Calm In The Storm

You can’t control the storm, but you can adjust your sails.

We are facing a crisis that we have never seen before, and from where we sit, most Brokers are doing a great job of navigating through torturous and unknown waters.

Most changes are happening with little or no notice from government agencies. Brokers and companies are learning as they go, making changes in their course as needed.

The majority of Brokers that we are talking to are working tirelessly to stay on top of what is happening and they are quickly getting up to speed, but some of the Brokers are in panic mode and feel out of control.

Let’s chart out the paths that each group is taking:

Group 1: These are the companies and Brokers who are working around the clock to implement the strategies and policies to keep agents working, and their offices running. They are trying new things, and they are talking to their peers to see what is working and what it not. The most successful companies/ Brokers all have one thing in common: they are using video and technology to communicate daily to their team and to keep the company operating. In times of trouble, everyone looks to the leader to see how he or she is responding.  It’s so important to stay calm, confident and transparent during this time. Constant communication about what you are doing, what you are researching, what you have discovered and what comes next is one of the most important things you can do right now.  Our industry has gone virtual overnight. Each state has different operating guidelines that they must follow. Some are finding ways to show homes without physically being in them, contracts are being written without physically viewing the home, closings are occurring without being physically present, listing presentations are conducted on line via Zoom, and calls are diverted to staff members who are working from home. Kudos to each of you who stepped up to the helm and took responsibility to guiding your office though the storm.  It’s not over, but the winds have calmed a bit.

For every office who is doing a great job, there is another office in the same market who is not. These represent Brokers and companies in Group 2.

Group 2: Brokers in group 2 are so overwhelmed right now, they don’t know what to do or which way to go. They are not making the necessary changes and in many cases are not implementing guidelines to keep their agents and their clients safe.  I have talked to Brokers in both groups. Group 2 is bracing for the hit and hoping they survive. They are scared, but everyone is. Again, we are all in uncharted waters, but some will fare the storm better than others.

What should you do to navigate the storm?

  • Daily video’s to your agents, or at least one video message every 2-3 days to keep everyone updated and informed.
  • Video’s to your clients and the consumer. What are you doing to keep everyone safe and what are you doing to insure the successful closing of homes under contract.
  • Zoom meetings with your staff several times per week to keep everyone updated and to stay on top of new challenges they are facing.
  • Zoom sales meetings with your team to answer questions, get their feedback, and handle any challenge they are facing in the field.
  • Create written policies to use when showing properties and for sellers or listing agents to prep a home for showing. There are simple things that can be done to insure everyone’s safety.
  • Zoom social gatherings for those who are more social. Everyone grabs their favorite beverage and unwinds with their peers online. It’s also a great way for everyone to share their ideas and what they are doing.
  • Reach out to fellow Broker Owners to share ideas, via Zoom, social media groups or via phone.
  • This is also a great time for online training. Search out training which will help your agents in today’s market, or training on any aspect of their business. Agents have more time to fine tune their skills and sharpen the blade. Keep them engaged verses sitting at home watching the news.

Some are facing greater challenges than others right now, but we are all in this together.  Let’s share with each other, support one another and look for solutions.  Together we will survive and be stronger at the end of their journey.

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Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Results

Recruiting Mindsets for Success

By Real Estate Recruiting Speaker and Coach Judy LaDeur

Recruiting remains the #1 challenge for most brokers and managers. Why? For many it feels overwhelming. Especially in today’s world of global distraction!

What can help? Keep it simple. Recruiting is just a process. It’s about building relationships, and being there when the time is right for an agent to make a move. It does not have to be stressful or even difficult. Here are a few reminders:

  • You can’t make someone move if they are not ready, which means they are not rejecting you.
  • Most agents need to like you and trust you to place their career in your hands.
  • What that means is that you should spend more time building the relationship and less time worrying about how to get them on board.
  • It’s just real estate! Combine the Art of Farming and staying in touch with your clients to build your system and stay positioned. When they are ready to move, it’s just like working with a buyer!

You can’t make anyone move until they are ready, but once they are ready, if they trust you they will work with you. What’s the secret to selling a home to a buyer in 1-2 showings? If you ask the right questions, understand that they are looking for and know where to find their home, it’s easy!

The same applies to recruiting.

Here are some tips that you can follow, as well, which should make it easier to get the agents you want.

