Powerful Phone Skills Can Be Easy!

Putting ALL the Pieces in Place for Successful Recruiting

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

What do top recruiters/brokers do on a daily basis to insure consistent results in recruiting?   It is really pretty simple.  Most do what others are unwilling to do to get the results they want!  There are several steps to mastering the phone calls, and many great reasons to pick up the phone. Here are a few great reasons to call an agent:

  • Your office has a co-op transaction with that agent.
  • Your agent has identified them as a great agent to do business with in your market.
  • Invite them to a social or educational event that you are hosing.
  • Pay them a compliment. It could be on their production or just the way they conduct business.
  • Introduce yourself if you do not know them.
  • Suggest getting together to meet and exchange information over coffee.
  • Check the progress of a first or second-year agent.
  • Follow up with agents that you have met with, but did not YET hire.
  • Call to tell them about your special systems and services that your company offers.
  • Invite those who left to come back!

Regardless of why you are calling them, what to say seems to be the biggest challenge for most brokers and recruiters.  For your best results, you should follow a process which allows you to build the relationship and secure the info that you need when the time is right for that agent to make a move.

Our process teaches you how to diffuse the initial response of “I’m busy” or “I’m happy where I am.” When you can lower the resistance in the first few seconds, the call is much easier.  Many brokers jump right in and ask them to meet. That works on occasion, but asking a few questions and engaging them in the conversation will usually result in a better close ratio.

Most agents will say “no” at least two times, before saying “yes”! The secret is asking them more than one time in more than one way! Most agents will say no before even listening to what you have to say. It’s important to say something that will not only get their attention but peak their curiosity to learn more.

There are also days of the week and times in the day which will have better results. Those who understand the Rules Behind Successful Calling, will have fewer no shows and spend less time making the calls, and more time face to face with the agents they want.

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Why Use “Lumpy Letters” in Your Real Estate Recruiting?

Because They WORK!

tpr lumpy letters

Lumpy letters are a great way to get your correspondence to potential recruits OPENED, NOTICED and TALKED about because they are different, stand out, and include something in the envelope that is bulky so it piques the curiosity of the agent and makes them want to OPEN it to see what’s inside. Each month, we deliver up new lumpy letter ideas for members to try. We get really creative with these and brokers love them because they are fun to use, but even more so because they get RESULTS.  They are a great way to have agents buzzing about YOUR creativity, sharing that information with their fellow agents and helping you position yourself to be the broker to call when they are ready to make a move!

Here’s how it works: 

Every month you get at least TWO or THREE lumpy letters to send to your recruiting hit list.  At the bottom of each letter, we share a link or suggestion for where you can purchase the ‘gift’ or token that you will send each month to your recruits.  The gifts are always inexpensive but are always creative, fun, and attention-capturing.

  1. Order the item, or head to a local store to acquire the number of gifts you want to send for the month.
  2. Get padded large mailing envelopes big enough for your item.
  3. Copy and paste your message onto letterhead or into a card.
  4. Create your list of the top 10-50 agents you’d like to connect with in the next 30 days.
  5. Address and mail to your VIP hit list.
  6. Follow up with a call just to touch base, and use the fun lumpy letter as an ice-breaker for the conversation.

Staying positioned in the minds of the agents in a market is a critical priority for brokers looking to grow their team with the right people in the right time.  Lumpy Letters are a great way to help them do that.

You have a lot to smile about …  

It’s so good to see agents who project so much positivity in our market. Agents just like you who are crushing it – hitting goals and setting new ones. Setting great examples for others. Being the best of the best for their clients.

This week, I just wanted to send you a little note to say everything you are doing is getting noticed in a good way. You are an inspiration to others, and I hope every day brings you something to smile about! I would love to sit down with you and discuss how we can take you as far as you want to go in this business (and maybe even further!)

I’m around if you need anything. Until then – keep smiling!

(Hand written signature)

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Use with:  https://www.4imprint.com/product/108463/Smiley-Adhesive-Notepad

Our Profitable Recruiter Members tell us this is some of the most enjoyable parts of recruiting. Picking out which lumpy letters to send each month and to who. They love the calls they get from agents, some laughing and appreciative, some genuinely grateful for the personalized attention and out-of-the-box ideas. They also love how it creates opportunities to stand out in a market place as a broker who not only gets the job done – but appreciates the “little things” that differentiate and make people feel valued and special.

