Navigating the New Normal

by Judy LaDeur

There is a new normal; not just a new normal in real estate but an entirely new normal throughout the world.  It’s too early to know the full impact of the Corona-19 pandemic but we do know that life as we knew it will no longer exist. There will be changes, and some of those changes are good.

How has your company adapted to the Covid-19 situation and what changes has your company made? Which of those changes do you think will be permanent?

This is what we as an industry have learned:

  • Agents are more likely to show up for zoom training meetings than in person meetings
  • In times of crisis, they need to “see you, the Broker” even if it is through video or zoom meetings and feel your strong leadership
  • How you respond determines the success of your agents and the confidence of your clients
  • Open houses can be held virtually
  • Agents love Zoom Happy hours with their Broker and peers
  • Staying in touch with friends and family via Zoom calls is fun
  • We are survivors and have the ability to pivot instantly and emerge with a new business model
  • We learned to take the necessary steps to navigate new tech tools (which we needed to do anyway) and it definitely be better positioned for business
  • Agents are, for some the first time in a long while, working ON their business, not just IN it by putting systems like CRMs in place

The #1 thing that we have learned is that communication in all forms is the vital key to keep business moving forward.

Brokerages who are emerging as the winners all have these things in common:

  • They are supplying relevant information to their agents, clients, customers, and recruits on a consistent basis
  • They are staying positive, providing encouragement, and giving solid direction.
  • They have created “safe showing guidelines” and “safe listing guidelines” to give clients and customers the confidence to move forward with their home sell or home purchase decision
  • They have a “can do” attitude and it shows
  • They are willing to do what it takes, and they are doing it
  • They are providing powerful and ongoing training and resources for agents and recruits
  • They’ve got their CRM systems locked and loaded

Another thing that all of our leaders have in common is that they each of the leaders that we have talked to confirm that they are working harder than they have ever worked, but they are seeing results for their organizations and their agents.

We are not out of the woods yet, but we have a path to follow. Keep your compass handy, stay FOCUSED and FLEXIBLE.

We are here to help!

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