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Coaching Your Agents to Succeed

Setting Goals and Smashing Them

By Real Estate Coach Judy LaDeur

Studies show that most agents are at a loss when it comes to setting goals or planning activities.  Salespeople tend to fly by the seat of their pants and figure it out as they go! However, it’s also been proven that those agents who plan for their success are more likely to succeed.  That said, if you’ve got agents who are struggling, not truly hitting their potential, or are clearly off-track from goals they did set at the first of the year — it may be a good time to tap into a little coaching to put them on the right path.

Here is a simple exercise that you can do with any of your agents. Ask them to come prepared to discuss their goals, and where they want their real estate career to be in three years from today.

Start the discussion with this statement: “If we were having this discussion three years from now, and you were looking back, what has to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress?

For some, it’s hard to imagine their life three years into the future. Give them time to think about their answers and write it down as they share it with you.

Then as this question: “What problems/worries/ concerns do you have now that need to be eliminated for you to have the outcome that you imagine? What opportunities need to be captured, and what strengths need to be maximized?”

With regard to problems, obstacles or concerns, ask this question: “What steps or action can you take today to eliminate that obstacle or minimize that concern?”

Example: If they have a goal to increase their income $100,000.00, but a concern is that they are already working seven days a week and can’t imagine how their income can increase by $100,000.00, you want to ask them to come up with solutions to that problem. You should not provide solutions, even though you might think the solution is easy. You might want to prompt them to come up with several solutions. If they said, “I guess I could work smarter.” Ask them, “What does that mean to you and how could you achieve it?” Them: “Maybe I need an assistant.” You: “That’s a great solution. What else can you do to work smarter?”

When they say the solutions and steps aloud, it creates a path to move forward. Write these in your follow-up report and send to them. Keep a copy in their file and follow up to see what actions they are taking to insure that life they want in three years is starting to take shape.

Most people don’t have goals, they have wishes. For wishes to become goals, they have to be achievable, measurable and have a deadline.  For it to be measurable something must be achieved which can be measured.  Action steps can be measured.

Entrepreneurs are always motivated by freedom. They are the ones who create new industry because they are always looking for new ways to be in control of their businesses and their lives.  Their biggest motivation is always increased freedom; freedom from restrictions, freedom to create new forms of value that they can profitably sell. They dislike being restrained inside of other people’s systems and structure. As a result, they are always looking for exciting ways to get the best return on their investment of time and money. They are always on the look for new approaches that expand their opportunities and capabilities.

When an entrepreneur’s personal and professional life is in balance they are able to focus more on what they love to do.

Thinking ahead, and planning for success, makes it more likely to happen! We’re here to help!

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Summertime Recruiting and Retention

How to Stay Strong in the Heat

By Real Estate Coach and Speaker Judy LaDeur

Let’s think about summer for a moment. Most people are REALLY excited to see warm weather arrive, especially those of us in the north. This spring was a great market for most agents, which means that they will have lots of closings in June.

Female real estate agent handing keys to new home owner

Lots of closings = lots of money. Lots of money to most agents in the summertime = “Play, party, vacation, BBQ, beach and boating.” That is perfectly

fine because they have earned it and they deserve it.

Let’s fast forward to mid August: Vacations are over, kids are back in school, and they are back to work. However, their pipeline is now empty! When an agent’s inventory of listings and sales are low, it is easier for them to make a move! That’s why they call September “Recruiting season”.

From the viewpoint of recruiting: It is critical to build and maintain relationships throughout the summer via social media, emails, letters, notes, calls or personal interaction. Don’t wait until September. I have discovered that summer is the time to passively stay in touch, and July is the time to start making those calls and booking your interviews. It’s an easy time for agents to meet with you. Offer to help them develop a last quarter strategy to have their best year ever!

From the viewpoint of retention:  If it’s recruiting season, it means that the competition will be “gunning for your agents” too! If your agents return from vacation and their production is low, they will also be vulnerable to the advances from your competition. Make plans NOW to implement a training/coaching program for the end of August. It’s also a great time to review their goals and business plans. Are your agents on track to hit their goals? Are they marketing to their base of business this summer? Make training and support very intentional each year at the end of summer break.

Another great way to stay passively in touch with your recruits and your agents is The Profitable Recruiter. We provide a weekly series of motivational and inspirational emails designed to create connection with both your recruits and current team members. All you have to do is copy and paste into your email system and schedule to send every Monday morning. We’ll even do the work for you with our new concierge service.

