The Power of an Accountability Partner

A Common Denominator for Staying ON-TRACK

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Here’s a big question for you:  Who is holding you accountable to your recruiting program? Do you have a coach, a support person within your organization or someone in your real estate network that you are answering to in terms of staying on track? As I look at many of the most successful recruiters and brokers around the world, the one thing that many of them have in common is “someone who holds them accountable.”

Top agents, top athletes and top brokers will all tell you the value of having that outside person or industry expert hold you accountable weekly.  Coaches hold us accountable to do what it is that we already know we should do, but don’t.  We are all guilty of putting off those tasks which are not quite as much fun. A coach is the person who will keep asking you, week after week, “Did you get (task) completed yet?”  They nudge us in the direction that we have said that we want to go. They listen, and give feedback, then remind you of the goal.  Coaching is not designed to be training.  Training teaches you what to do. Coaching gives you the support needed to stay on track and get it done.  Accountability is not a bad thing, but it can certainly cause you to feel the pressure as that accountability call approaches. Most brokers say that it is the most important piece of their success. Without it, it’s easy to come up with a bunch of creative reasons of why you didn’t get make the calls.  Didn’t set the appointments. Didn’t create the new hit list.  Didn’t do whatever you SAID you were going to do for the week.

Your coach or accountability partner is someone who you respect the opinion of, who you know will tell you truth when you’re on or off track. They are the person you can turn to who can review both successes and failures of each of your interviews. Coaches, especially can provide you with various ways to overcome objections and stalls. Knowing someone is going to hold you accountable for what you said you are going to do, is a powerful motivator. If what you want is to lead in your market, build the best possible team, and keep the great agents that you already have and you are serious about growing your company then I challenge you to do three things starting sooner rather than later.

  1. Commit to training.  To learning the skills you need to be at the top of your game. To investing the time, money and effort into learning the objection handling tools, the dialogues, scripts, interview and phone skills, and mindset to push past any fear or limitations you might currently feel to truly finish this year strong and set yourself up for an incredible new year.
  2. Commit to consistency.  That one and done marketing approach never works. You would say the same to your agents when they try it, so why would you attempt a shotgun approach to your recruiting?  Consistent, effective, powerful messaging and marketing every month is the key to building those relationships that will lead agents to your door.  If you’re not reaching out to your hit lists week after week with topical, timely content that doesn’t push but does present you as a trusted leader and resource you’re leaving opportunities to recruit and money on the table.
  3. Commit to an accountability partner.  Whether you are ready to hire a coach or know of an industry professional that you can partner with to keep each other on track, don’t go another week without putting this vital business component in place.  It’s a game-changer.

Fair warning, it’s not comfortable to be accountable for your actions if you’re not willing to commit. It’s not comfortable to have to say to a coach or partner, “I didn’t do what I said I was going to do.”  It’s not supposed to be. Here’s the flip side of that coin – when you DO what you commit to doing, boy does that feel great. You can’t WAIT for that call.  And once the habit takes hold and you are walking the walk not just talking the talk each month not only will you appreciate those calls that keep you on track, but your office will be thriving and you’ll be sharing this strategy with your agents.  Pretty soon you’ll have integrity partnerships all over your organization!  And when THAT happens – your business and theirs will grow exponentially.  Everyone wins.  What are you waiting for? Start today!

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Creating Your Hit List

Overcoming One of the Biggest Recruiting Hurdles Brokers Facerecruiting list

Hands down, one of the biggest obstacles brokers have to kick off their recruiting efforts is building the list.  It’s a little funny because most of these same brokers would be first in line to teach their AGENTS the importance of building THEIR list – their farming/prospecting pipeline.  In a time where competition is high, and recruiting isn’t a ‘should do’ but a ‘MUST do’ – it’s time for all brokers to ‘walk the same walk’ that they encourage their agents to walk.  In other words – build your list.

