A Recruiter’s Winning Strategy

Take-Aways From Our Webinar with Mona Kile

Recently, I was asked about what strategies seemed to knock it out of the park. It made me want to revisit our conversation with the talented Mona Kile.

We love to see recruiters getting results and crushing goals that might seem daunting to other brokers.  Such is the case with Profitable Recruiting Member Mona Kile.  She is currently the Director of Recruiting and Retention for Giving Tree Realty in Charlotte. Her challenge? To recruit more than 68 brokers to her firm in 12 short months. So far, she’s recruited more than 40 brokers and she’s solidly on track to hit that goal.

In this month’s webinar, we asked her to share some of the ways she’s accomplishing this feat. mona-kile

Here are some of the take-aways from our interview:

  1. Stay positioned with your entire recruiting list (she has several thousand in her drip campaign) using the Profitable Recruiter Monday Morning email newsletters. These provide a non-salesly, motivational, action-oriented touch points which keep you top of mind as a broker/recruiter so that when people ARE ready to make a move, they think of your organization.
  2. Customize those emails. Mona and her team customize their emails to include links to agent testimonials on their site, links to their compensation differentiators, a personal note to the agents from the broker, a spotlight of recent recruits including their name, photo, and charity of choice, and links to attend their agent networking events.
  3. Send Lumpy Letters to the top 25 recruiting prospects every month. Have some fun with them – and follow up with those prospects. This past month Mona used the Pop-On-By lumpy letter featuring a bag of popcorn.
  4. Use LinkedIn to connect with potential recruits. Send them a message, endorse them, write a reference then follow up. More often than not, you’ll have done more than their current broker.  (You may also want to review the Roberta Ross video in your membership platform library of webinars on demand where she expertly maps out the 20-10-5-1 social media strategy that is powerful for both recruiting, and for your agents to use in their marketing.  Log in and look for it in the Webinars on Demand tab.)
  5. Sponsor fun events. We loved the Taco & Tequila Tuesdays hosted by Mona and her company. They’ve created a fun networking opportunity where agents can connect, share ideas and learn.  They host it at a restaurant near their company headquarters and offer dessert back at the office where they can tour the facility and get to know more about what the company offers.  Their current team of agents “admission” to the event is to bring another agent.  Everyone has fun – and it’s bringing agents through the doors!
  6. Call at least ten agents a day for appointments. You won’t reach all ten more than likely, but you are making the calls and contacts and setting the stage for success.
  7. Let them know that you want them on board. Often brokers feel like it is too strong to ask for the commitment after the first recruiting appointment, but what they don’t realize is that often means the potential recruit isn’t even sure that you WANT to hire them. Be assertive, friendly – and try Judy’s classic handshake close that has helped brokers all over the world hire people on the spot.  (You can learn more about that in the interview skills section of your 7+ hours of audio training.

These powerful steps are a great way to create the kind of dramatic momentum that Mona is experiencing. The right tools, strategies, and of course – perseverance as a recruiter is a win-win-win combination.

Thank you so much Mona again for sharing your insights and ideas! You’re terrific! If you’d like to send referrals her way she can be reached via email here.

If you missed the webinar, please log into your Profitable Recruiter account to watch on demand!

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