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Attention Real Estate Pros: Have You Checked Your Pulse Lately?

The Secret Weapon for Real Estate Pros to Generate Leads on LinkedIn

By Guest Blogger Rhonda Sher

One of the most overlooked resources in the world of social media for real estate agents is LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a platform that can help real estate agents grow their referral base, generate leads and enhance their brand and credibility. Many real estate agents spend their time on other social media sites like Facebook, and ignore LinkedIn which is where connections to powerful referral partners like divorce attorneys, mediators, financial planners and other professionals can be created.   LinkedIn is a place to establish credibility, produce valuable content, put videos of happy clients talking about their experience and create powerful referral partner relationships.  It all starts with a complete, professional profile.  Once that is accomplished, the lead generation can begin.

One of the best ways to take advantage of LinkedIn’s reach is to publish on their platform Pulse. It is free and easy to use.  The purpose of publishing on Pulse is NOT to sell – it is to inspire, motivate and educate the readers.

Keeping in mind the fact that LinkedIn promotes content from their Influencer network quite heavily, it makes sense to publish on Pulse and to look at what makes a post successful.

Steve Rayson, a writer for Buzzsumo wrote an article in December 2016 entitled The Most Successful LinkedIn Headlines and Topics of 2016.   Steve found that the most commonly used three word phrases are:

  • You need to
  • Why you should
  • Can learn from
  • The future of

These headline starters are ideal for real estate agents to use.  They meet the criteria of educating, motivating and inspiring.  Think about what you can write about incorporating these commonly used phrases.

If you want to generate more leads, increase your credibility and brand and be seen as a thought leader and resource that connections will refer to as an expert, consider publishing on Pulse consistently.  Here are a few topics to get you started:

  • Trends you need to know about in (your local market)
  • Why you should remove personal items when holding an open house
  • What you can learn from kids selling lemonade at a homemade stand
  • The 7 things you should expect from your real estate agent

Sharing an opinion on a topic allows readers to get to know you on a more personal level. The subjects to write about are endless.  Read other people’s posts on Pulse to get some inspiration.

If writing is not your specialty, consider outsourcing it to a specialist.  Make sure that the ghostwriter understands you, your brand and can speak in your voice.  One of the best places to find a ghostwriter for your content is on LinkedIn.

Take your pulse and start writing.  Do it consistently and your visibility as well as your leads will increase.

Rhonda Sher is a Business Connection Specialist, author and speaker.  She is an expert on LinkedIn and works with realtors, business professionals, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs helping them generate revenue and relationships.

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LinkedIn for Realtors – Converting Relationships to Revenue

With Guest Rhonda Sher

We were thrilled to host guest Rhonda Sher, the LinkedIn Diva who shared powerful, insightful strategies that real estate professionals can begin using immediately to drive new business, recruit great agents and present themselves in the most professional way possible. The statistics she shared and solutions for moving your business forward were wonderful and we are so grateful for her time and willingness to share.

You can connect with Rhonda at

Thanks so much Rhonda!

Having the right systems and strategies in place takes some of the guess-work out of your success.  We are happy to be a resource to help you develop a strong, supportive culture in your office, stay top of mind with the recruits you want to hire, and give you the scripts and dialogues you need to close even the savviest of agents to join your team.  Want to learn more about how to become a more profitable recruiter?  Check out our Membership Benefits and enroll today.   

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How to Create CUSTOMERS for LIFE

From First Contact to Close

By Real Estate Coach Judy LaDeur

To make it in this business for the long haul – you need to build a referral base. And that process?  Starts with the very first contact. Every person that you meet is a potential client, even if they currently know another agent. I always asked everyone that I met if I can send them my homeowner tips and ideas each month. They rarely say no. A NAR survey showed that 87% of all homeowners surveyed were happy with their agent and would use that agent again IF they could remember their name! That’s sad but true. I would say that 9 out of 10 times that I ask someone that I meet who sold them their home, I get the same response. They were really nice, but just can’t remember who they are. I have found that repetition of marketing materials, combined with personal contact, is the #1 thing that you can do as an agent to not only have those you know do business with you, but it’s also a great source of ongoing referrals.