Here are three great places to start:

  1. Competitors:  List ten companies in your market that are at an equal or just below market share level comparatively to your office and identify the 5-10 agents you would most like to recruit from each and put them into your database.  Jot down any facts you know of these agents, the more information you have on the front end – the easier it is to identify their hot buttons during your marketing and eventually, in your interview.
  2. Your Agents:  Some brokers find this a little tricky, but here’s a great approach for making that conversation easier. Here’s a sample dialogue for you:  “Hey Bill, I’d love for you to do me a favor.  Take out two of your business cards.  Now flip the first one over and write co-broke on the top for me.  Please share the name of an agent who you really had a great co-broke experience with in the last 90 days.   Awesome – now, flip the other card over and write One Desk on the top.  Now if you don’t mind sharing  the name of the person who if we ONLY had room for ONE AGENT in our market who you’d think would be a great fit for our office and you’d be proud to be associated with – who would that be?”  Then you can quickly discern who the top agent fits would be by comparing all the cards from your agents. Follow up with these agents is a very ‘warm’ recruiting call.  “Hi (name) – I asked my agents recently to let me know, if we only had ONE desk, who their top choice in the market would be to fill it.  Your name came up 7 times! I’m very impressed.  I’d love to make a little time for us to get to know each other better and discover how we might be able to make that happen!”  You won’t get all of them right away – but put those in your database as well – with an identifier as “co-broke” or “one desk” and stay in touch!
  3. Your local board:  The agents most likely to make a move fall into the 1-7 year category.  We’ve shared strategies and dialogues before for recruiting those 12-24 month agents that usually a great prospect.  Take a look at the top 200 agents in your market and find some common denominators that would make them a good fit for your company.  A good rule of thumb is for every 100 agents on your prospecting list…10 should be top producers, 20-30 new agents, and everyone else should fall into that mid-range producer level.  The last group will have the most turnover and highest potential for recruiting.  Put them all in your database with identifiers for the level they are at and their time in business – as well as any other information you can find.

Now, start marketing!  Connect with them all via your weekly eNewsletter.  Next segment your top hit list (A group) and send lumpy letters to these top 25 or so per month.  Stay in touch, follow up, and be present in the market place.  Recruiting is all about POSITIONING yourself to be the broker agents WANT to call when they are ready to make a move!

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How to Keep Your Recruiting Momentum Going All Summer…

A Webinar on Demand

by Judy LaDeur

Summertime.  A time when most are ready to put things in slower gear and take some much needed R&R. We wanted to share a webinar we did last year that helped many brokers stay positioned all summer long with the agents they wanted to recruit — and still have time for fun! Recruiting season is not that far off – don’t lose the foundation you’ve built during these slower months!  Here’s how to stay at the top of your game!

Having the right systems and strategies in place takes some of the guess-work out of your success.  We are happy to be a resource to help you develop a strong, supportive culture in your office, stay top of mind with the recruits you want to hire, and give you the scripts and dialogues you need to close even the savviest of agents to join your team.  Want to learn more about how to become a more profitable recruiter?  Check out our Membership Benefits and enroll today.   

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Topic: LinkedIn for Realtors – Converting Relationships to Revenue

In this powerful webinar you will learn:

  • How to connect with referral partners
  • Why Realtors Need to be on LinkedIn
  • How to take your LinkedIn profile to profit – the secrets to a profile that creates instant credibility
  • How to invite connections that count

How to Identify & Hire the BEST New Candidates

From Personal Experience…

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

There has never been a better time to hire new to the industry agents.  Many brokers say that the average age of their existing agents is close to 60 years old. That creates a few concerns for many brokers. First, these agents will soon be retiring. More importantly, the millennial home buyers are getting ready to enter the real estate market, and most brokers admit that they know they need to hire some younger agents who can communicate with the next wave of buyers.

The great news is that the millennium agents WANT support, training, and a broker who cares and is there to support them. This describes many of the real estate offices out there, so let’s make hiring the “new ones” a priority.

