Tackling Your Recruiting Game This Spring with Judy LaDeur and Ixact Recruiter

We were delighted to host Coach Judy LaDeur and Shannon McGhee from IxactRecruiter for a full hour of exploring the NINE things every recruiter should have in place to have a successful recruiting system!

  • Select 100+ agents who are a good fit for your company.
  • Put them into a CRM and set up lots of categories for easy access.
  • Implement a marketing campaign, to include social media and video.
  • Every marketing campaign should educate, create curiosity with results, and stay positioned at all times.
  • The best way to stay positioned is with our Profitable Recruiter weekly motivational emails.
  • Call, text, or anything that allows you to reach out and ask the agent if they are ready to meet. It’s just timing!
  • Do your research on any agent that agrees to meet with you.
  • Develop strong interview skills, that are customized to your company and its unique opportunities. Use visuals with results.
  • Ask them to join!

What’s changed?

The relationship is more important today than ever. Brokers who take the time to develop relationships will have better results.

We have been asked for years for a CRM recommendation for recruiters and managers and we are thrilled to have partnered with IxactRecruiter to provide to you a system to stay connected and top of mind with your recruits and with your current team of agents! We negotiated a 60-Day Extended Free Trial with Ixact Recruiter for all of our Profitable Recruiter Members. Then, just $99/mo. save 15% with annual billing.

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