When I started in the business, many years ago, I was “thrown in” and told to “hit the phones”. No one told me what to say or what to do. That has changed, and today’s agents have more training than ever before. Here’s the million-dollar question: If there is more training today than ever, why are so many agents still struggling to earn a living? Perhaps they are not doing the basics. This is a contact business, and if you are not selling or listing a home, you should be looking for someone who wants to sell or list a home. It’s just that simple!

What does your pipeline look like? Your pipeline consists of the total number of active listings, combined with the number of buyers that you are working with, plus any prospects that you are currently talking to about listing their home or buying a home. You should have 25 people in your pipeline at all times. How many do you have right now? If it’s not at least 25, then it’s time to hit the phones!

Once they are your client, stay in touch weekly, providing reports and feedback to insure that they are happy. Most clients want results. Results require honesty. Is the home priced too high? Does it need staging? Our job is to deliver the “tough news” in a way that they appreciate and understand. I picked up many expired listings, through referrals, and each time it was the same scenario. They needed a price adjustment and staging or decorating. They were always willing to do what was asked, when they knew that it was the key to getting their home sold. If they were not willing to do what was needed to sell their home, I was not the right agent for them.

Happy clients are clients for life if you get the job done and stay in touch after the sale. If you stop chasing all the NEW commissions and focus on building a strong book of business.  If you put each and every customer and contact in a database that you can stay connected to week after week, month after month.

If you’re an agent who wants an easy, comfortable, effective way to stay in touch, visit and sign up for our weekly newsletters, training, social media tips, and agent tools. They weekly newsletters are perfect for staying connected in a way that positions you as a resource people can trust. They are filled with lots of great messages, tips for homeowners, and calls to action. If you’re a broker who wants to help your agents get on the fast track to successfully staying in touch, invite them to do the same. In fact, register in the next 45 days and take advantage of our 4th quarter special! Use promo code 50OFF any agent membership and save 50%!

If you follow these simple steps and you’ll have happy clients from first contact to close, and a source of referrals for life.  You’ll end up with a lot of great new friends too!


There are many agents who take the listing and then don’t communicate with the seller because they have no idea what to say.  Here’s an idea: Contact each of your listings, without fail, every Tuesday.  If there has been absolutely no activity, simply tell them that.  Generally, though, even though nothing has happened with their particular listing, something has happened in the neighborhood.  Whatever it is, tell them and, if appropriate, discuss a price reduction. Studies show that sellers want lots of communication from their agent, so stay in touch and you will see that they are more likely to work with you to get it sold.

Start communicating effectively today!  Register for today with promo code 50OFF and save 50%. 

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Agent Success Tips and Scripts to Share

From Real Estate Coach and Speaker Judy LaDeurreal estate coach Judy LaDeur

By Julie Escobar

Caught up with my friend and dynamo speaker Judy LaDeur to find out just some of what is making her new talk, How to Successfully Sell or Acquire a Thriving Real Estate Business, is getting so much attention worldwide.  What we came away with are some very valuable tips and scripts for competing in any market AND creating a salable book of business.  Share these with your agents — and even consider a round-table discussion to light a fire under agents who need to get on track and stay there!

Q:  Judy – we’ve both seen way too many agents leave this business after years and years of hard work with not much to show for it.  The bottom line reason? They spent too much time chasing new business and not enough time building their base.  What are your thoughts? 

A:  You’re right Julie.  One of the first things I tell agents is this: “If your business is not currently set up in a contact database management program, then the answer is probably NO.  To leverage your business and take advantage of this particular program (and have the ability to sell your real estate business at some point in the future) – that is the first thing you must do.  The program you select should have the ability to set up several categories and to place your clients into more than one category. The more categories you have, the more valuable your business will be.

The more people that you know and that you add to your base, the more valuable your business is when you decide to retire, relocate or leave the business for any reason. With regard to your database while you are still selling real estate, the more names you have, the more successful you should be if you work the system properly.  This is a relationship business, and your job is to build and maintain relationships on a daily basis. Your best sources of business in any market are the people you know.

A recent survey showed that 87% of people surveyed reported that they definitely would usetheir agent again, but didn’t because they can’t remember who they are or how to find them!”  Now ask yourself – is that YOU?

Q:  Great advice Judy.  And now’s the perfect time to get all of that data into a database.  I know that you always tell your coaching clients to delegate what they can, and inputting data would be a perfect job for one of the many college kids out of school right now-right?    How often do you recommend agents stay in touch with their sphere and farm?

