10 Great Reasons to Call Recruits

10 step real estate recruiting calls

It Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult!

by Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

While kicking your second quarter recruiting into high gear – keep an eye on the prize for your goals! Lead your competition by doing these three things: 

  1. Get back to your broker business plan-review it WEEKLY
  2. Listen to the recruiting audio training in your Profitable Recruiter Platform
  3. Set these ten steps for making calls into strategic stone so start hitting the phones

To gain momentum — be willing to do what others are not to get the results you want!  There are several steps to mastering phone calls and many great reasons to pick up the phone.  Here are a few great reasons to call an agent:

  1. Your office  has a co-op transaction with that agent
  2. Your agent has identified them as a great agent to do business within your market
  3. Invite them to a social or educational event that you are hosting
  4. Pay them a compliment. It could be in their production or just the way they conduct business
  5. Introduce yourself if you do not know them
  6. Suggest getting together to meet and exchange information over coffee
  7. Check the progress of a first or second-year agent
  8. Follow up with agents that you have met with but did not YET hire
  9. Call to tell them about the special systems and services that your company offers
  10. Invite those who left to come back

Regardless of why you are calling them, what to say seems to be the biggest challenge for most brokers and recruiters.  For your best results, you should follow a process that allows you to build the relationship and secure the info that you need when the time is right for that agent to make a move.

Our process teaches you how to diffuse the initial response of “I’m busy” or “I’m happy where I am.” When you can lower the resistance in the first few seconds, the call is much easier.  Many brokers jump right in and ask them to meet. That works on occasion, but asking a few questions and engaging them in the conversation will usually result in a better close ratio.

Most agents will say “no” at least two times before saying “yes”! The secret is asking them more than once in more than one way! Most agents will say no before even listening to what you have to say. It’s important to say something that will not only get their attention but pique their curiosity to learn more.

There are also days of the week and times during the day which will have better results. Those who understand the Rules Behind Successful Calling will have fewer no-shows and spend less time making the calls and more time face-to-face with the agents they want.

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