The entire interview process needs to stay focused on what they need and what is best for them, not you. A very common phrase that many of the brokers in our coaching program hear is “You were the only broker who took the time to ask questions about what I needed, and what was important to me. That’s why I choose your firm.” Sound too easy? It’s true! When they come into your office, tell them that your goal is to find out what is important to them, and to determine what their needs are so that you can help them make the best decision for their career. Then spend 20-30 minutes just asking questions in a very reflective way, and think carefully about what they are saying, and what they are looking for.  Think of it as solving a problem. Pretend that they are a friend who has come to you for advice, and your goal is to help them make the right decision. If you focus on them, you will be less inclined to try to sell them. You will be amazed at how easy it is to hear what they need, or want. After you have asked your questions, and assessed their situation, you should present only those systems that address their needs, and solve their issues. After presenting the “right systems”, watch their body language, and ask yourself, “Are they sold?” If so, very calmly, and very confidently, smile, sit back in your seat, and say “When you came in today, I said that my goal was to help you make the best decision for your real estate career. Based on everything that we have discussed here; it seems as though you’re right. You’ve gone as far as you can with your current company, so let’s take you to the next level in your career. We have a transition packet that is designed to make your move as smooth as possible.” At that point, you should begin reviewing compensation as well as those details that are necessary to make the move. After you have presented the necessary details, smile and say, “I’d like to invite you to join our team!”.

When you hear stalls and objections, don’t panic, and don’t try to talk them into joining. Just keep asking questions.  Two-year-olds are great closers. Why?  They just keep asking questions, until they hear the answer they want. Here are some great responses to the objections you hear at the end of the interview. “Why?” “Why not?” “Why do you feel that way?” “What makes you say that?” “Why would that keep you from making a move today?” “Really? Hum.”  “How would you propose that we solve that problem?” Here’s a sample of how it works. If you ask them to join, and they say they can’t do it today, just smile and say, “Why Not?” You’ll be amazed at how often they say, “I don’t know”. You would respond with “I don’t know either, so let’s do it!” You have to keep smiling, and keep it fun. If they say they can’t move because they are good friends with the broker, you might say, “Really? Hum…”(smile) and make them justify that statement before going further. After that you might ask, “If someone approached your broker and offered to buy their firm for a lot of money, would they consult you prior to making their decision about selling their company?” You’ll have to practice it a few times to get into the habit of asking verses selling, but you should see great results.

Recruiting is vital to your success and survival as a company. Start with a few small steps, and move forward from there. If you need help building relationships with the agents that you want, the absolute best tool in the industry to stay positioned is The Profitable Recruiter.  We’ve got the strategies, tools and training that make connecting with agents incredibly simple – and amazingly effective.  Our brokers tell us we’ve made recruiting fun again for them.  We tell them THAT’S THE GOAL!

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Powerful Phone Skills Can Be Easy!

Putting ALL the Pieces in Place for Successful Recruiting

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

What do top recruiters/brokers do on a daily basis to insure consistent results in recruiting?   It is really pretty simple.  Most do what others are unwilling to do to get the results they want!  There are several steps to mastering the phone calls, and many great reasons to pick up the phone. Here are a ten great reasons to call an agent:

  1. Your office has a co-op transaction with that agent.
  2. Your agent has identified them as a great agent to do business with in your market.
  3. Invite them to a social or educational event that you are hosing.
  4. Pay them a compliment. It could be on their production or just the way they conduct business.
  5. Introduce yourself if you do not know them.
  6. Suggest getting together to meet and exchange information over coffee.
  7. Check the progress of a first or second-year agent.
  8. Follow up with agents that you have met with, but did not YET hire.
  9. Call to tell them about your special systems and services that your company offers.
  10. Invite those who left to come back!

Regardless of why you are calling them, what to say seems to be the biggest challenge for most brokers and recruiters.  For your best results, you should follow a process which allows you to build the relationship and secure the info that you need when the time is right for that agent to make a move.

Our process teaches you how to diffuse the initial response of “I’m busy” or “I’m happy where I am.” When you can lower the resistance in the first few seconds, the call is much easier.  Many brokers jump right in and ask them to meet. That works on occasion, but asking a few questions and engaging them in the conversation will usually result in a better close ratio.

Most agents will say “no” at least two times, before saying “yes”! The secret is asking them more than one time in more than one way! Most agents will say no before even listening to what you have to say. It’s important to say something that will not only get their attention but peak their curiosity to learn more.

There are also days of the week and times in the day which will have better results. Those who understand the Rules Behind Successful Calling, will have fewer no shows and spend less time making the calls, and more time face to face with the agents they want.