A:  I’m still a firm believer in direct mail and layering your marketing. (Postcards, newsletters, email, handwritten notes.)  I tell agents to stay in touch 12 times per year with something of value in writing! Something tangible in their hands each month as well as actively engaging folks on your social media as well as personal contact is a winning formula!

12 Times per year send: 

  1. Newsletters that tell of your success and results with homeowner tips
  2. Social Media postings (and ways for them to find you on social media)
  3. Just Listed/ Just Sold postcards to your entire database
  4. Send information on the real estate market in general – neighborhood update postcards are great for this

See your past clients and sphere of influence at least twice per year.

  1. Stop by and visit when you are in the area
  2. Client parties 1-2 times per year
  3. Schedule lunch with clients who are great for referrals and encourage them to invite a friend to join you

Send personal notes 4 times per year.

  1. An update on the value of their home
  2. A thank you note for a referral
  3. Thanks for listing or buying your home with me
  4. Just writing to say hi and to see if you have anyone who could use my services

Talk to your clients at least 3 times per year. Here is a sample script to stay in touch with your clients.

Hi…this is (name) with (company). I hope you and your family are well.  Do you have minute to talk?

Many people are curious about today’s real estate market. I was wondering if I could help you with any real estate questions you might have at this time?

Are you curious about the value of your home or perhaps you might have some questions with regard to what is going on in your neighborhood pertaining to market times, prices, etc.?

Are you looking to sell your home sometime this year?

As you know… I want to be your resource for everything real estate related.  Please call me if you ever have any questions.

Hi (name)…my business is based on referrals from great clients (friends, people) like you. So before I go, can you think of anyone you know who might want to buy or sell a home now or in the near future?

I appreciate your help and if anyone should come to mind please don’t hesitate to call me! Thank you!

Q:  Great stuff Judy – and agents always love scripts!  We appreciate it!  What else should agents know to solidify their success in this competitive market? 

A:  I would tell them to remember the 10% rule.  10% of the number of people in your base of business will give you business or refer business to you every year if you ask for it. So, for a base of 500 people that would be 50 sales/referrals each year. Treat your past clients and centers of influence with respect because they are an asset that will allow your business to grow, and more importantly, will increase the value of your business when it is time to sell it!

Thank you so much Judy!  We are on the same page!  We always share the 3-7-27 rule of marketing with agents.  It takes 3 contacts for folks to remember your name, 7 to put your name with your business, and 27 to brand yourself in their minds.  Most agents stop making contact after 2 ‘touches’ — most transactions happen after 5!  There’s no time like the present to work ON your business not just in it!  

Want to learn more about Judy’s hot topic, How to Successfully Sell or Acquire a Thriving Real Estate Business?  Visit her site today at

Building a SALABLE Book of Business

How You Can Help Agents Succeed at a Higher Level

by Real Estate Coach Judy LaDeur

Recent NAR predictions state that nearly 70% of active real estate agents will exit the business over the next 5 – 10 years, most intending to simply walk away from the business they have spent years building.  Of the agents that would like to sell their business most don’t know how and without help would likely experience problems with tracking, second party referrals, the buying or selling agent going to another company as well as trying to determine who is responsible for keeping the business going through advertising, marketing and mailing.  Understanding how to help an agent sell their business is a Recruiting/Retention tool that allows a company to capture the market share of retiring agents within their market. It’s not just for agents that are considering retirement in the next five years, it’s also a great opportunity for agents with five or less years in the industry who want a jump start by purchasing someone else’s business, as well as the agents who find themselves in between these two scenarios who want to learn how to make their business saleable in order to get top dollar in the future. The best part is that there is no money up front, but lots of money over the next 5 years, so it’s easy for any agent and any broker to implement.

NAR predicts that over 50% of the REALTORS® who currently sell real estate will retire, relocate, or leave the business due to serious illness in the next ten years. Each time one of your agents leaves for any reason, you lose that market share.

What’s the first step? Your agents should have a saleable business. If their business is not currently set up in a contact database management program, then it cannot be sold.  To leverage their business and take advantage of this particular program (the ability to sell their real estate business at some point in the future) – that is the first thing you should do as a broker. Educate your team about the importance of having their business organized and set up in a CRM program. Offering that program is a good retention and recruiting tool. It should have the ability to set up several categories and upload photos. The more categories you have, the more valuable your business will be.

