It All Comes Down to Focus!

Insights From Seasoned Broker Mark StrosniderTPR Mark S

By The Profitable Recruiter Team

Hearing first hand from what OTHER brokers are doing to grow their business, market share, and team of trusted agents is exactly the kind of thing most brokers and recruiters want more of.  That’s why we are serving it up interview style with some of the best brokers in the business.  This time, we connected with seasoned broker Mark Strosnider – here’s what he had to share with ‘the class’

Q:  Thanks Mark for taking some time with us to share your experience!  Can you first tell us a little about you and your business? 

A:  I started in real estate in 1993, and got in to Management and Recruiting in 2006. I started working with my partners at RE/MAX Town Center in 2011 when a second location was being opened. We have grown by a little over 100 agents since October of 2011

Q:  That’s awesome!  Brokers today have a hefty to-do list – what is your top priority in terms of dedicated time when growing your business? 

A: My focus is pretty simple.  GROWTH. I work to grow the company size by recruiting and working with the agents on their business models to help them grow their businesses. Having great partners allows me to stay focused on what I do best

Q:  Mark, you know Judy is a huge fan of putting systems in place to build and keep momentum.  What systems do you put in place to make sure that you are recruiting at the level you need to build the business you want? 

A:  We maintain written goals with daily, weekly and monthly proactive activities to reach those goals. We share calendars and divide responsibilities so each of us can remain focused on reaching the goals. We time-block and prioritize our activities and meet consistently to review our strategies and measure our results

Q:  Sounds like a solid plan!  What’s your best tip or piece of advice for new recruiters?  

A: Stay focused on relationships, pursue high quality people and be proactive. Don’t wait for it to just happen.

Q:  Any favorite strategies you’ve learned from Judy that have really made an impact? 

A:  Judy really makes it clear and helps get your mind set and expectations in order.  Thinking about a recruit as a buyer and not as a listing helped me stay focused on the proper interview process.

Agents move based on pain and rationalize their decision based on opportunity. Be open to opportunity. Recruiting takes patience and when an experienced agent takes the time to sit down with you, you need to be prepared that making a move today is an option for them. Don’t be too patient!

Fantastic advice Mark – thank you so much for sharing!  If you’d like to connect with Mark, find him here on Facebook If you would like to learn more about creating that winning focus for your organization, subscribe today to a membership!  Affordable, easy-to-implement real estate recruiting and retention solutions and strategies, all in one place, delivered up to you monthly.  Learn more today!