The key to making recruiting easier – and even more fun is to dare to be different. To set yourself apart from your competitors.  Our members tell us that we make that so much simpler by providing the creative how-to’s each and every month so they can focus on getting face to face with new recruiting prospects.  Every month they can choose from new lumpy letters (for top rung recruits), seasonal letters (for B & C lists), and they stay positioned with all of their recruiting lists by using their Monday Morning Wake Up Call eNewsletters and social media tools. Then they use the training they get from the 7+ hours of audio training and 35+ webinars on demand to feel confident, competent and ready for anything when they have that recruit on the phone or in an interview.  

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STOP Using the Word Recruit

Four Powerful Insights from the Talented Craig Wittportraits for EXIT realty conference May 2008

Recently Judy spent some time with a great team of brokers from EXIT Realty. So we thought this the perfect time to do re-share a great interview we had with Craig Witt, President of the U.S. Division of EXIT Realty. He is strong, impassioned, and has some incredible insights that brokers today really need to hear.

Here’s what we learned…

Q:  Hi Craig – thanks so much for joining our Broker Success Series of articles!  Can you start by telling us a little about yourself? 

A: I currently serve as a Divisional President for the North Central Division of the United States for EXIT Realty. I have been with EXIT for over 13 years; first starting as a franchisee in Northern Michigan, then purchasing the Regional rights for Michigan, and ultimately becoming a Divisional President. My background is quite entrepreneurial as I have owned several companies prior to EXIT, mostly in the land development and construction industry.

Q:  What trends are you seeing in our industry right now that you think brokers should really get in front of BEFORE the beginning of the new year and why? 

A: In my opinion, and fortunately for our industry, Real Estate is largely and will continue to be a people business. As such, so is brokerage. Real Estate agents should be treated as the assets of the corporation and it all begins with strong leadership. In order to thrive in brokerage today, attracting the best talent with the right attitude, welding them into your office through a retention mechanism, then training them to be successful is key. The idea of a “body shop” mentality and more is better in my opinion really affects our industry in that many good agents slip through the cracks, burnout, and experience failure. By creating an environment where agents want to work, get the attention and the systems they need and are making a great living in an industry they are proud of is key to a successful brokerage. Quite simply, brokers should focus on getting, keeping and growing great agents.

Q:  Brokers come in all shapes and sizes — so we know there aren’t any one-size-fits-all solutions, but there are some tried-and-true strategies for building a great team, can you share your top few with us?

A: There are in fact several ways to build a strong team but it all starts with the ultimate goal of the agent interested in forming one. Why? Why do you want a team, can you lead other people, and ultimately, what is your goal? By answering the tough questions in the beginning and setting a plan in place, you will either choose to build or stay on your own with perhaps a licensed assistant. Leverage is the key to creating wealth and if agents desire to have flexibility in their schedule, growth opportunity, unlimited earning potential and ultimately an exit strategy to their careers, a properly structured team can provide much of that. I see a lot of really good agents that are strong in sales and weak in admin or marketing so by picking good talent and plugging them into these areas can help them focus on their strength. Pay structure is always an interesting component, and if not handled properly, agents will outgrow the team and either leave to go on their own or be hired away by a competitor. My advice is to start with the end in mind; make a plan, do a SWOT analysis on yourself, pick the right talent with personality, then skill (you can teach skill), then pay them well and review the team structure annually.

Q:  What would be your best advice to a brand new recruiter?  

A: This is easy for me.  First off, we should stop using the word recruit; it can have a negative connotation and I believe we have evolved away from that term. No one wants to be recruited, but we all want to be invited and welcomed. In my opinion, you cannot sell until you have been sold. What I mean is if you are going to have a recruiter represent you, it is imperative you get them passionate about your company vision and goals. At EXIT, we share our story and the impact our model can have to improve others’ lives and their own; we paint the picture for them where they can see they can be part of something bigger. First impressions mean everything and nobody wants to be sold…or recruited, they want to be exposed to something better for themselves and their family. Changing companies is extremely personal and emotional and often takes time to build the relationship. Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. This person is a direct reflection of your company when they are talking to others. Role-play with them so you are confident you know what they are saying on the phone. Also, ensure they understand what you are trying to build in your office with regards to personality and culture, and make sure they are paid well. You don’t want a recruiter recruiting out of desperation, just as we don’t want our agents selling out of desperation. Keep them focused on the mission of the office and building a great place to work with great talent, and the money will come. Good recruiters are hard to find and harder to keep, weld them in and don’t be cheap.