Components of a good data management program:

  • Easy to use. When we get busy, we are less likely to use a program that requires a lot of steps to enter the data.
  • Robust. The notes area should be sufficient to make 20-30 notes on each client after each call and or visit. Remember, you will have this data base for many years and the notes are important when you sell.
  • Diverse. You should be able to create a minimum of 20 categories such as: Great for referrals, Buyer, Seller, purchased 2-5 properties from me, investor, seller prospect, buyer prospect, farming area, bowling club, family member, friend, out of area friend who refers clients, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, leads that were referrals, etc.
  • Intuitive. If you have taken my course on how to know how they will make their decision based on their behavior pattern, you would also add the categories of expressive, amiable, analytical, and driver.
  • Searchable.  Remember, you can have 1 client in 6 different categories, but you want to be able to say, “I have 267 people who have purchased a home from me, but 198 of them have purchased 2 or more homes from me.  However, note that 190 people in my data base were sent to me as referrals from a client in my data base.”
  • Detailed.  Keep all details about the clients, their families, their referrals, property details, etc. on their contact sheet.
  • Have the ability to create alerts.  You should be able to put reminders about when you will make contact with them on your calendar from this program.
  • Exportable.  You should be able to easily export from the data base for your mailings.
  • Group-able.  You should be able to set up groups for purposes of sending group emails or specific group mailings.
  • Visual.  A great feature is the ability to have their photo on their contact sheet!

The more people that are in the database, the more valuable the business is when they decide to retire, relocate or leave the business for any reason.

Marketing is another important component.  A recent survey showed that 87% of people surveyed reported that they definitely would use their agent again, but didn’t because they can’t remember who they are or how to find them!  Are you agents marketing to their data bases on a regular basis? What are you doing to support their marketing? Studies show that 10% of the people in their database will do business with them or refer business to them each year if they stay in contact. For most of your agents, that is more than their current level of business.  Your agent should do the following to build and maintain a strong business:

  • Stay in touch 12 times per year with something of value in writing. Our Profitable Sales Agent Newsletters are the perfect tool to stay positioned with something of value every week.
  • See your past clients and sphere of influence at least twice per year.
  • Send personal notes 4 times per year.
  • Talk to your clients at least 3 times per year.
  • Interact daily using social media

If their business is organized and they are marketing on a consistent basis, they are positioned to sell their business for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The How to Successfully Sell or Acquire a Thriving Real Estate Business kit is available for purchase on our site at for just $79, or sign up for The Profitable Recruiter today and receive this kit as our free gift to you.  We’ve even got a terrific letter that you can send to your recruiting prospects promoting the fact that, with your company, you will help them build a business they can SELL for a nice profit when they are ready to leave the industry.  What a powerful way to recruit this season! 

Twelve Ways to Use Done for You Tools to Recruit & Retain

As a Profitable Recruitertpr tools

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Creating is hard right?  But crafting a marketing plan from already done for you tools is not only easy, it’s smart marketing – and savvy time management.  This week, let’s look at twelve powerful ways you can use your Profitable Recruiter Membership tools to recruit the agents you want, brand your company in your marketplace as the one to work for – and do business with, and lighten your daily to do list!

