Coaching Your Agents to Succeed

Setting Goals and Smashing Them

By Real Estate Coach Judy LaDeur

Studies show that most agents are at a loss when it comes to setting goals or planning activities.  Salespeople tend to fly by the seat of their pants and figure it out as they go! However, it’s also been proven that those agents who plan for their success are more likely to succeed.  That said, if you’ve got agents who are struggling, not truly hitting their potential, or are clearly off-track from goals they did set at the first of the year — it may be a good time to tap into a little coaching to put them on the right path.

Here is a simple exercise that you can do with any of your agents. Ask them to come prepared to discuss their goals, and where they want their real estate career to be in three years from today.

Start the discussion with this statement: “If we were having this discussion three years from now, and you were looking back, what has to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress?

For some, it’s hard to imagine their life three years into the future. Give them time to think about their answers and write it down as they share it with you.

Then as this question: “What problems/worries/ concerns do you have now that need to be eliminated for you to have the outcome that you imagine? What opportunities need to be captured, and what strengths need to be maximized?”

With regard to problems, obstacles or concerns, ask this question: “What steps or action can you take today to eliminate that obstacle or minimize that concern?”

Example: If they have a goal to increase their income $100,000.00, but a concern is that they are already working seven days a week and can’t imagine how their income can increase by $100,000.00, you want to ask them to come up with solutions to that problem. You should not provide solutions, even though you might think the solution is easy. You might want to prompt them to come up with several solutions. If they said, “I guess I could work smarter.” Ask them, “What does that mean to you and how could you achieve it?” Them: “Maybe I need an assistant.” You: “That’s a great solution. What else can you do to work smarter?”

When they say the solutions and steps aloud, it creates a path to move forward. Write these in your follow-up report and send to them. Keep a copy in their file and follow up to see what actions they are taking to insure that life they want in three years is starting to take shape.

Most people don’t have goals, they have wishes. For wishes to become goals, they have to be achievable, measurable and have a deadline.  For it to be measurable something must be achieved which can be measured.  Action steps can be measured.

Entrepreneurs are always motivated by freedom. They are the ones who create new industry because they are always looking for new ways to be in control of their businesses and their lives.  Their biggest motivation is always increased freedom; freedom from restrictions, freedom to create new forms of value that they can profitably sell. They dislike being restrained inside of other people’s systems and structure. As a result, they are always looking for exciting ways to get the best return on their investment of time and money. They are always on the look for new approaches that expand their opportunities and capabilities.

When an entrepreneur’s personal and professional life is in balance they are able to focus more on what they love to do.

Thinking ahead, and planning for success, makes it more likely to happen! We’re here to help!

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Four Things Every Broker Can and Should Do to Get Their Recruiting Program in Place

And Keep It On Track

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

recruiting real estate team members

  1. Get organized! Do you have your hit list in a database management program? Do you have categories set up to easily locate and communicate with your potential recruits? Are you talking to the right agents for your firm?  Many brokers just jump right in and start randomly calling agents, without a specific approach or plan of action. Use this time of the year when many agents are busy with the spring market and get organized.  Review the list of agents, and add some new agents to the list that you have not yet met or talked to. Here’s an article on creating your hit list.   Don’t look at agents as they are, but rather as they could be with your organization and under your leadership.  What are the compelling reasons for an agent to join your team? You should have 12-20 compelling reasons for an agent to join. Each of your systems or opportunities should also bring value to their career. Take this time to create a visual, showing results, for each compelling reason, to be used in the interview process.
  2. Communication: Communication is one of the most important elements of the interview process. It pre-sells the agent on the benefits of joining your team.  Your communication/ marketing consists of the following: email campaign, phone calls, social media interaction and comments, personal notes and personal interaction at Realtor events, social events and open houses. Your communication is how you build the relationship.  Most agents require at least 3 phone calls, 3 marketing pieces, and some personal interaction before they make the decision to even meet with you. Take the time to create compelling marketing pieces to get their attention. August is the beginning of recruiting reason.  Start your marketing/communication now so that you are ready to recruit the agents that you want, then.
  3. Positioning: Once your marketing and communication is in place, the key is to stay constantly positioned, in a positive, no – pressure way.  Not every agent is ready to make a move, but someday they will decide it’s time for a change and you want to be the broker that they think of first.  Use occasional texts, emails, social media comments and phone calls every three months to stay positioned.  One of the best tools to stay positioned are the weekly motivational emails in The Profitable Recruiter marketing platform.  Each one is motivational and inspirational, which agents enjoy recruiting and reading. Not yet a member? Take advantage of our SHOW THE LOVE SPECIAL and enjoy a 40% discount off any of our memberships with the code 40OFF at
  4. The Ability to Discover and Convey Value: When you are face-to-face with a potential recruit, your job is simple.  Learn what it is that they want through asking the right questions, and then present what they want in a way that conveys value to them.  Your questioning process should last 20-30 minutes.  Dig really deep to uncover needs, wants, desires and those things which they do not like at their current company.  If you ask the right questions, they will tell you what they want. Once you know what they want, present only those systems and opportunities which they indicate an interest in.  Tell them what others have experienced when they joined your team. Results show and convey value, so testimonials are great too!

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Recruiting Season Skill Building

Fine Tune Those Interview Skills

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

If you’re consistently staying  in touch with your recruiting process, now is the time to turn up the heat on your recruiting skills by practicing.  While it might not feel natural at first – I challenge you to stick as close to the interview process as possible.

