How to Hire and Keep Great Agents

Recruiting and Retention Attention

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Right now, lots of brokers are making adjustments to their recruiting campaigns during this important season.  They are considering what to keep? What to change?  So while we are always focused on recruiting – this month, and every month, make sure you are also paying ATTENTION to your RETENTION.  The truth is it’s easier to keep great agents than it is to recruit new ones, so let’s look at why agents move.recruiting call

  • Negative environments:  Emotional agents need to be “happy” or they will consider leaving. What are you doing to maintain a positive atmosphere? How much time is spent on retention?
  • Too much CHANGE.  Change creates vulnerability. If you are contemplating a change, make sure it’s a positive one at this time of year – one which will support their ability to have a more successful career.
  • Not enough MONEY:  Some are not making money because they are just plain lazy, but some just need more supervision, coaching, and direction.

Now is the time to pick up the phone and start calling the agents you want to hire. Not sure what to say?  Here’s a sample script to try:

First, ask your agents to give you a business card and write the name of the agent they most enjoyed co-oping with last year on the back of the card. Then use this dialog to follow up with agents.

Co-op Card Dialog 

Hello (their name), this is (your name and company name). Did I get you at a bad time?

No?  Great.

The reason for my call is to pay you a compliment. (Let them respond.) This week I walked around and asked each of my agents to give me one of their business cards and to put the name of the person that they most enjoyed working with this week on the back of that card. I am sitting here holding (number of) cards with your name on the back! I was impressed, especially with the number of agents here in our marketplace. When my agents feel that way about an agent, I make it a goal to call and not only pass on the information, but to also see if we can get together. I would like to know more about how you do your business but would also like the opportunity to tell you more about the way we do business here at (your office). .

Their reply is usually: “No, I’ve never really thought about looking at your company,” or “I love my broker”.  To which you reply: I understand, and I respect that you are happy at your present company, but sometimes things change, and I would invite you to consider that, as an independent contractor, it never hurts to know what you are eligible for in your marketplace. We have found that the best time for an agent to check out another company is when they are not even considering a move, because then there’s no pressure. Let’s set up a time to meet. Who knows, you might like what we have to say! Does that sound like a good idea to you? Great. I have time in my schedule tomorrow morning at 10:00, or even this afternoon at 3 to 3:30. Which time would be best for you?

Sometimes the call is cut short before you get to the paragraph above out scheduling an appointment. No matter how brief the conversation, I usually end it like this:

I appreciate you taking a few minutes to talk to me, and I understand that you are not really thinking about looking at other companies right now. If it’s all right with you, I’d like to just mail you my card, in case the day ever comes when you think you would like to check out your options. Would that be okay? Great. Where do you want me to mail my card?

Here’s another tip that came out of our conversations with brokers recently. Watch your WORDS. Those ones that you tell yourself.  Sometimes we get so caught up saying things like, “I hate picking up the phone” or “I’m afraid to make recruiting calls” and we end up creating that reality over and over for ourselves. Instead, remember why you do what you do.  You LOVE CONNECTING with agents.  You love showing them how they can have a better career and life.  You love creating an environment that agents will flock to.  Keep your focus there, practice your craft, and those calls will get easier and easier!

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