Q:  I love that line! Best advice to those who’ve ‘been around the block’ but aren’t quite at the level they want yet?  

A: Re-evaluate your career, where you work and your life. Are you where you want to be? Sometimes great agents are working somewhere that is preventing them from excelling. I believe agents can be a product of the environment where they work. For example, lack of leadership, training or sense of belonging can affect the performance of most agents. At EXIT, our model provides an “arm-in-arm” culture where we work collectively to get the most and the best out of each other like a good family would. By providing the right leadership and culture, agents feel like they belong. A little peer pressure goes a long way as well within an office; not ego and strong competition but peer pressure.

I am a firm believer in hiring a coach, not a friend, a coach. Someone that is removed from you personally and emotionally. In order for a coach-student relationship to work, there needs to be accountability and mutual respect. Most people don’t want a coach because they don’t want to be told what to do. This is a major mistake in that coaches don’t necessarily tell you what to do, they hold you accountable to what you told them you were going to do. Effective coaching is helping you determine where you want to go, then guiding you to accomplish these goals through consistent and sometimes painful accountability. Broker/owners of offices are not exempt here; in order to build and sustain a successful brokerage, owners should have a coach as well or at a minimum a focus group that can help identify concerns and trends and keeps them being a focused leader for the agents. Oh, and don’t be cheap, a good coach will increase your production and make you more effective.

Q:  Thanks so much again for your insights.  If readers want to connect with you or learn more about your organization – where is the best place to find you?  

A: To connect with me or for more information about EXIT Realty, you can email me at cwitt@exitrealty.com, connect at www.craigwitt.com, or visit www.exitrealty.com,

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Implementing the Right Formula for an Effective Coaching Group

Enhance Training, Recruiting and Improve Retention and Profitability

By Real Estate Coach and Speaker Judy LaDeur

One of the best ways to ensure a newer agent’s success is through weekly coaching.  Not only does it help them reach their goals faster and with less stress, but top brokers know that it is part of a very strategic plan designed to complement recruiting efforts, increase retention and profitability while enhancing training programs.

Why is coaching such a hot subject today?  Because it works!  All across the globe, business professionals are hiring coaches to keep them on track and forming networking groups to share and exchange ideas.  We have combined these two ideas to make your job easier.

Let’s start with the issues facing managers and Brokers today:

  • It seems tougher to keep the ones you have.
  • Recruiting experienced agents seems to be a greater challenge today.
  • With increase splits and the cost of maintaining systems and an office that is “high-tech” and “leading edge”, profits are dwindling.
  • It takes six months of time and training to get a new agent to a productive state. And yet 50-70% of the new ones you hire will not make it and leave the business, or not make it and stay in your office.

My 35-year background in training, coaching and recruiting has taught me that any system that increases an agent’s production can be used to recruit other agents.  Plus, a system that increases an agent’s production helps retention and of course increased production results in increased profits.

As described in my plan to get new agents productive in under 30 days, the key components to increase production are:

  • High Accountability
  • High Expectations
  • Direction
  • A Proven Plan
  • Written Goals

I believe every agent who enters this business wants to be successful.  I also believe most of them just do not know how to operate as independent contractors.  That’s where coaching comes in!

Coaching groups meet on a regular basis.  They set goals and they have assignments.  There is an expectation of what they should do, and peer pressure if they don’t.

What do the agents like about coaching groups?  They get to share their ideas.  They learn from others who have already mastered techniques and dialog.  It gives them a sense of self-worth and it keeps them on track.

Why do Brokers and managers like coaching groups? Coaching groups save time.  You can effectively coach an entire group of agents for an investment of one hour per week.  Coaching groups save careers.  Some agents just need more time and more direction.  When they don’t get it, they don’t make it. Thousands of agents in every major marketplace are searching for someone who will take an interest in their success and their career.  If your group is successful, and you market those results to “those agents” who are searching for support and direction, they will seek you out.

Top Producers also need a forum where they too can exchange ideas and learn from others.  This is typically referred to as a Master Mind Group or Networking Exchange. There is very little preparation time needed on the broker’s part for this group.