Here is an overview of the interview process:

The set up: This is the time to tell them the goals and agenda for the meeting. Set up the interview by sharing your goals and agenda.  Let them know that your job is to give them the information that they need that day to make the best decision for their real estate career, and to better have a feel of whether your company is the right choice for them. You should know if the agent is an emotional decision maker or a logical decision maker within the first 5-10 minutes.  You need to mirror your candidate for optimal results. Maintain a businesslike manner for logical agents and a friendly, warm manner for emotional agents.

The questions: The questions are the foundation of your interview.  If a broker/recruiter cannot master this component, their presentation will be weak, or even worse, they will find themselves “buying agents through making deals” if they cannot hire on value.  Surface questions will not give you what you want to know. They just skim the surface. You must really dig deep and find out what is happening in their professional life, what they have now, how do they feel about what they have, and what do they want. Why, When and Why are how most of your questions should start. You can also say, “Tell me more about that” or “when you say (comment), what do you mean?”

The goal of asking questions for the new or struggling agent:

Do you want them? Will they make it? What are their past accomplishments? Sales experience? What is their behavior style?  What have they been doing to build their career up until now?  Number of people in their data base? Number of calls they make daily? Farming? FSBO? Expireds?  What are they willing to do to have a successful career? Number of hours they plan to work to achieve goals?

The goal of asking questions for the experienced agent interview:

What do they like where they are? What do they dislike? What is the point of difference between your company and their company? What are their long term goals? Can they achieve them at their current company?  What are their expectations of you as their broker? What are they doing to generate business now? What tools would best support them to take their career to the next level?

At the end of the questions, you should know which systems you will present and what it’s going to take to hire them. If you don’t know these things, then you either need to ask more questions or better questions.

The prospect that can be most challenging at this stage is the driver. If you are interviewing the driver, keep the questions moving fast, and be very direct. Otherwise, they will start asking you questions and you will lose control of the interview.  If you lose control of the interview in the questioning process with a driver, it’s because it’s moving too slow or they are frustrated with the interview and you are not staying on task.  This can be a very tough position for any manager or recruiter, but when you find yourself in that position, first realize how you got there and next, regain control as fast as possible. You can listen to the CD’s if you need additional support with regard to asking questions.

Please remember that the purpose of asking questions is to identify the right systems to present to the agent.  They usually only need about 5 systems to meet their needs.

The Presentation:

The area that I would like for you each of you to really practice and develop is the 3-step presentation process and the ROI or value close.  Failing to present each system in a way that shows value, is the #1 reason that the agent will not join.  With regard to presentation skills, please remember that you don’t need to present everything about your company, but you should have visuals and info on everything that is unique about your company and be ready for each interview.  What sets you apart and gives you a point of difference?  Not only for experienced agents, but for new as well.  It can be on a laptop, folders, whatever, as long as it is easy for you to use and it is going to demonstrate what makes your office unique and the results that can occur when they join your team.

This is your 3-step presentation process.

  • Recap what they said in the questioning process.
  • Present the tool or system using a visual.
  • Present the results using results from agents at your office or survey results from an organization such as NAR.

Each tool gets presented the same way with the three-step process. Then after the presentation, please go back and ask them to give you their opinion as to how many more transactions they can have with each tool. Please remember that they need you to give them results, in order for them to calculate value.

You can then close on the value of joining, which means that you do not have to worry about fees.  When you follow the process above, you will see that they can give you the value as perceived and believed by them. It will definitely make recruiting easier.

The RECAP = your ROI

The ROI = your Value Proposition

If you are not using the 3-step process above, and sharing results with your recruit, you will not be able to value close them.  After presenting each of your systems, you will recap, which is when you build value.  

Dialog to start the recap:  

“Let’s review what we have discovered.  There were 5 different areas of your real estate career that YOU felt could use some improvement. You said that you definitely need:

  • More leads
  • More marketing support
  • Personalized coaching and broker support
  • Better tools to compete for listings
  • More market presence or a strong name in the community.

Is there anything that I missed?  Let’s look at each tool/ system and determine what the value is to your career.

With regard to Leads: You said… As you recall, our agents receive an average of (number of leads) per year, with most converting 25% of those leads within 6 months. If we gave you the same number of leads each year, how many could you convert?


Total all the opportunities and use this dialog:

“If we total up all the opportunities that you believe you could have with our office, the number is (number) additional sales and or listings sold. If we multiply that number by the average commission received, which is $(dollar amount), it looks like you could have an additional $(dollar amount) in income with our company. How does that sound?

More importantly, these are opportunities that do not exist at your current company, so currently, you do not have the opportunity to earn this money at your current firm. You will need to join our team to have these opportunities.  When you came in today, I told you that my goal was to give you the information that you needed to make the best decision for your real estate career TODAY. Based on what you are looking at, does it look like a good time to join (your company)?  I agree, so let’s take a look at the various compensation plans and determine which one is best for you!

This is called: Closing on VALUE.  When you get their commitment, before talking about compensation plans, it’s a lot easier to hire them.

THE CLOSE: You must ask them to join. I like the handshake close. Those who have tried it have found it works great. There are a few people who are shy about trying it. This summer is a great time to master the official Judy LaDeur Hand Shake close.

Stalls and Objections: If you need help handling stalls and objections, please refer to the audio downloads in your Profitable Recruiter Membership platform.. I have all the solutions recorded.  Here’s what others have found: When you follow the interview process, as described above, you will have fewer stalls and objections.  Have a great recruiting season!

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