Look Behind You…

Your Best Recruits Could Be Your PAST Agentspast agents future success

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

What an exciting time this is in the world of recruiting. Brokers and agents all across America are finally starting to be able to get face to face with all those agents who have put them off during all the chaos. It’s predicted that this should be a great season for recruiting, and it’s a great time to call those agents who left your company over the past 10 years.

We had some crazy market conditions which created panic, chaos, and mayhem, but time heals all wounds. For some of those agents who thought the “grass was greener” elsewhere?  They found out that it is just as hard to mow somewhere else.  That leaves an opportunity for you to open the door again and invite them to see what they’ve missed in their time away.

Which of your good agents did you lose over the past 10 years? Do you want them back? It’s easy. Pick up the phone and call them.  But first, give some thought to the qualities that the agent has, or a funny situation that occurred when they worked for you. Which sincere compliment can you give that agent? Why did they go to that firm? Are they missing out on brand awareness, resources, tools, training, technology or broker support? Maybe you’ve set up a new training system, mentoring program, or added marketing tools?  Is your agent production through the roof?  Are they making more money than the average agent in your market?   We are in the midst of a strong and emerging market.  These are excellent times to build your office and increase your market share.  Ensure that you are a part of the celebration by working today to change your future in a positive way!

Reach out and make the call and let them know that it might just be the perfect time for them to “come home” — sometimes the PAST can be a great part of a new FUTURE.

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