The Formula

  1. Participation in the group should be voluntary, but if they sign up, they should commit to be there for each session.
  2. Choose a convenient time that will not conflict with their schedule.
  3. You may set up more than one group. Groups should be set up with agents of similar production and similar goals.
    • You could set up a group of agents in the business less than 1 year or less than $1,000,000.00 in production.  Their goal might be 2 units of production per month.
    • You could also have a group that currently averages 2 units of production per month, with a goal of 4 units per month.  The agents in the first group, the beginners, could graduate to the next level by maintaining their production of 2 units a month for a specific period of time, such as 4 months.
    • If you have a large group of top producers you could set up a coaching group for them as well. If you don’t have a lot of top producers yet, you will.
  4. Start with one group, and then 30-60 days later, start the second group.
  5. At the first meeting, discuss goals and give them the format as well as your expectations. Let them know that you will be asking them for their numbers every week, and they should come prepared.
  6. You act as a monitor, not a teacher. As a monitor, you will ask each agent to share an idea and will keep the discussion moving.  Only after the agents have shared their ideas, should you offer ideas of your own.  Let them be the stars.
  7. Select a topic and announce it in advance so they are prepared. It should be a very small, very specific topic that can be discussed in detail.  You can choose the first 4-6 topics and then let them begin to tell you what they need. Here are some examples:
    • How to overcome the objection of reducing your commission.
    • How to stage a home for sale.
    • What do you say when you call FSBO?
    • What do you do to set yourself apart from your competition?
  8. Everybody participates. Go around the group and ask each person what they do to (whatever the topic is).  Let others ask them questions, and then move onto the next agent.  Make sure they all take notes; however, you may want to take notes yourself and then have them typed and distributed to those in the group.  You can start your own notebook of proven training techniques and ideas to share with new agents in the future or perhaps it will be the agenda for one of your future sales meetings.
  9. Go around the group and ask each participant what their activity was and what their results were. If the goal is two units per month, they need one unit the first two weeks to be on track.
  10. Create fun incentives. Anyone “On Track” after the first quarter gets to participate in the On-Track Luncheon, your treat.  Or perhaps they get points for each month they are on track, points for activity, points for the idea that helped someone secure a transaction the next week, etc.  Then at the end of the year, the number of points they have determines the prize they win.  You could also lose points if you miss a meeting.  Give them four allowed misses per year to allow for vacations, holidays or sick days.

There are lots of variations on how to effectively coach your agents. Have fun with it, experiment and see what works best for you and your team.

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The Power of an Accountability Partner

A Common Denominator for Staying ON-TRACK

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Here’s a big question for you:  Who is holding you accountable to your recruiting program? Do you have a coach, a support person within your organization or someone in your real estate network that you are answering to in terms of staying on track? As I look at many of the most successful recruiters and brokers around the world, the one thing that many of them have in common is “someone who holds them accountable.”

Top agents, top athletes and top brokers will all tell you the value of having that outside person or industry expert hold you accountable weekly.  Coaches hold us accountable to do what it is that we already know we should do, but don’t.  We are all guilty of putting off those tasks which are not quite as much fun. A coach is the person who will keep asking you, week after week, “Did you get (task) completed yet?”  They nudge us in the direction that we have said that we want to go. They listen, and give feedback, then remind you of the goal.  Coaching is not designed to be training.  Training teaches you what to do. Coaching gives you the support needed to stay on track and get it done.  Accountability is not a bad thing, but it can certainly cause you to feel the pressure as that accountability call approaches. Most brokers say that it is the most important piece of their success. Without it, it’s easy to come up with a bunch of creative reasons of why you didn’t get make the calls.  Didn’t set the appointments. Didn’t create the new hit list.  Didn’t do whatever you SAID you were going to do for the week.

Your coach or accountability partner is someone who you respect the opinion of, who you know will tell you truth when you’re on or off track. They are the person you can turn to who can review both successes and failures of each of your interviews. Coaches, especially can provide you with various ways to overcome objections and stalls. Knowing someone is going to hold you accountable for what you said you are going to do, is a powerful motivator. If what you want is to lead in your market, build the best possible team, and keep the great agents that you already have and you are serious about growing your company then I challenge you to do three things starting sooner rather than later.