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DISC for Recruiting & Retention

The Link Between Personality Profiles and Recruiting

by Judy LaDeur

I love this tool! The DISC tells you how agents are motivated,  how they will respond when they are unhappy, and what it takes to recruit them and retain them.  I have always used a DISC test when hiring new agents into the real estate industry. I also use a test when hiring team members, admin staff, recruiters and managers. Why? Each of us has specific natural strengths which allow us to do our job easier, which increases the odds for success.

As a Broker, Manager or Recruiter, using a behavior test makes your job so much easier!

What is DISC? It is a “personality profiling system”. A DISC Profile utilizes a method for understanding behavior, temperament, and personality. It provides a comprehensive overview of the way that people think, act, and interact. It is the most widely used tool of its kind. The DISC Personality Profile is based on the work of renowned psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston, and was introduced in his 1928 book Emotions of Normal People. William Marston, a contemporary of Carl Jung, developed the DISC Personality Profile after studying the personality traits, behavioral patterns, and instinctual reactions of thousands of individuals. As a result of his work, Marston developed the DISC assessment as a tool to measure four primary behavioral traits:

Dominance (D)
Influence (I)
Steadiness (S)
Conscientiousness (C)

By understanding a person’s behavior pattern, you can:disc

  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Build or identify leadership abilities
  • Diffusing interpersonal conflict
  • Boosting performance and productivity
  • Increase motivation
  • Strengthen workplace skills and relationships
  • Make smart hiring decisions

Personality is the basis of who we are and what we do. Here is a quick overview of each personality type.

With Dominant people

  • Build respect to avoid conflict
  • Focus on facts and ideas rather than the people
  • Have evidence to support your argument
  • Be quick, focused, and to the point
  • Ask what, not how
  • Talk about how problems will hinder accomplishments
  • Show them how they can succeed

With Influential people

  • Be social and friendly with them, building the relationship
  • Listen to them talk about their ideas
  • Help them find ways to translate the talk into useful action
  • Don’t spend much time on the details
  • Motivate them to follow through to complete tasks
  • Recognize their accomplishments

With Steady people

  • Be genuinely interest in them as a person
  • Create a human working environment for them
  • Give them time to adjust to change
  • Clearly define goals for them and provide ongoing support
  • Recognize and appreciate their achievements
  • Avoid hurry and pressure
  • Present new ideas carefully

With Conscientious people

  • Warn them in time and generally avoid surprises
  • Be prepared. Don’t ad-lib with them if you can
  • Be logical, accurate and use clear data
  • Show how things fit into the bigger picture
  • Be specific in disagreement and focus on the facts
  • Be patient, persistent and diplomatic

We are including a chart that covers many different areas of each personality type, and how each type responds differently to the same situation. If you are not familiar with the DISC test, one of my favorite sites is Dr. Tony Alessandra has developed several different tests with extensive reports attached. If you have never taken a DISC test, I would recommend that you take one for yourself, as well as the key members of your team. As you get more familiar with the various different personalities, you will be able to quickly determine the behavior patterns of those you manage, live with and are recruiting.

Continue to learn how to be the master recruiting skills and be the broker to join in your market. If recruiting is a challenge for you, we can help.  

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  • recruiting to specific personality types
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Six Powerful Ways to Follow Up With Recruits

It’s the #1 Key to Bringing On the Agents You Want
Smiling Handsome Man Using Phone While Walking

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

How many agents have you talked to the past 12 months who were not ready to join, but gave you permission to stay in touch? One of the easiest ways to recruit more agents each year is to follow up with those who say “no” initially.  The decision to change offices is a tough one, and when the market is strong, it’s even tougher! Sometimes, due to fear of the unknown, the agent will stay put.  Have you ever heard that people will stay with something they know, even if it is not good, rather than make a change? The logic is that at least they know what they have.  Change requires that they venture into the unknown. However, brokers who consistently follow up with agents after the interview, say that up to 50% of their hires each year were results of follow up.

Here are six powerful ways you can follow up directly and indirectly: 

1.  Call.  One of the least favorite things for brokers to do, but one of the most effective.  Some of the best people to call are those your agents have had transactions within the last 30-60 days.  If they’ve had positive experiences, call those agents and congratulate them on their professionalism and give them kudos for a job well done. Let them know if they are ever interested in exploring other options – you’d love to sit down and meet.

