Play Ball!

Having a Little Fun With Your Recruiting!tpr play ball

by Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Spring is right around the corner and baseball season with it — why not have a little fun this month with your recruiting calls with a playful, but effective little dialogue I like to call, “Play Ball”.

Here’s how it works.  Head to your local sporting goods store and purchase enough baseballs to send to your top recruiting prospects – the ones you REALLY want. Then have your team members sign them. Then send them out!  Wait a few days, then give them call!

Here’s the dialogue: 

Good Morning…How are you today?

Did you receive the baseball that we delivered to your home? Well, it is that time of year again!  In the spirit of a new baseball season, we played a game of our own in the office. Just as the best teams are always out scouting for new talent, we do the same here at

. I walked around the office and asked each of my associates to name two players they wanted most to have join our team. I’m delighted to tell you that your name came up several times!
As a matter of fact, your name came up so often that I went to the sporting goods store, purchased a baseball and asked the members of our team to sign it for you. It is our way of inviting you to check out our team.

My thought is that if such a large number of my best players want you to join, it might be worth it for us to sit down and share our game plans to see if there is a way that we can work together in the near future. I promise there will be no obligation and no pressure. However, If you like what you hear, let’s play ball! So, how does 3:00 today sound for you?

Recruiting doesn’t have to be boring. Or stress-inducing. Have some FUN with it! We can help!  

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Got questions?  Email us for answers!  Good luck and happy Recruiting!