  1. Commit to training.  To learning the skills you need to be at the top of your game. To investing the time, money and effort into learning the objection handling tools, the dialogues, scripts, interview and phone skills, and mindset to push past any fear or limitations you might currently feel to truly finish this year strong and set yourself up for an incredible new year.
  2. Commit to consistency.  That one and done marketing approach never works. You would say the same to your agents when they try it, so why would you attempt a shotgun approach to your recruiting?  Consistent, effective, powerful messaging and marketing every month is the key to building those relationships that will lead agents to your door.  If you’re not reaching out to your hit lists week after week with topical, timely content that doesn’t push but does present you as a trusted leader and resource you’re leaving opportunities to recruit and money on the table.
  3. Commit to an accountability partner.  Whether you are ready to hire a coach or know of an industry professional that you can partner with to keep each other on track, don’t go another week without putting this vital business component in place.  It’s a game-changer.

Fair warning, it’s not comfortable to be accountable for your actions if you’re not willing to commit. It’s not comfortable to have to say to a coach or partner, “I didn’t do what I said I was going to do.”  It’s not supposed to be. Here’s the flip side of that coin – when you DO what you commit to doing, boy does that feel great. You can’t WAIT for that call.  And once the habit takes hold and you are walking the walk not just talking the talk each month not only will you appreciate those calls that keep you on track, but your office will be thriving and you’ll be sharing this strategy with your agents.  Pretty soon you’ll have integrity partnerships all over your organization!  And when THAT happens – your business and theirs will grow exponentially.  Everyone wins.  What are you waiting for? Start today!

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Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Results

Recruiting Mindsets for Success

By Real Estate Recruiting Speaker and Coach Judy LaDeurBusiness team

Recruiting remains the #1 challenge for most brokers and managers. Why? For many it feels overwhelming. What can help? Keep it simple. Recruiting is just a process. It’s about building relationships, and being there when the time is right for an agent to make a move. It does not have to be stressful or even difficult. Here are a few reminders:

  • You can’t make someone move if they are not ready, which means they are not rejecting you.
  • Most agents need to like you and trust you to place their career in your hands.
  • What that means is that you should spend more time building the relationship and less time worrying about how to get them on board.
  • It’s just real estate! Combine the Art of Farming and staying in touch with your clients to build your system and stay positioned. When they are ready to move, it’s just like working with a buyer!

You can’t make anyone move until they are ready, but once they are ready, if they trust you they will work with you. What’s the secret to selling a home to a buyer in 1-2 showings? If you ask the right questions, understand that they are looking for and know where to find their home, it’s easy!

The same applies to recruiting.

Here are some tips that you can follow, as well, which should make it easier to get the agents you want.

The entire interview process needs to stay focused on what they need and what is best for them, not you. A very common phrase that many of the brokers in our coaching program hear is “You were the only broker who took the time to ask questions about what I needed, and what was important to me. That’s why I choose your firm.” Sound too easy? It’s true! When they come into your office, tell them that your goal is to find out what is important to them, and to determine what their needs are so that you can help them make the best decision for their career. Then spend 20-30 minutes just asking questions in a very reflective way, and think carefully about what they are saying, and what they are looking for.  Think of it as solving a problem. Pretend that they are a friend who has come to you for advice, and your goal is to help them make the right decision. If you focus on them, you will be less inclined to try to sell them. You will be amazed at how easy it is to hear what they need, or want. After you have asked your questions, and assessed their situation, you should present only those systems that address their needs, and solve their issues. After presenting the “right systems”, watch their body language, and ask yourself, “Are they sold?” If so, very calmly, and very confidently, smile, sit back in your seat, and say “When you came in today, I said that my goal was to help you make the best decision for your real estate career. Based on everything that we have discussed here; it seems as though you’re right. You’ve gone as far as you can with your current company, so let’s take you to the next level in your career. We have a transition packet that is designed to make your move as smooth as possible.” At that point, you should begin reviewing compensation as well as those details that are necessary to make the move. After you have presented the necessary details, smile and say, “I’d like to invite you to join our team!”.