2.  Send a Lumpy Letter.  These are perfect for capturing attention, showing that you are not only interested but a creative and even fun broker that’s willing to be outside the box.  It gets them thinking — and talking!  Sometimes it’s even good for recruiting more agent than one for that very reason!  Learn more here.

3.  Use weekly e-newsletters.  These are terrific, especially for emotional agents.  When they are non-invasive or pushy – but instead motivational, give great tips, and spotlight you as a leader and a broker who is in the know in the marketplace — recruiting prospects respond very well.  John from New York had this to say, “I am surprised at how hungry the industry is for local news and statistics. The number of agents who come up to me at broker open house events and association functions to comment on the Monday Morning Wake Up Call newsletters. This opens the door for a “getting to know each other” conversation.”  

4.  Be present in your market. This is no time to be a stealth broker.  Agents are busier right now than they’ve been in years. When they see a broker who takes time out to attend broker opens, board events that they are honored in, charity functions that they are part of, etc. — it shows them that you are more than a name on a door. It shows them that you someone who’s willing to be part of their solutions.

5.  Make an invitation.  Got an agent you’d really like to sit down with?  Let them know. Send them an invitation for a cup of coffee, or a lunch at their favorite spot.  Let them know, no pressure, no sales pitch.  You just would like to get to know them a little better and you appreciate what they are bringing to your market.

6.  Offer training.  Right now agents are often in 24/7 mode, but offering training at the end of the summer with a great speaker, powerful topics, and terrific takeaways can be a great introduction to what you bring to the table.  Let them know it’s the kind of training that sets the perfect pace for the rest of the year and will help them kick off a fantastic fall season.  Make it easy and non-threatening for them to register, and extend the offer as a by-invitation-only event.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to FOLLOW up with agents. Why? We have just had the best real estate market that most agents have ever experienced. When they are making money, they feel confident. They also feel valuable. Pick up the phone and call the agents on your hit list this week. You might be surprised to see how many are willing to meet with you. Make recruiting a priority now.

Profitable Recruiter Members – be sure to check out the Webinar-on-Demand with Mark Strosnider. While you’re there be sure ALL your agents listen in to Marti Hampton’s insights.  Both of these presentations were powerful in content.  Mark consistently hires 30+ agents per year and what he has to say about staying in touch, following up, and using humor is something EVERY recruiter should listen to before they get on their next call.  Marti shared how she got 100+ leads in less than two weeks with two VERY innovative marketing strategies that I’m sure savvy agents will be adopting all across North America.  Thank you to both of these top professionals for their candor and their willingness to share.  Login to watch these on demand now.

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Best of 2019 Recruiting Strategies and Solutions

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Four Things Recruiter Should Do to Before January

To Put Your Recruiting Plan in Place

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Smart recruiters aren’t going into hibernation over the holidays! They are building their lists and putting systems and solutions in place to make sure they are ready to help agents move sooner rather than later! With business slowing down and agents in planning mode already for the new year, don’t wait until January to have these four things done if you want to hit the ground running for 2020!

  1. Get organized! Do you have your hit list in a database management program? Do you have categories set up to easily locate and communicate with your potential recruits? Are you talking to the right agents for your firm?  Many brokers just jump right in and start randomly calling agents, without a specific approach or plan of action. Use this time of the year when many agents are busy with the spring market and get organized.  Review the list of agents, and add some new agents to the list that you have not yet met or talked to. Here’s an article on creating your hit list.   Don’t look at agents as they are, but rather as they could be with your organization and under your leadership.  What are the compelling reasons for an agent to join your team? You should have 12-20 compelling reasons for an agent to join. Each of your systems or opportunities should also bring value to their career. Take this time to create a visual, showing results, for each compelling reason, to be used in the interview process.
  2. Communication: Communication is one of the most important elements of the interview process. It pre-sells the agent on the benefits of joining your team.  Your communication/ marketing consists of the following: email campaign, phone calls, social media interaction and comments, personal notes and personal interaction at REALTOR events, social events and open houses. Your communication is how you build the relationship.  Most agents require at least 3 phone calls, 3 marketing pieces, and some personal interaction before they make the decision to even meet with you. Take the time to create compelling marketing pieces to get their attention. January is the beginning of winter recruiting reason.  Start your marketing/communication now so that you are ready to recruit the agents that you want, then.
  3. Positioning: Once your marketing and communication is in place, the key is to stay constantly positioned, in a positive, no – pressure way.  Not every agent is ready to make a move, but someday they will decide it’s time for a change and you want to be the broker that they think of first.  Use occasional texts, emails, social media comments and phone calls every three months to stay positioned.  One of the best tools to stay positioned are the weekly motivational emails in The Profitable Recruiter marketing platform.  Each one is motivational and inspirational, which agents enjoy recruiting and reading. Not yet a member? Take advantage of our special offer to take 50% off before the end of the year with promo code 50OFF. 
  4. The Ability to Discover and Convey Value: When you are face-to-face with a potential recruit, your job is simple.  Learn what it is that they want through asking the right questions, and then present what they want in a way that conveys value to them.  Your questioning process should last 20-30 minutes.  Dig really deep to uncover needs, wants, desires and those things which they do not like at their current company.  If you ask the right questions, they will tell you what they want. Once you know what they want, present only those systems and opportunities which they indicate an interest in.  Tell them what others have experienced when they joined your team. Results show and convey value, so testimonials are great too!

