Getting the 4-1-1 for Effective Recruiting

Insights and Solutions from Top Broker Nick Libert
TPR Nick Libert

As we head into the fourth quarter, we wanted to learn some insights on some of the SYSTEMS brokers put in place to help them stay ON TRACK for the long haul, even when days get busy and life gets hectic.  We got some wonderful ideas from top broker Nick Libert last week who was kind enough to share his thoughts, experience, and what’s working for his organization!

Here’s what we learned:

Q:  First, thank you for participating!  Can you tell our readers a little about yourself so they get to know you and your business!

A:  Sure!  I have been in the business 16 years, 13 of those as a broker/owner.  My business is downtown Chicago and all suburbs of Chicago.  I started in the business at Coldwell Banker, and after 3 years as a top producer left to start my own company.  In 2005, I was bought out by Keller Williams and took over as managing broker of one of their offices in downtown Chicago, growing it from 30 agents to over 140.  In 2008, I took the leap to Exit Realty.

At Exit, I first came on board as an agent to ensure I liked it before I bought a franchise.  After a year and a half, in October 2009, I purchased my franchise.  We started with 8 agents, and today have over 115.  Our next step is to begin servicing NW Indiana as well as our current domain in Northern Illinois.

We are the largest and most productive franchise of Exit in Illinois, and I still maintain a healthy sales volume personally, being the #1 agent for Exit Realty in Illinois for 2014.

Q:  Brokers and recruiters juggle many hats each week — can you tell us how you prioritize your activity and a tip for our readers on how to best manage their time (especially during a busy recruiting season)?  

A:  I time block my days from start to finish–I wake up at 6 am most weekday mornings and get my “big rocks” out of the way…my workout puts me in the right mood, and then it’s my social media, prospecting, and appointment setting for agent interviews.

I use a 4-1-1 Goal Setting and Accountability flowchart to ensure I am on track for my weekly, monthly, and yearly goals–I share this with my agents so they know what I am up to and so that I can lead by example.

I get our monthly training calendar done in advance, so I can plan my daily recruiting appointments around that.  I use google calendar to share with my staff so they can assist in my scheduling.  I have a recruiter who does much of my heavy lifting in terms of appointment setting, so that I can spend more time in the actual interviews themselves.  Finally, I ensure that I spend time weekly offering 1 on 1 coaching for my agents, so they feel connected even if it’s been a hectic week overall.

Q:  How do you help your agents get on track and stay there so they are more likely to hit their goals? 

I encourage my agents to use the 4-1-1, a time-blocked calendar, and a business plan outline and require it for their coaching sessions to be the most effective.  I also send out their production to them monthly breaking down income, listings and sales for the month and YTD.

Q:  How much training and coaching do you provide to your agents and how important do you feel that is to your recruiting efforts?

A:  Training and coaching are vital to creating a healthy ‘ecosystem’ within an office.  A beautiful office space with no culture or support is dead space–the agents must feel like the broker is there to help them build their business, not take from them.  We have a monthly training calendar packed with events, along with 1 on 1 opportunities to coach with me.  We also ask our top agents to train and share.

Q:  What do you think sets you apart in your market in terms of positioning yourself as the turn-to broker for those agents who are looking to make a move? 

A:  First off, experience.  Agents know I have been in the industry as a top producer for many years, and in diverse parts of the market.  If I don’t have the answer, I can find a resource quickly.  Secondly, accessibility.  I pride myself on having an open door and an open phone line–in particular, my smart phone is on me 24/7 and my agents know I am there for them.  Finally, the Exit formula allows for splits above 100% through the power of residual income–a true 3rd income stream beyond listings and sales. I believe that gives us an advantage.

Q:  If you had one piece of FAVORITE advice you could give a fellow recruiter – what would it be? 

A:  Your goal should not be to recruit, but build a vision so that from day one you are actually RETAINING. Encourage agents to help the company grow, and it becomes a family.  Empower their business!

Q:  If our readers would like to connect with you – do you have a url or social media address where they can find you? 

A:  Absolutely!  I’m active on all social media @NickLibert

Awesome stuff Nick – thanks SO much for sharing your vision, insights, and ideas with our readers! 

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Two Pieces of Advice

For Recruiting in Today’s MarketExpert advice

By Julie Escobar

I’ll bet some of you didn’t know that WAY back in the day, Judy LaDeur and Floyd Wickman worked together bring smart tools to agents and brokers alike.  When looking for some dynamite ideas to share with today’s recruiters, I came across two amazing pieces of LEADERSHIP advice from these two real estate rock stars!

Floyd Wickman: My best advice for management today? Start with accountability. If there’s ever been a time to raise standards, it’s now. If there’s ever been a time when an owner should say, “In order to work on our team, in our family, we have basic requirements,” it’s now. I’m reminded of a broker who once said, “My people wouldn’t live up to my standards, so I lowered them.” That’s the opposite of what needs to be done.

Second, insist that your people do the basics. Any broker who does a quick analysis of his or her agents by asking, “How many prospective buyers, sellers or lookers have you been face-to-face with in the past two weeks?” will likely be shocked at the answer. Agents say they’re hungry, but are they doing what they need to do to move ahead? The solution is to get face-to-face with their customers. So many are face-to-face with the mirror, each other and their families right now—but the real answer is to see the people and get out there with customers.

Next, work as a team. “Teamwork makes the dream work,” as they say. It creates synergy, and if there was ever a time when we needed synergy, it’s now. I’m on a quest to show brokers how to convert their office of individuals into ONE TEAM. We’re seeing some pretty powerful results because of it, so we know that it works.

Judy LaDeur: It all starts at the top. Your agents will follow your example, so find something positive to feed them each week. Show the productive ones that they are in the top 10% of agents nationwide, or whatever the correct number would be for your staff. Right now, 80% of agents are doing very little or no business, which means that the productive ones are among the top percentile of agents in the nation.  Be forward thinking — and forward acting — to ensure that your team knows that you are there – and that you care.  Give them the training and the tools to consistently rise to that top percentile.  Motivate them weekly to aspire to  greatness. Create a great press release for agents to share, or a recommendation letter they can send to their sphere of influence. Acknowledge the great producers and the consistent producers on your social media platforms.  Give them a recommendation on LinkedIn.  Invite them to lunch to say thank you.   Bottom line: If your agents are discouraged and worried, take a look in the mirror, do a check-up from the neck up, and see if there is something that you could be doing to change the attitude and motivation in your office.

Thanks to you both for the incredible food for thought!  Do you want to learn more about managing change and maintaining a successful, growing office? Bookmark our blog, and join The Profitable Recruiter today.  We have a full spectrum of membership benefits with all the tools, strategies and solutions you need to position yourself to win this year and every year. Our goal is for you to  become the “turn-to” broker in your area for every  agent.