Are You Following Up With Your Recruits?

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by Real Estate Recruiting Coach and Speaker Judy LaDeur

One of the easiest ways to recruit more agents each year is to follow up with those who say “no” initially. The decision to change offices is a tough one. Sometimes, due to fear of the unknown, the agent will stay put. Have you ever heard that people will stay with something they know, even if it is not good, rather than make a change? The logic is that at least they know what they have. Change requires that they venture into the unknown. However, Brokers who consistently follow up with agents after the interview, say that up to 50% of their hires each year were a results of follow up.

What about the agents who don’t want to get together right now? It’s all about timing, so if it is not the right time for them to get together, your job as the broker is to maintain a non-threatening passive series of contacts until they are ready. When something happens in their life or their office, they will be ready to meet. BUT they will only meet when you have stayed in touch.

When we train recruiters, we always recommend that they go out and interview with the competition before they start their job. It’s a great way to see what others have to offer, and a great way to check out their competition. Recruiters say that it is rare that ANY broker follows up with a note or card! I find that amazing. As a recruiter, I always followed up until I hired them or they went somewhere else. And if they went somewhere else, I still followed up because they might not be happy with the other company.

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Judy LaDeur
President of Judy LaDeur International