  1. Stay positioned the RIGHT way. The number one thing you can do to recruit your dream team and retain the great agents you have is to stay in front of them at least monthly, if not weekly, with valuable information, inspiration, and a reminder that you are there when they need you.  Our most successful members log into their platform just before the first of every month (or have their admin do this for them) and click on Weekly eNewsletters.  They then copy and paste these weekly eNewsletters into their own email platform (we recommend a platform that allows you to track opens, click through rates, etc.) and then schedule them to go out every Monday morning before 7:00 am.  Not only will you get tons of positive feedback, this week alone, we had several brokers tell us that agents are asking if they can add OTHER agent friends to the weekly campaigns.  You’ll be staying top-of-mind, growing your hit list, and put yourself in the position of being the number one broker to call when those agents are ready to make a move.
  2. Work the challenges.  Each week, we share a challenge and action step that you, the broker and recruiter, can take to further your recruiting goals and grow a stronger business.  The brokers that do, are full speed ahead and on track to surpass their goals.
  3. Pro Members Use Lumpy Letters.  Each month you’ll get these new attention grabbing letters which are meant for the top 10-20% of your recruiting prospect list.  Sent monthly, they not only put you front and center on the radar of those top agents, they will help make you the talk of the real estate town with chatter about how creative you are, how you went the extra step, and how they can’t wait to see what you’ll send next.  They make follow up fun and easy – and they’ll make picking up the phone because the agents are CALLING YOU with a thank you, a welcome relief from cold calls! Top brokers simply copy these (or have their admin copy), order the ‘lumpy’ part of the mail (we offer links so you can find these items easily), and have their admin assistants put them in bubble mailers and send out the first week of every month.
  4. Pro Members Use Seasonal Recruiting Letters.  Each month we add 2-3 seasonal and timely recruiting letters that you can copy and paste onto your letterhead, hand sign, and send to the top 100 prospects on your recruiting list.  We also offer retention letters that you can use to do the same and send or hand deliver to your current agents to make sure they feel special.  There is power in receiving something in the mail in today’s electronic world.  Use it to your advantage.  The first or second week of every month simply copy, print, sign, and send.  (Three of those activities you can even delegate – how cool is that?)
  5. Social Media Tips.  Every month we deliver enough content and ideas to keep you visible (without stressing you out or taking up too much time) as well as strategies to brand you and build a strong, positive online presence.  It’s an easy, breezy way of kicking up your social media without having to reinvent any wheels.  You can even use great tools like to copy and paste some of these into a platform and schedule your posts.
  6. Webinar Invites.  Every month we host TWO webinars.  One for brokers in which we spotlight top recruiters and coaches with timely topics and strategies on what works – and even what doesn’t (common pitfalls) to keep you on track for your recruiting goals.  Secondly, we host an agent webinar with top agents and coaches who deliver powerful strategies to help your agents (and prospects) rise to the top of their field and stay there.  Our top brokers open the invite tab at the first of the month, register for their own webinar, then copy and paste the agent registration link into one email that goes out to all of their existing agents, and a second email inviting all their prospective recruits (use a platform, bcc options, or email individually for confidentiality) to attend.
  7. Blog.  Bookmark the blog for powerful interviews, scripts, dialogues, broker spotlights, etc.
  8. Learn at your own pace.  Click on the Webinars on Demand tab in your platform to watch a wide spectrum of past webinars at your own pace. There are agent and broker webinars here so you can use some as training opportunities for your sales team.  Preview a topic, pick one each month and invite your agents in to watch on demand and workshop what they’ve learned.  This is a GREAT tool if you have an in house trainer.  (Ask us about how to give them access of their own to this popular section of the membership platform.)
  9. Archives.  We archive several months of tools at a time so you can peruse other lumpy letters, eNewsletters and tools if you want to switch things up a little!
  10. Recruiting Scripts for our Pro Members. We add new scripts and dialogues for even the toughest recruiting and prospecting calls and interviews here each month.  Top members print these out and practice, drill, and rehearse so that they are ready for ANYTHING an agent might through their way!
  11. 6 Month and Annual Members access over SEVEN HOURS of audio training for recruiters.  These audio files run the gamut of what brokers face each day and teach you how to master your trade as a broker, recruiter, and business professional.
  12. Help your agents do the same.  Through April 15th, brokers can register for The Profitable Sales Agent for 25% off the membership fee and share THAT content with their agents so they have the vital tools THEY need totpsa newsletter sample stay top of mind, build a strong referral base and sphere and capture the respect, trust, and BUSINESS of the consumers in your community.  In this platform they will get:
  • Weekly eNewsletters designed to be sent to home buyers and sellers complete with DIY home tips, real estate tips, a motivational message, and calls to action
  • Free collateral material and fair trade items such as staging tips, listing tips and more
  • Access to their OWN webinar training spotlighting top agents and coaches each month
  • Agent challenges and weekly action items to keep them motivated and on track
  • Webinars on Demand so they can learn at their own pace
  • Archived tools so they can peruse past success strategies
  • Social Media Tips and Strategies so they can build a strong online presence themselves and connect with their sphere

Creating is hard. Using the tools that others have built for you that will position you for the success and growth that you want for your business?  Is simple and affordable! If you are a Profitable Recruiter Member – make sure you are taking full advantage of your membership platform by following the twelve tips above.  If you want to register YOUR Company for The Profitable Sales Agent and deliver the tools above to them – click here and use Promo Code 25OFF to save 25% on your membership through April 15th

If you are NOT a member of The Profitable Recruiter but would like to start using these powerful done-for-you content training and tools, then register here and you too can use the promo code 25OFF to save 25% on any pro membership.  To access the Audio downloads, register for either the 6 month or annual memberships.  Got questions?  Email us!  We’d love to help!  Make it a great year! 

