Growth, Culture, & Retention Webinar

How one powerhouse recruiter brought on board 52 agents in just three months? 

We are delighted to share our January Profitable Recruiting webinar with everyone to kick start our 2019 off on an amazing foot. Learn the strategies, mindsets, and tools she learned from Judy LaDeur’s One-On-One retreat coupled with savvy marketing intuition, and a passion for hitting her goals.

Meet Jackie Root, who, nine months after becoming an agent, (after a long career in marketing and development) Jackie was asked if she would be willing to create a position that did not exist at that time and work with her company’s team to grow the company.  Her compelling insights, ideas, and strategies to increase culture, agent retention, and expand into new markets took them from 215 agents to 487 and increased transactions from 4500 per year to 6850 this year and went over a billion dollars in volume.

You’re going to want to take notes — and then take ACTION! Thank you, Jackie, for sharing with our membership!

It’s time for every broker to make this YOUR year for increasing profits, productivity, and growing your team with the right agents for your organization.

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