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Join The Profitable Recruiter Today!  Members will enjoy the most comprehensive, power-packed resource platform for real estate brokers, recruiters and managers for recruiting and retaining your valuable team of black friday cyber mondayagents and increasing your bottom line profitability!

Each week you’ll receive:

    1. One week’s worth of recruiting and retention content for your agents and prospective recruits in an email format – easily cut-and-paste-able into your own email platform.  It includes:
    2. A Graphic (great for adding sizzle to your message, also just right to save to your computer and upload to your social media platforms as a visual for the week.)
    3. An Inspired Message – each with an empowering, passion-fueled theme
    4. Something to Think About – expands on the original message and provokes further thought and action.
    5. Weekly Challenge – An action step you challenge them to take to move ahead in their career and life
    6. Words of Wisdom – 5 quotes per week you can share.  Some brokers like to copy and paste everything and send all at once, others prefer to save the quotes to send one each business day of the week and share them on their social media platforms as well.
    7. A Broker Challenge – Similar to the agent challenge, but with a recruiting and retention twist – designed to fine-tune your skills, open new doors, and increase profitability
    8. A Recruiting Action Step– Something special you can do or send to your recruits with special emphasis to the top 25 in your pipeline. An agent in the pipeline means that they are someone you have interviewed this year and are still talking to, or they have agreed to come in for an interview. This definitely gets their attention.


    1. A Monthly Book Club Membership – We’ll spotlight a results-producing business book each month for fresh ideas and insightful skill-building.
    2. Monthly Coaching and Training Webinar – Hosted by Judy LaDeur, featuring Top Brokers filled with how-to content, recruiting techniques, retention tools, and up-to-the-market new ideas
    3. Quarterly Guest Speaker/Expert Webinar – Once a quarter we’ll bring in a powerhouse agent who is an expert in their field, or an empowering coach or speaker — on a variety of timely topics that you, your agents and recruiting prospects are all invited to attend!
    4. A comprehensive, content-loaded web platform with new content, value added training, and coaching each month including: 
      • Robust letter/email content library
      • Valuable training videos
      • Social media tips
      • Recruiting scripts & dialogues
      • Content-rich articles
      • Agent Recognition Tools
      • Recruiting & retention tools
      • Webinars-on-Demand
      • Specific Strategies for Success

One of the best things you can do for your business? Put SYSTEMS in place.

Start TODAY.  Join as a PRO Member and Add Up to 10 Managers Per Company at No Extra Cost. 

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