What should you look for?  Is there a way to know who will succeed?  What does the right new agent look like? Here are some great guidelines to follow:

  1. Be honest about the position:  I think we owe it to them to be honest about the career they are about to embark on, and their ability to work in a commissioned sales job. They trust us to only hire them if they can make it, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case.Tell them up front. “If I think that you can make it in the real estate business, I will hire you today. If I don’t hire you today, you should reconsider your decision to go into real estate. I am telling you that because ours is an industry where anyone with a license can find a job somewhere.  But getting hired is not an indication that you will make any money. In fact, 90% of the people in this business earn a poverty level income. But again, if I think you’ll make it, I will hire you. And if I do hire you, I will do everything possible to insure your success. Does that sound fair?”  I always had their attention when I told them that, and they knew that I was serious.
  2. I would tell them the good stuff, as well as the challenges — and build some humor into it. Tell them that very successful real estate agents make well over $100,000.00 per year, and they can earn that after a few years. I told them that they could set their own hours, because they were the boss. They could sleep late, or leave early. I then explained that they could have any insurance policy they wanted, and any retirement plan that they wanted as well. They could take unlimited vacations, without asking anyone’s permission. I would then smile and say, “How does it sound so far?” Of course, they would say great. I would then continue with, “Of course, even though very successful agents earn over $100,000.00 per year, 90% of all agents earn under $30,000 per year. You can come and go as you please, but if you are not working, you are not earning any money. You should be prepared to work an average of 60 hours per week for the first year, and maybe every year! You can select an insurance and retirement policy, because you pay for it. You can take vacations any time you want, but someone needs to cover your business, and if you are not working, you are losing money. Are you still excited?”  You would be amazed how many people do not know what it means to be an independent contractor. I was looking for the agent who understood the risks, and still wanted “in”. I went on to explain that there are two types of jobs in the world. High risk / high-income jobs, and high security /low income jobs. The higher the risk, the greater the potential for income. In the stock market, as well as the job market. That’s why banks pay very little interest on a savings account. There is no risk, and therefore, the return is low. But your money is very safe. That’s why you make more if you are willing to take a risk. I would then find out why they wanted to give up the security of a “real job”, and go into real estate. I looked for desire, motivation, confidence, passion, drive, and tenacity. I asked lots of questions, and I paid attention to how I felt as they talked. I looked at their past successes, and failures. How did they handle problems?  How hard were they willing to work? Did I believe they could make it? If so, we continued.
  3. There are lots of other things that will increase their odds of making it.  A professional image, financial security, a strong sphere of influence, good eye contact, good people skills, and a need to make money. The more pluses they have, the greater their chance of success will be.

Create your own checklist. On the left, list those things you should be looking for in the interview, and then make notes after each item. The answer should be pretty clear by the end of the interview. By the way, I always told them up front, that if they decided to go forward with a career in real estate, and I decided to hire them, they would need to sign up for their real estate class that day. As a result, most of the good candidates signed up that day and got started with their career.

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One Quick Dialogue to Get You BACK on the Phones

Say NO to Rejection

by Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Recruiting is still the lifeblood of this industry.  We all know that in order to make the hire we have to get the interview. To get the interview we have to get the appointment and in order to make the appointment, we have to make that darn call!  Easier said than done.

If you are currently reluctant to pick up the phone and make the call to breathe new life into your organization, commit to take this approach:  The NO REJECTION dialog. 

Start your dialog with a compliment or a word of encouragement to get the “No Rejection” dialog rolling. Topics could include complimenting them on:photodune-2470705-reject-and-no-on-the-blackboard--xs

1)    Their personal website  (Of course you need to view it to discuss it)

2)    Recent ads they are currently sponsoring – (Especially since so many agents have cut back on their ads)

3)    Their average Days On Market for properties listed – (Discuss pricing it right; controlling seller expectations)

4)     The percentage from List Price to Sale Price – (Include CMA process and marketing strategies)

For the next 30 days, I just want you to call, discuss something that they will feel good about, compliment them and close with this phrase. “Do you have anything special planned for the holidays?” (Get their feedback.)  Continue with, “That sounds wonderful. I want to wish you, your family and those you care about the most wonderful holiday season ever. It’s been a busy year for everyone, so take this time to relax, have fun and enjoy the things you enjoy doing. We are expecting another great year next year in real estate.  We look forward to working together with you in the New Year!” Yes, you read it right. I did not ask you to close for an interview. By not closing, you will remove the rejection factor.  Be prepared for your prospect to be surprised.  Most important, remain sincere and transparent.  As we approach the end of the year, it’s important to build those relationships. We will be in touch with them again the first of the year, and that time we WILL ask them to come in for an interview.

