two very important reasons. It increases your agents’ business and more importantly ensures that the marketing ACTUALLY gets done. Many agents cut their marketing budgets, which resulted in less business for the agent – but also for the company. When agents sell homes, companies make money so whatever you can do as a broker to support their business, is always a winning strategy.
  1. Turn Up the Heat.  While many of your competitors go into holiday “sleep mode” — it’s your turn to dial things up. Implement a strong recruiting campaign which consists of marketing, calls, social media, advertising, and interviews weekly!  Now is the perfect time to keep your ears to the ground and your eyes open for trends in your market that you can leverage.  A competitor that pulls back on resources.  A change in management at another company.  A top producer who isn’t being recognized.  Use these trends to your advantage and RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT!
  1. Know your numbers! What I mean by that is—know your value propositions.  What is the VALUE of being with your company? How many referrals do you generate per agent? What percentage of their business is generated by something you’re providing? I am always amazed how few brokers know what percentage of an agents business is as a result of something that company does to support them…and that is the key to recruiting and retention!

Hope you’ve found these tips helpful.  If you’d like to learn more about growing your business, building the right team or working a SMARTER recruiting plan (because harder is no fun) then give me a call at (630) 402-0898 or visit me online at www.theprofitablerecruiter.com.

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