NOW: There Has Never Been a Better Time to Recruit

Strike While the Iron is Hot

By Real Estate Coach Judy LaDeur

Today’s market has given us an opportunity that we have not seen in many years, and many brokers are missing it! After a 10-year recession, agents have had a few years to start making money again and they are comfortable. Brokers are saying that the agents are “happy”. Of course, they are happy, they have money in the bank once again. But could they be making more money? Could they be planning for their retirement more effectively? Could they have more balance in their life and career with your company? They will never know until they meet with you and that’s your job!

Now is the critical time to get face to face with as many agents as you can while their inventory is low and they have time to meet. Don’t take no for an answer, or at least don’t take one “no” for an answer. Agents who are comfortable will tell you what they are happy because it’s less painful to stay where they are then to go through the pain of telling their broker good-bye and making a move. This is the time of year to be more persistent when you are talking to those agents. Think like a 2-year-old. They know what they want and they don’t give up easily!

Use one-liners to keep the conversation moving towards the close to get together, and keep it short and sweet. When you leave a message, keep it short. “Hey it’s (Your Name) over at (Your Company). Please give me a call, I just need two minutes of your time.”

If they are not picking up the phone, or calling you back, try texting. It works great with busy agents. “MLS records indicate that you could be leaving a lot of money on the table, based on your sales performance in 2016. If we can put that money in your pocket, would you be willing to meet with us?”

When you know them, but they resist getting together, try:

  • Do you trust me? Then meet with me.
  • So what? Let’s get together!
  • What’s it going to hurt? It’s an hour of your time to learn something about your competition.
  • We need to get together.   I know, I know… let ‘s just get together.
  • I completely understand, but….

If you are calling an agent that you know, who is not picking up the phone, you can send them a text first and say, “In two minutes you will be getting a call from me. Please pick up your phone. Please, please, please…”

If agents bring up objections or concerns on the phone. Brush it off. “Look, it’s just a matter of value. If you can take home more money, and put more in your bank account, and do that with less hassle in less time with less stress — do any of those other things really matter?  Let’s get together so we can look at the numbers together. If you won’t make more here, we won’t ask you to join.”

This is the time of the year to keep “making those calls” at the top of the list.

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