What is Your Solution to the Disruptors in Your Market?

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Last week’s article talked about the disrupters in the market. That article has generated lots of activity, as well as many inquiries and questions from our readers.The number one question asked was, “How do I set myself apart?”  The answer is easy, but it does require that you think outside the box and commit to branding yourself, your office, and your agents as experts or specialists.

If I were to ask your agents this question: “What are you known for and what is it that you do best?” What would their answer be? The answer is what will set them apart from the competition, especially when there are disruptors in the marketplace. If you are not sure, here are some ideas:

  • Negotiation Specialist
  • Valuation Specialist
  • Staging Consultant
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Better Days on Market Results
  • High List to Sell Ratio
  • Fewer Expireds
  • High Listing Inventory
  • High Average Sales Price
  • Luxury Specialist
  • Farm & Acreage Expert
  • Land Development Expert
  • Senior Market Expert
  • Multi-Cultural Specialist
  • Highest Production

This is quickly becoming the age of specialization, and your agents get to choose what they want to be known for.  How will your agents brand and market themselves in a way that causes them to stand out from the crowd? What support can you offer in this area?

How do you create the desire on the part of the agents to be a part of what you are building?

Next week, we’ll share some valuable ideas on what YOU can do to provide the right environment for your agents to find their field of specialization. This week, help determine the “who and what”, and then we will help you with the how.

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