How to Out-Perform, Out-Edge, and Out-Brand Your Competition

An Interview with Branding Expert and Keynote Speaker Sima DahlHeadshots

By Julie Escobar

Marketing and branding yourself in today’s world is a whole new ball game from what it was even just a few years back.  That’s why we’ve invited Sima Dahl, one of the top speakers in the field of social selling, social networking, and personal branding, to be our guest speaker for this month’s webinar as well as our spotlight expert for the week.

Here’s what we learned…

Q:  Sima – your systems and strategies take social selling and social networking to insanely powerful new levels – can you share how your approach is so different?

A:  For many business owners, consultants and independent agents, there is simply not enough time in the day for all things “social.” That was certainly the case when I started my business nearly eight years ago. With a 20-year track record of success in B2B marketing, I knew that I had to weed through all the hype and drill down to scalable tactics that delivered results.

And what I discovered is that at the business level, social media does not replace effective marketing, nor does it fix an inability to close sales. What it does is amplify what’s working, and that’s powerful. So we start there. Success in any social business endeavor requires laser focus, relevant content, and consistent execution. I advise clients that sell into well-defined target markets to carefully consider just how much “social” is necessary to reach their target market. It’s often less than they think.

But where I pivot from other advisors is that I am a strong proponent of the personal brand as a means to open doors, generate referrals, and attract qualified business. Through intentional networking–both online and off–even the business professionals can achieve heightened visibility and awareness in just 15 minutes a week.

Q:  For real estate pros – like most salespeople – success lies in staying top of mind – can you share your top three ideas for helping them do that across their social platforms?

A:  In my keynotes and workshops I remind people that social networking is an action verb, so first and foremost, you have to actually log in! Too many people create a profile and think their work is done, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

One you log in, start by updating your status. Status updates will be different depending on what platform you may be on. For example, Facebook updates will be more casual, and LinkedIn more buttoned up. But status updates act as little billboards that remind people who we are and what we do.

Next, use the Thumbs Up liberally. It may sound overly simplistic but when you “like” or comment on someone’s status, your name pops back into his or her brain.

Finally, connect the dots… Just like we do in the offline world, we can leverage social platforms to make introductions, recommendations and referrals. And that is a gift that people don’t soon forget.

Q:  Most agents are at a loss in terms of how to optimize their social profiles – any guidance you can give there?

A:  My advice is to be as specific as possible. Too often I see business owners and sales professionals throw really wide nets, hoping to catch more fish. But people want to know that you specialize in their needs, and their markets. Really be clear about your expertise and your accomplishments.  Choose your keywords and phrases carefully. But put it all out there, this is not the time to play small.

Q:  You have such a strong sense of branding – can you share some insights on how to build a successful brand with our readers?

A:  People buy from people they know, like, and trust. And they refer them too! Realtors are in the people business, and their personal brand is inextricably woven with their business brand. One might argue that the personal brand boosts the business brand rather than the other way around. With that in mind, I coach anyone in professional services to practice what we marketers call “consistent messaging across touch-points.” Consider your entire footprint – online and off. From your sales collateral and business card to your online profiles and email signature, remind me of who you are, what you do, and what makes you special, and remind me often. And stay on point. Just because you tell me once doesn’t mean I remember. Stay visible, stay focused. Be the Chief Marketing Officer of Brand You. That’s where it all starts.

Q:  If our readers want to connect with you – what’s the best way to reach you?

A:  I’m happy to connect wherever they find me! To get an invitation to my launch party for my new website, sign up at In the meantime, here’s the best ways to reach me:  Email: or Phone: 312-884-1888 or or

Awesome Sima. Thank you so much for your time and expertise today.  We so look forward to your sharing with our members in depth in our hour long power session on Monday, November 23rd, from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST.   You share social insights like no one I’ve ever heard before and your strategies are actually ones that people can wrap their heads around, and more importantly – take action on! 

Profitable Recruiter Members, please login to your platform (or check your emails) today to get yourselves and your agents signed up for this powerfully important webinar.  Everyone in your organization contributes or detracts from your digital footprint — you’ll want to invite your whole team to listen in and not miss a minute. 

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