Recruiting Experienced Agents?


What You Need to Know

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

First thing’s first.  Ask yourself – “Do I have what experienced agents are looking for?  How do I compare to my competition?”

Let’s take a look at some key deciding points for experienced agents:

Experienced Agent Hot Button List:

  • Technology and Tech Support
  • Advanced Training and Coaching
  • Comparative Commission Structure
  • Marketing Support
  • Quality Support Staff
  • Personal Assistants or Systems That Help Remove Detail Work From Agent Agendas
  • Agent Promotion
  • A Professional Image and Office Environment
  • Calls Off Their Own Signs

How many of these components do you have in place?  What about your competition?  If you don’t know what your competition has to offer – how do you know if you’re the best?

TIP:  With experienced agents, your odds soar if you properly target them.  So here is a PROVEN process for SUCCESS:


  • Find your target:  Set up your target ‘hit list’ of 50-100 agents that you will stay in touch with each month using a drip marketing campaign.
  • Connect:  Send a letter designed to educate them about your company and to create desire and curiosity on their part to know more about you and your company.  Or you can send a note or letter that compliments them.
  • Follow up:  Give each targeted agent a follow up phone call just to touch base.  Your goal is to talk to at least three agents per day and schedule a minimum of three interviews with experienced agents per week.
  • Connect again:  The following month, send out another letter, note, or package to your list to promote your systems and your organization.  Everyone doesn’t have to get the same thing either!  Be creative!  Personalize them!
  • Follow up again:  Hit the phones again just as in step three and make it a habit to consistently send and call each and every month.
  • Promote:  After each hire, send out a “Just Hired” postcard to your entire hit list.
  • Promote again:  Send flyers out that promote your company, the success of your agents and your commitment to the community.  You’ll be planting those seeds for agents to WANT to learn more about you!
  • Set Your Goals and Do the Math!

A great goal to start is to conduct three experienced agent interviews per week. From that, you should average at least two hires per month.  This will give you 24 experienced agents.  If each is producing two million in gross closings that would give you an annual increase in market share of $48 million and a net gain of $98 million over your competitors!

We’re not saying it will be easy – but it will be worth it!  Take your time.  Put systems in place.  Be persistent and consistent in your efforts. If you don’t have a system in place, we can help! Become a member of The Profitable Recruiter today, and put the power of done-for-you content and tools that make recruiting experienced and new agents easier, less time-consuming, and even fun.

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