Is recruiting a challenge for you?  We can help.  Join The Profitable Recruiter and gain access to 7 hours of training via downloadable links including interview skills, scripts, objection handlers, and more. PLUS, you’ll have access to entire libraries of recruiting letters and notes, emails, social media content, training webinars for recruiting and retention, and opportunities to network with the best of the best. Join today and take advantage of our special 50% off with the promo code 50OFF any 6-month or annual membership.  

Are the Disruptions in the Market Impacting Retention?

Keeping Your Team Together

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Today’s best agents are being heavily recruited, and the options that are being presented are enticing: Checks, marketing packages, leads, specialized branding, shiny new tools and even retirement options.  For many Brokers that we are talking to, it’s definitely more stressful than it has been in the past.  New technology and changes in the way that business is being done require that Brokers stay sharp, at the top of their game and in tune with the tools agents need to compete in a world where consumers are more educated and also have more options.

Are Brokers losing their agents to the competition? That depends. Most of our clients are NOT losing agents, or at least no more than normal. It is recruiting season, which means that a certain percentage of agents will change firms, but the question is why are they leaving, and what are they looking for?

Here are some facts with regard to why agents leave firms

  • Weak agents will always look for an easier way to make a living.
  • If the company is not staying current, delivering the tools that agents need, the best agents will leave.
  • Some agents are not prepared for retirement, which might only be a few years away. They are looking for a solution. If your company does not have a solution, you might lose those agents.
  • Agents want to feel appreciated and will leave if they feel they aren’t.
  • For some agents, it’s all about money, so they will leave for a higher split, lower fee, or a check.
  • Some agents are not willing to do what it takes to succeed, so they quit.

If you are losing 10% of your agent base per year, or more, you definitely should take steps to increase retention.

But the question today is, “Will the new startup companies in the market, or the many changes taking place, make it more difficult to retain your agents?” That depends on YOU, the Broker.

Retention is about creating VALUE on two levels. You with the agent and the agent with the consumer. Both are your responsibility.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do your agents have what they need to compete in today’s real estate market?
  • Are you meeting the needs of the agents and the demands of the consumer?
  • Are your agents educated about their competition, and can they show enough value to overcome objections and secure the listing?
  • Are you engaged and connected to your agents? Do they enjoy working at your firm?
  • Is each of your agents selling at least 6 homes per year?
  • Do your agents have the technology to be fully mobile?

If the answers to those questions are yes, then you are doing great. If not, what can you do to fully support the agents, and meet the demands of the consumer?

A NAR 2018 survey shows that 85% of agents want to be fully mobile when it comes to their real estate career.  They want to manage their transactions from start to finish on their mobile device. They also want what they need to be delivered fast because speed matters today. The consumer expects speed and when the agents don’t, or can’t respond fast enough, it creates stress.

The good news is that it’s still about the relationship for most agents, as well as most consumers. Here are some ideas to maintain that relationship:

  • Create a superior “high touch” experience for the agent and consumer.
  • Use videos to stay in touch with agents and clients. It’s more personal.
  • Add a Consumer Care Specialist or Agent Services Specialist.
  • Use technology to automate processes and increase efficiency, allowing them to sell more with less stress.
  • The MAJORITY of Home Sellers and Buyers still want an agent to hold their hand during the transaction.

What’s Your Action Plan?

  • Your Agents Are Your #1 Asset and #1 Clients. How can you honor that relationship?
  • They love food, fun, and recognition!
  • Now is the also the time to teach your agents who want “out” to sell their business and transfer it to one of your agents.

