Business Planning for Brokers


Getting a Jump on the Competition

With Real Estate Coach Judy LaDeur

It is NOT too early to start planning for a successful new year ahead.  In fact, some brokers I am working with have already gotten a jump on their competition.  Are you ready to talk about putting the pieces in place before your competitors do so that you can have an amazing finish to this year and a head start on your best year ever next year? Then don’t waste another  minute! Let’s dive in!

Here are the questions you should be asking yourself:

On Business Planning:

  • Do I have a mission statement?
  • What is my platform?
  • What is it that our company does really well?
  • What are my company objectives for 2022?
  • How much do I know about my competition?
  • Is it time to create or add new tools?
  • Have I recently evaluated my compelling reasons to join? Are they still compelling? Are they still unique?

On Removing the Barriers:

  • Am I using social media in my recruiting? Is it effective?
  • Am I using text messaging effectively?
  • Do I have a recruiting page on my website with testimonials and results?
  • What is the title on my business card? What does it say about me? What about my email signature?
  • What CRM am I using?
  • How is my time management and what can I delegate?

On the Value of Your Team

  • How much income do I receive per associate on the average?
  • What is my fixed annual overhead?
  • Divide annual fixed overhead by annual income per associates to determine how many agents to break even. (Include your salary in the overhead.)
  • Determine profit desired and add that amount in.
  • How many agents do I need to be profitable?

On Setting Your Goals

  • How many recruits for the year?
  • Divided by 12 for recruits hired monthly.
  • New verses experienced?
  • What will be the market share increase?
  • How many interviews for each one?
  • 2 experienced agents and 1 new per month is a great goal.
  • How many interviews in each category do I need?
  • What action steps/ activities will I do to generate the number of interviews needed?

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