Are You Communicating Your Real Value?

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In today’s market, simply offering “good stuff” isn’t enough to attract top agents. While most companies boast excellent tools and opportunities for agents to thrive financially, these alone won’t guarantee effective recruitment. The key lies in demonstrating the tangible value of your services. Without clear evidence of this value, agents may remain skeptical, rendering your value proposition ineffective. Utilizing concrete data such as studies, testimonials, and actual results strengthens your case and underscores the real impact of your offerings.

One of the most effective methods to showcase value is through agent testimonials. By letting agents share their success stories, you shift the burden of proof away from yourself. These testimonials inherently validate your services, making your job easier during the recruitment process.

However, articulating your value begins well before the interview stage.

Building trust and relationships with potential recruits through thoughtful engagement lays the groundwork for a smoother recruitment process. Leveraging social media and strategic marketing, such as “Just Hired” announcements, can pique interest and showcase your team’s accomplishments. Regular communication, whether through phone calls or other channels, also plays a crucial role in discussing and reinforcing your company’s value.

This moment is also opportune for reevaluating your value proposition. Remember, your value proposition extends beyond tools and systems; it encapsulates the overall benefit and impact of your services in exchange for an agent’s effort or investment. Your proposition should not only highlight these benefits but also provide compelling evidence of their effectiveness.

In today’s competitive market, identifying what sets you apart from competitors is crucial. Ask yourself:

  • What unique advantages do you offer over other brokers?
  • What innovative practices or services do you provide?
  • How do your systems and tools help agents maximize their earnings?
  • What enhancements do you bring to your agents’ work environment?
  • What tangible results have agents achieved a year after joining your team?

Once you’ve pinpointed these unique selling points, tailor your presentation to address the specific needs and desires of potential recruits. Use a structured approach:

  1. Reiterate their needs as identified during the questioning phase.
  2. Present a solution or tool that addresses those needs.
  3. Reinforce your solution with visual aids and testimonials to demonstrate real-world results.

By adopting this focused and evidence-based approach, you’ll not only reinforce your value proposition but also significantly enhance your recruitment efforts in a changing real estate market.

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Do Recruiting Incentives Work?

Yes, But…

By Real Estate Coach Judy LaDeur

The simple answer is “yes”, BUT some incentives work better than others, and it all depends on the behavior pattern of the agent.Handshake after a job recruitment interview

Most brokers use money, or financial incentives to motivate their agents to help them recruit. The problem with that is that most real estate agents are emotional decision makers, who are motivated more by what you do for them than what you offer to them in the way of money.

Let’s look at what agents do on a daily basis. If they like their loan officer, they refer them to everyone. Why? Because they are paid to refer business to them? No. It’s because they want everyone to have a positive experience when they are buying a home. Many real estate companies have their own in house lenders, and ask agents to refer the business to them. Some even have financial incentives. Does an agent use their loan officers just because they can get paid, if they have a loan officer that they feel can do a better job for their clients? No. They also refer attorneys, inspectors, etc. For an emotional agent, when you offer to pay them to secure their support, it does not feel good to them. Some say that they even feel guilty about getting paid. There are real estate organizations who offer incentives to recruit, but when I ask them how well it works, they admit that most agents do not care if you are paying them to recruit.  You might be asking yourself why I said that recruiting incentives work at this point. As you recall, I said yes, but…

Let’s look at what works and for which type of agent. If you have a driver personality, or an analytical/logical personality, that person is motivated by money. They actually prefer money over other types of incentives. This allows them to spend it the way they want. Statistically, 10% of agents are drivers and 5% are analytical, so 15% of agents will be motivated by the money. However 85% are not!

How do you motivate the 85%? What do they want? Recognition! When they are happy in their work environment, and they truly feel that it’s the best place to work, they will invite others to join.  When they give you a referral, they are just looking to be recognized in a personal way that shows you care.  When an agent gives you the name of an agent who might be a good member of your team, send a thank you note to their home that says, “Thanks so much for helping us build our team of associates with agents just like you! I really appreciate it.”  After the agent comes in to the office for an interview, give the referring agent an update. If the agent joins your team, do something special for that agent.  When I say “special for that agent”, I am referring to something that tells them that you know what is important to them and that you care. If the agent is a driver, they probably would like a financial reward, so that’s’ fine. But chances are they are emotional, so think about what they like.  Maybe it’s a day at the spa, or a certificate for dinner at a nice restaurant, or a really nice bottle of wine.  Perhaps you have box seats to a sporting event and you know that agent enjoys sports. Whatever you give them, put it in a card and say “Thanks so much for recommendation of (Agent Name). They are a great addition to the team and I could not have done it without your help!”  There’s no need to announce that you are offering incentives. Make a habit of asking who they would recommend, and follow up. Once you have recruited them, present them with the note and gift. You will be amazed at how quickly they give you another referral. Why? Because they enjoy working with you, and they appreciate the recognition.

Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics said, “Every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, ‘Make me feel important.’  If you can do that, you’ll be a success not only in business but in life as well.” She was known for the way she made people feel. What will you do to show your agents how much you appreciate them when they refer an agent to you?

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Scripts and Strategies Webinar On Demand

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Profitable Recruiter But Were Afraid to Askwebinar 2

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One Powerful Script to Inject Some Energy into Your Recruiting

And Get Your Team InvolvedEmpty office desk

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

I’m often asked about my ‘favorite’ scripts for recruiters.  Which ones to use when.  How can I get better (or less afraid) at making recruiting calls?  How do I know which agents in the market place would be a GREAT fit for our office?

Have I got a quick script for you that engages your current team in a positive way, and gets them to help line up new recruiting prospects FOR YOU, also in a powerfully positive way! I call it my “One Desk Left” script.  Here’s how it goes:

First, task your agents to give you a business card and write the name of the agent they would like to see you hire if there was only one desk left in the office. Have them write the name on the back of their card. Then use this dialog to follow up with agents:

Only One Desk Left Dialog

Hello (their name), this is (your name and company name). Did I get you at a good time?

The reason for my call is to pay you a compliment. (Let them respond.) This week I walked around and asked each of my agents this question: If we only had one desk open and we could only hire one agent, who would you most like to see sitting in that desk? I am sitting here holding (number) cards with your name on the back! I was impressed, especially with the number of agents here in our marketplace. When my agents feel that way about an agent, I make it a goal to call and not only pass on the information, but to also see if we can get together. I would like to know more about how you do your business but would also like the opportunity to tell you more about the way we do business here at (Company Name).

If they say No:

I understand, and I respect that you are happy at your present company, but sometimes things change. I have always found that it is nice to at least know that the competition has to offer if that day ever comes.

Let me ask you this: If you were to make a move today, what would you be looking for in another company?

What training is most important to agents in today’s market?

If I could help you increase your business by $ __ per year, would it be worth an hour of your time to see how?

Great, I have time available today or we could meet first thing tomorrow. Which time would be best?

Taking the fear and frustration out of recruiting calls starts with preparation.  With setting the stage consistently in your market place so that when you do have the opportunity to speak with the agents you most want on your team, they (a) know who you are, (b) know what makes your organization unique, and (c)  are comfortable talking to you because you’ve made them a priority to connect with again and again.  That’s one of the reasons The Profitable Recruiter system works so well.  It gives you a low-key way to stay positioned with agents that would be good team members for your company.  Oh- and there’s a bonus to this approach as well! RETENTION.  Your current agents will appreciate that you involve them, want to know their opinion, and are eager to choose new team members who THEY would work well with.  (How’s that for a win-win-win!?)

Scripts, and practice also remove fear and increase your confidence to go after even the highest producers, because you have a track to run on once you pick up that phone.  This month we’ve made it even easier to find the recruiting scripts in our platform by putting them as downloadable pdf’s in a navigation tab all their own!  Once you’ve logged into your membership site, simply click on the tab that says recruiting scripts.  Choose the ones that work best for you – print them and keep them in front of you when you’re on the phone.  Many of our members even make several copies for their phone sessions, so they can add the recruiting prospect’s name to the top, and keep notes on their conversation.  They can then transfer those notes into their CRM or database, or even go ‘old school’ and put them in a ‘follow up’ binder.

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Are You Following Up With Your Recruits?

Summer Recruiting Strategiesrecruiting follow up facts

by Real Estate Recruiting Coach and Speaker Judy LaDeur

One of the easiest ways to recruit more agents each year is to follow up with those who say “no” initially. The decision to change offices is a tough one. Sometimes, due to fear of the unknown, the agent will stay put. Have you ever heard that people will stay with something they know, even if it is not good, rather than make a change? The logic is that at least they know what they have. Change requires that they venture into the unknown. However, Brokers who consistently follow up with agents after the interview, say that up to 50% of their hires each year were a results of follow up.

What about the agents who don’t want to get together right now? It’s all about timing, so if it is not the right time for them to get together, your job as the broker is to maintain a non-threatening passive series of contacts until they are ready. When something happens in their life or their office, they will be ready to meet. BUT they will only meet when you have stayed in touch.

When we train recruiters, we always recommend that they go out and interview with the competition before they start their job. It’s a great way to see what others have to offer, and a great way to check out their competition. Recruiters say that it is rare that ANY broker follows up with a note or card! I find that amazing. As a recruiter, I always followed up until I hired them or they went somewhere else. And if they went somewhere else, I still followed up because they might not be happy with the other company.

Register for The Profitable Recruiter today to stay in touch with those agents that you want. The best ones take longer, but they are worth it!

Judy LaDeur
President of Judy LaDeur International