A Trend That Can Make Recruiting TOUGH

And Why Timing is EVERYTHINGNew trends

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

We saw a trend this year that we have not seen for a while.  The best agents were not moving as easily as they did in years past. Why? The market was the strongest market that we have seen in the states for the past 10 years.  For many agents, this was the strongest market of their career, and they were just not willing to make that move until the end of the market.  For agents who have been in the business for many years, they know a great market when they see it, and they were making the best of it!

As a recruiter in the 2005/2006 market, I remember these days.  It was frustrating for brokers.  I remember one broker saying that they wished it would just slow down so that the agents would move. (That’s one of those careful what you wish for moments!)

In a slow market, agents move to increase their opportunities and do more business. In a great market, they move when it’s convenient and their pipeline is low. That time is fast approaching. In years past, when we had a strong market, the agents made their move in August and September.  Just after summer holidays.

Are you positioned for the movement that is about to take place in your market? Are your interview skills sharp? Are you talking to agents weekly? Are you staying positioned in a fun, positive way? June and July is your time to get ready. Your job as the broker is to maintain a non-threatening, passive series of contacts until they are ready. The Profitable Recruiter ENews Campaign is a fun marketing piece that’s getting RESULTS.  Remember, the best agents take longer, but they are worth it!

We just got another testimonial this week from Bruce in North Carolina. He wrote, “I just hired an agent as a direct result of the Monday Motivational Messages! She sold about $3M last year and is looking to increase her sales to approximately $5M. Keep those messages coming!”

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