When you hear stalls and objections, don’t panic, and don’t try to talk them into joining. Just keep asking questions.  Two-year-olds are great closers. Why?  They just keep asking questions, until they hear the answer they want. Here are some great responses to the objections you hear at the end of the interview. “Why?” “Why not?” “Why do you feel that way?” “What makes you say that?” “Why would that keep you from making a move today?” “Really? Hum.”  “How would you propose that we solve that problem?” Here’s a sample of how it works. If you ask them to join, and they say they can’t do it today, just smile and say, “Why Not?” You’ll be amazed at how often they say, “I don’t know”. You would respond with “I don’t know either, so let’s do it!” You have to keep smiling, and keep it fun. If they say they can’t move because they are good friends with the broker, you might say, “Really? Hum…”(smile) and make them justify that statement before going further. After that you might ask, “If someone approached your broker and offered to buy their firm for a lot of money, would they consult you prior to making their decision about selling their company?” You’ll have to practice it a few times to get into the habit of asking verses selling, but you should see great results.

Recruiting is vital to your success and survival as a company. Start with a few small steps, and move forward from there. If you need help building relationships with the agents that you want, the absolute best tool in the industry to stay positioned is The Profitable Recruiter.  We’ve got the strategies, tools and training that make connecting with agents incredibly simple – and amazingly effective.  Our brokers tell us we’ve made recruiting fun again for them.  We tell them THAT’S THE GOAL!

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Get a Step Ahead of the Competition


Refocus on Recruiting Now

By Judy LaDeur

Traditionally, many brokers wait until fall to refocus on recruiting. If that sounds like you, it might be time to re-think your game. Put systems in place NOW to attract, connect, and engage with the recruits you want, and you’ll be the broker to beat come recruiting season in autumn.

Here are some guidelines for recruiting the experienced agents that you want:

#1: Remember that it is not what you do that makes the agent move; it is what their broker or company does or does not do that makes them move, or motivates them to look at their options. It is what you do between now and then that causes them to call you when that day comes. That is why it is so important to keep your mailings going out on a regular basis. You never know when something will happen to make them unhappy. With regard to your mailings, keep in mind that your marketing pieces are designed to educate them as to what your company has to offer.

#2: Your marketing pieces should also create curiosity and desire to know more about your company, your results, and your systems.  Testimonial letters from your agents make great recruiting letters. Do not try to sell them the entire company in just one letter. Each letter should focus on one unique thing about your company, and should show the benefit to the agent, as well as the results that your agents have had by utilizing that system. Your marketing pieces should appeal to the emotional agents as well as the logical agents. Emotional agents like things that are cute, fun, humorous, and emotional in content. They also relate to success stories about other agents. Logical agents like their letters to be factual, business like, and to the point.  You should alternate between emotional and logical letters so that you are relating to everyone. You should have a marketing piece that goes out one time every two weeks. The marketing piece can be a letter, postcard, email, company newsletter or anything that educates the agents in the marketplace to what you have to offer. Look to your Lumpy Letters and seasonal letters in your system for more ideas as well.

#3: If your results are slowing down, take a look at your hit list. With new agents coming into the real estate business every day, your hit list should constantly be updated. At least 30%-40% of your names should be agents who have been in the business for less than one year. Statistics show that most successful agents make their first move during their first year in the business. I believe that is because they do not know what to look for in a company when they are newly licensed, but the good ones learn quickly who the best companies are for them. Those same studies show that most agents are with three companies in their real estate career and that they stay with the second company an average of 7-9 years. That is when they are building their career. So, if you do not get them before their first move, you may be waiting a while. The majority of the agents on your list should be agents who sell an “average amount of real estate for your area”.  Averages vary quite a bit, but usually, an average agent is someone who sells 1-3 million per year. An average producer is usually more willing to look at their options somewhere else. You should have 30%-40% of your hit list as average producers.

#4: You must follow up your letters with phone calls. If you make the calls, the agents will come in. I recently held a class on developing phone skills with a group of managers who did not regularly call the agents in their area. In just two hours of calling for appointments, the managers booked over 50 appointments. The challenge these days is finding the agents, not getting the appointment. For this reason, I recommend that you call the agents in the morning. You should talk to at least three agents per day to keep your pipeline full.

#5: In addition to sending out letters and making phone calls, you should do whatever possible to stay face-to-face with the agents in your market place. That includes Open Houses, Broker Tour and Luncheons, Broker and Realtor Functions, invites to special events that your company is holding, or just stepping out of your office and saying “Hello” when an agent stops in for a key.

