Summertime Recruiting and Retention

How to Stay Strong in the Heat

By Real Estate Coach and Speaker Judy LaDeur

Let’s think about summer for a moment. Most people are REALLY excited to see warm weather arrive, especially those of us in the north. This spring was a great market for most agents, which means that they will have lots of closings in June.

Lots of closings = lots of money. Lots of money to most agents in the summertime = “Play, party, vacation, BBQ, beach, and boating.” That is perfectly fine because they have earned it and they deserve it.

Let’s fast forward to mid-August: Vacations are over, kids are back in school, and they are back to work. However, their pipeline is now empty! When an agent’s inventory of listings and sales is low, it is easier for them to make a move! That’s why they call September “Recruiting season”.

From the viewpoint of recruiting: It is critical to build and maintain relationships throughout the summer via social media, emails, letters, notes, calls, or personal interaction. Don’t wait until September. I have discovered that summer is the time to passively stay in touch, and July is the time to start making those calls and booking your interviews. It’s an easy time for agents to meet with you. Offer to help them develop a last quarter strategy to have their best year ever!

From the viewpoint of retention:  If it’s recruiting season, it means that the competition will be “gunning for your agents” too! If your agents return from vacation and their production is low, they will also be vulnerable to the advances from your competition. Make plans NOW to implement a training/coaching program for the end of August. It’s also a great time to review their goals and business plans. Are your agents on track to hit their goals? Are they marketing to their base of business this summer? Make training and support very intentional each year at the end of summer break.

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