Hiring Second Year Agents

A Smart Spring Recruiting StrategyJumping Idea

by Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Are you looking to get a jump start on your recruiting? Then call the agents who are most likely to move. Statistics show that most agents who go on to become top producers, will make a move 12-24 months into their real estate career. Why? Most agents do not know what to look for when they are starting their career. They are excited that so many brokers are offering them positions. They might pick the one who they like the best, or the one who makes them the best offer. But not all brokers carry through on their promises, and what agents find out really fast, is that there are some really important criteria that determine how successful they can be as an agent. What is the strength of the name of the broker in their area, what are their listing tools which will allow them to compete for listings, what is the commitment of the other  agents in the company to be successful and to work together as a team? The best agents figure out that when they have the right tools, environment and systems, it’s much easier to have a successful career. It’s for that reason, that many agents will make a move soon after they finish their first year in real estate. Check with your board or state to see if you can get a list of all agents who started their real estate career since January 2014. These agents are the most likely to make a move, and the best news is that statistically speaking, they will stay with you an average of seven years if they are happy. Maybe even longer!

Here’s a great recruiting letter you can customize and send to these potential recruits: 


 Dear (First Name),

Our records indicate that you are fairly new to the business. How is your real estate career progressing?

Did you know that a NAR survey of top producers indicated that approximately 87% of all agents surveyed made their first move 12-24 months after getting into real estate? Have you made your first move?

If yes, then statistically speaking, you’re on your way to becoming a top producer. Most agents who go on to become top producers will make another move at some point in their real estate career, so we would like to give you some info about (your company name) now so that when that time comes, you will know enough about us to know if we are a good option for you.

If you have not made a move, are you making the kind of money that you thought you would make when you got into the real estate business? What type of personalized coaching, mentoring and training have you received?

If you knew that you could take your career to the next level and make the kind of money that you hoped you could make by making a move to (your company name) would you make the move?

Let’s get together and see if you can!

Warm regards,

Your Name, Title

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