Let today’s changes inspire and motivate you to create new ways of doing business and propel your business to a new level.

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 Identifying and Communicating Your Value Proposition

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

The most important asset within your company is the people. Attracting the right people means attracting those aligned with your values and vision.  This gives you an opportunity to create a flourishing environment that translates into an improved bottom line.

Putting a strong team in place will require you to answer a few tough questions first. You must be able to share details about your company in “what’s in it for them” terms. Explain how a move would benefit them both personally and professionally. Because let’s face it, switching companies is a very scary decision for most people. Diffuse fears by accurately and effectively sharing the “WHY” that sets you apart from your competition. What does this look like?

You must define:

  • What you do better than your competitors
  • What you are doing that your competitors are not
  • How you can help potential recruits earn more money through your systems and tools
  • How you enhance the working environment of your agents
  • What real results other members of your team have seen since making a move

Once you answer those questions, the next step is spelling out the reasons any agent would want to join your team. In my training, I ask each broker to come up with their 12 most compelling reasons. Unfortunately, twelve reasons can be difficult for a lot of brokers. For that reason, I have created a blueprint that you can follow to begin crafting your own list.

12 Compelling Reasons Recruits Will Say YES to Joining Your Company

# 1:  Strong Leadership: Vision, support with problem solving, and leaders who are acting like leaders. Take it one step further and determine what specific value you and your expertise bring to your team.

#2: Lead Generation: Agents need to prospect, but they want companies that are working to generate leads for them as well. There are lead generation companies out there that are charging agents up to $1000 a month for leads and believe it or not, agents are paying. Why? Because agents want those internet leads, or any leads that the company can provide. What are you willing to provide?

#3: Name Brand Awareness: Companies with a strong presence in the market, locally and nationally, are doing well with their recruiting efforts. Name awareness is tied to market share. The best agents understand that the stronger the name/market share, the easier it is to compete for business.

#4: Education/ training: Agents are looking to fine-tune their skills. Many agents know they need to get back to the basics and most realize the value of staying current in an ever changing real estate industry. The best agents also understand the value of securing specialized training or securing certain designations for areas of specialization. Such areas might include: Luxury market training, working with seniors, working the condo market, working with various ethnic groups which are moving into the country, and working the short sale and foreclosure market.

#5: Positive office attitude and healthy environment in the office: Agents want a positive work environment with competent and positive peers. It is easy for me to see that the offices with the best production and best attitude have brokers with a great attitude. Those same brokers spent the last 5 years getting rid of their dead weight and many are more profitable today than they have been in years!

#6: Mastermind Groups and networking opportunities with other top producers:  Many of the best agents enjoy connecting with the other successful agents. Their needs and approach to the real estate business is different from those just getting started, so why not give them the opportunity to grow and play together? Agents who work hard, play hard and spend time together are more likely to stay together

#7: Marketing support/tools: Marketing is the #1 thing that agents need to stay in touch with their sphere and past customers. What can you do to assist or support their marketing efforts?

#8: Client/ data management tools: Many agents struggle when it comes to managing their data and client info. Do you have an easy-to-use customer relationship management tool that allows them to input their data, send out marketing, and locate client data quickly?

#9: Coaching and accountability: We see many companies implementing very successful coaching programs, with some great results. If the company does not provide coaching, the agents might hire outside the organization. The cost can range from $500 -$1000. What that tells me is this: if they want it and it has value to them, they will pay for it! Your agents need accountability and sometimes a third party is the best way to keep them on track and accountable. Your best option is to coach them yourself or have someone else in house that can effectively coach them. If this isn’t possible, seek out a good coach and work out an agreement with them to coach those agents who want it.

#10: Administrative support: Agents are working harder, but most are not working smarter. What can you do to support them behind the scenes?  What can you take off their plate to give them more balance in their life and work?

#11:  Proven results with proven systems: It’s not enough to have systems and tools. Your need to know what the results are from each of the systems and tools you offer. Use exact results, NAR survey results, national brand results, testimonials from your agents as well as success stories. Bring those results into your interviews.  Everyone says they can help potential recruits, but those who can prove it are winning in today’s market.

#12: Security: The bottom line for any agent making a move is whether or not they will feel secure at their new location. The more answers you can provide on the above list, the better they will feel, and when they feel good…they join!

Take some time to sit down and determine what your best selling points are as an organization.  Ask your agents what they love most about being part of your business family.  Then couple these powerful 12 reasons with your own compelling attributes and get ready to knock it out of the park this fall!

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