7 Tips for Guiding Your Agents Through NAR Lawsuit Uncertainty


This year has felt like a rollercoaster for real estate professionals. Record-high home prices followed by rising interest rates. Bidding wars replaced by cooling demand. And now, the industry faces a new challenge: the recent NAR commission lawsuits and their potential to restructure the way agents do business.

With all this uncertainty, it’s natural for agents to feel shaken. As a leader, it falls to you to provide steady guidance.

Here are seven tips:

  1. Remain calm and project confidence. Your agents look to you to set the tone. If you appear flustered, they will become more anxious. Show that you have a steady hand on the wheel.
  2. Communicate frequently. Don’t let agents speculate and gossip. Be transparent about what’s happening and what it means. Hold regular meetings to answer questions. Silence breeds unease.
  3. Put changes in context. The lawsuits will take time to resolve. Any changes will likely be gradual. Reassure agents that there’s no immediate effect on their business.
  4. Shift focus to fundamentals. In uncertain times, smart agents focus on the basics: lead generation, marketing, customer service. Remind your team that these core activities drive success despite outside forces.
  5. Find opportunities. Change brings opportunities, whether it’s refining your value proposition or attracting new agents. Focus on how your brokerage can adapt and improve.
  6. Project positivity. Your attitude is contagious. If you act scared, agents will too. Share why you’re excited about the future and the success you see ahead
  7. Be their anchor. Agents will sway with every market shift and news article. Your job is to ground them through the ups and downs. Be their voice of reason.

Real estate is constantly evolving. As leaders, our jobs are to provide steady guidance in both calm and rough seas. By relying on fundamental leadership principles, brokers can help agents thrive through uncertainty. With the right support, your team will ride the rollercoaster we’ve been on and emerge stronger than ever.

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