The 7-Step Interview Process

by Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

The problem with most interviews is that we spend too much time trying to sell them, and not enough time trying to determine what they want. By knowing what they want, there are very effective ways to help them see the advantages of joining your company. In fact, your presentation should only address their needs and should also show them how they can dramatically increase their income by joining your company.

The 7-Step Interview Process

(Hint: It is just like working with a buyer)

Step 1: The Set-Up = The Direction

  • Set up the interview by sharing your goals and agenda.
  • You should know if the agent is an emotional decision maker or a logical decision maker within the first 5-10 minutes.
  • You need to mirror your candidate for optimal results. Maintain a business-like manner for logical agents and a friendly, warm manner for emotional agents.

Step 2The Investigation = The Discovery Process

  • Ask questions designed to discover the agent’s concerns and needs.
  • This is your foundation and you should determine which systems to present at this phase.
  • Remember to stay relaxed and friendly for the emotional agents.
  • Remain business-like for the logical agents.

Step 3The Presentation = a discussion designed to deliver what they need and want

  • The presentation should be customized for each recruit.
  • It should include the systems or opportunities that the recruit is looking for or needs.
  • When you present the systems, you should build value and keep the recruit involved in the presentation.
  • Only present what the recruit wants to hear, not what you think is important!
  • For the emotional decision makers, this is where the sale must take place.

Step 4:  The Recap or ROI = to determine the Position of the Journey

  • Ask the recruit, “Can you see yourself working with
    ?” If he/she says yes, proceed forward with the recap of what was discussed and determined. Get their initial commitment at this stage.

Step 5The Details

  • Explain the details (i.e., your various compensation programs, costs, etc.)
  • You should explain details simply, as quickly as possible and in an assumptive format for emotional agents.
  • For logical agents, this is where the sale takes place. Give the logical agents lots of detail and answer all questions accurately.

Step 6The Close = The decision or arrival of the destination

  • Ask a question that causes the recruit to take action.

Step 7Handle Stalls and Objections = can be diversions

  • Use the same process to overcome stalls and objections that you use with buyers and sellers. Remember to close 3 times.
  • Use a value close to rediscover the value and show income potential with your company. The recruit should be able to increase his/her income by making the move.

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