Remember that recruiting is a contact sport. The more contacts you make, the more recruits you will have. Need help? Join The Profitable Recruiter.

In addition to the weekly emails, the recruiting platform will be loaded with scripts, lumpy letters, seasonal letters, notes, social media content and various other recruiting tools each month. We also have over forty webinars on demand, seven and a half hours of intense recruiting training, and articles with some of the top brokers in the country and industry experts sharing their tips for success on our blog. Each month we feature one broker who will share their best ideas to recruit the agents you want. We also feature a top producing agent each month who will share their tips for increasing the production of your agents. Check it out at www.TheProfitableRecruiter.com

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Summertime Recruiting and Retention

How to Stay Strong in the Heat

By Real Estate Coach and Speaker Judy LaDeur

Let’s think about summer for a moment. Most people are REALLY excited to see warm weather arrive, especially those of us in the north. This spring was a great market for most agents, which means that they will have lots of closings in June.

Female real estate agent handing keys to new home owner

Lots of closings = lots of money. Lots of money to most agents in the summertime = “Play, party, vacation, BBQ, beach and boating.” That is perfectly

fine because they have earned it and they deserve it.

Let’s fast forward to mid August: Vacations are over, kids are back in school, and they are back to work. However, their pipeline is now empty! When an agent’s inventory of listings and sales are low, it is easier for them to make a move! That’s why they call September “Recruiting season”.

From the viewpoint of recruiting: It is critical to build and maintain relationships throughout the summer via social media, emails, letters, notes, calls or personal interaction. Don’t wait until September. I have discovered that summer is the time to passively stay in touch, and July is the time to start making those calls and booking your interviews. It’s an easy time for agents to meet with you. Offer to help them develop a last quarter strategy to have their best year ever!

From the viewpoint of retention:  If it’s recruiting season, it means that the competition will be “gunning for your agents” too! If your agents return from vacation and their production is low, they will also be vulnerable to the advances from your competition. Make plans NOW to implement a training/coaching program for the end of August. It’s also a great time to review their goals and business plans. Are your agents on track to hit their goals? Are they marketing to their base of business this summer? Make training and support very intentional each year at the end of summer break.

Another great way to stay passively in touch with your recruits and your agents is The Profitable Recruiter. We provide a weekly series of motivational and inspirational emails designed to create connection with both your recruits and current team members. All you have to do is copy and paste into your email system and schedule to send every Monday morning. We’ll even do the work for you with our new concierge service.

In addition to the weekly emails, the recruiting platform will be loaded with scripts, lumpy letters, seasonal letters, notes, social media content and various other recruiting tools each month. We also have over forty webinars on demand, seven and a half hours of intense recruiting training, and articles with some of the top brokers in the country and industry experts sharing their tips for success on our blog. Each month we feature one broker who will share their best ideas to recruit the agents you want. We also feature a top producing agent each month who will share their tips for increasing the production of your agents. Check it out at www.TheProfitableRecruiter.com

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Look Behind You…

Your Best Recruits Could Be Your PAST Agentspast agents future success

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

What an exciting time this is in the world of recruiting. Brokers and agents all across America are finally getting face to face with all those agents who have put them off during the spring market. This fall is predicted to be a great season for recruiting, and it’s a great time to call those agents who left your company over the past 10 years.

We had some crazy market conditions which created panic, chaos and mayhem, but time heals all wounds. For some of those agents who thought the “grass was greener” elsewhere?  They found out that it is just as hard to mow somewhere else.  That leaves an opportunity for you to open the door again and invite them to see what they’ve missed in their time away.

Which of your good agents did you lose over the past 10 years? Do you want them back? It’s easy. Pick up the phone and call them.  But first, give some thought to the qualities that the agent has, or a funny situation that occurred when they worked for you. Which sincere compliment can you give that agent? Why did they go to that firm? Are they missing out on brand awareness, resources, tools, training, technology or broker support? Maybe you’ve set up a new training system, mentoring program, or added marketing tools?  Is your agent production through the roof?  Are they making more money than the average agent in your market?   We are in the midst of a strong and emerging market.  These are excellent times to build your office and increase your market share.  Ensure that you are a part of the celebration by working today to change your future in a positive way!

Reach out and make the call and let them know that it might just be the perfect time for them to “come home” — sometimes the PAST can be a great part of a new FUTURE.

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