Attention Real Estate Pros: Have You Checked Your Pulse Lately?

The Secret Weapon for Real Estate Pros to Generate Leads on LinkedIn

By Guest Blogger Rhonda Sher

One of the most overlooked resources in the world of social media for real estate agents is LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a platform that can help real estate agents grow their referral base, generate leads and enhance their brand and credibility. Many real estate agents spend their time on other social media sites like Facebook, and ignore LinkedIn which is where connections to powerful referral partners like divorce attorneys, mediators, financial planners and other professionals can be created.   LinkedIn is a place to establish credibility, produce valuable content, put videos of happy clients talking about their experience and create powerful referral partner relationships.  It all starts with a complete, professional profile.  Once that is accomplished, the lead generation can begin.

One of the best ways to take advantage of LinkedIn’s reach is to publish on their platform Pulse. It is free and easy to use.  The purpose of publishing on Pulse is NOT to sell – it is to inspire, motivate and educate the readers.

Keeping in mind the fact that LinkedIn promotes content from their Influencer network quite heavily, it makes sense to publish on Pulse and to look at what makes a post successful.

Steve Rayson, a writer for Buzzsumo wrote an article in December 2016 entitled The Most Successful LinkedIn Headlines and Topics of 2016.   Steve found that the most commonly used three word phrases are:

  • You need to
  • Why you should
  • Can learn from
  • The future of

These headline starters are ideal for real estate agents to use.  They meet the criteria of educating, motivating and inspiring.  Think about what you can write about incorporating these commonly used phrases.

If you want to generate more leads, increase your credibility and brand and be seen as a thought leader and resource that connections will refer to as an expert, consider publishing on Pulse consistently.  Here are a few topics to get you started:

  • Trends you need to know about in (your local market)
  • Why you should remove personal items when holding an open house
  • What you can learn from kids selling lemonade at a homemade stand
  • The 7 things you should expect from your real estate agent

Sharing an opinion on a topic allows readers to get to know you on a more personal level. The subjects to write about are endless.  Read other people’s posts on Pulse to get some inspiration.

If writing is not your specialty, consider outsourcing it to a specialist.  Make sure that the ghostwriter understands you, your brand and can speak in your voice.  One of the best places to find a ghostwriter for your content is on LinkedIn.

Take your pulse and start writing.  Do it consistently and your visibility as well as your leads will increase.

Rhonda Sher is a Business Connection Specialist, author and speaker.  She is an expert on LinkedIn and works with realtors, business professionals, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs helping them generate revenue and relationships.

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