This communication will build value into your organization while enriching your relationship with the prospect. Now, go ahead…make the call!

If you’re ready to give your team or organization a truly solid foundation —  put systems in place that position you to build the team you really want, or learn more strategies for working smarter, not harder, bookmark our blog, and join The Profitable Recruiter today.  We have a full spectrum of membership benefits with all the tools, strategies and solutions you need to position yourself to win this year and every year. Our goal is for you to become the “turn-to” broker in your area for every agent.  

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Recruiting Season Skill Building

Fine Tune Those Interview Skills

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

If you’re consistently staying  in touch with your recruiting process, now is the time to turn up the heat on your recruiting skills by practicing.  While it might not feel natural at first – I challenge you to stick as close to the interview process as possible.

Here is an overview of the interview process:

The set up: This is the time to tell them the goals and agenda for the meeting. Set up the interview by sharing your goals and agenda.  Let them know that your job is to give them the information that they need that day to make the best decision for their real estate career, and to better have a feel of whether your company is the right choice for them. You should know if the agent is an emotional decision maker or a logical decision maker within the first 5-10 minutes.  You need to mirror your candidate for optimal results. Maintain a businesslike manner for logical agents and a friendly, warm manner for emotional agents.

The questions: The questions are the foundation of your interview.  If a broker/recruiter cannot master this component, their presentation will be weak, or even worse, they will find themselves “buying agents through making deals” if they cannot hire on value.  Surface questions will not give you what you want to know. They just skim the surface. You must really dig deep and find out what is happening in their professional life, what they have now, how do they feel about what they have, and what do they want. Why, When and Why are how most of your questions should start. You can also say, “Tell me more about that” or “when you say (comment), what do you mean?”

The goal of asking questions for the new or struggling agent:

Do you want them? Will they make it? What are their past accomplishments? Sales experience? What is their behavior style?  What have they been doing to build their career up until now?  Number of people in their data base? Number of calls they make daily? Farming? FSBO? Expireds?  What are they willing to do to have a successful career? Number of hours they plan to work to achieve goals?

The goal of asking questions for the experienced agent interview:

What do they like where they are? What do they dislike? What is the point of difference between your company and their company? What are their long term goals? Can they achieve them at their current company?  What are their expectations of you as their broker? What are they doing to generate business now? What tools would best support them to take their career to the next level?

At the end of the questions, you should know which systems you will present and what it’s going to take to hire them. If you don’t know these things, then you either need to ask more questions or better questions.

The prospect that can be most challenging at this stage is the driver. If you are interviewing the driver, keep the questions moving fast, and be very direct. Otherwise, they will start asking you questions and you will lose control of the interview.  If you lose control of the interview in the questioning process with a driver, it’s because it’s moving too slow or they are frustrated with the interview and you are not staying on task.  This can be a very tough position for any manager or recruiter, but when you find yourself in that position, first realize how you got there and next, regain control as fast as possible. You can listen to the CD’s if you need additional support with regard to asking questions.

Please remember that the purpose of asking questions is to identify the right systems to present to the agent.  They usually only need about 5 systems to meet their needs.

The Presentation:

The area that I would like for you each of you to really practice and develop is the 3-step presentation process and the ROI or value close.  Failing to present each system in a way that shows value, is the #1 reason that the agent will not join.  With regard to presentation skills, please remember that you don’t need to present everything about your company, but you should have visuals and info on everything that is unique about your company and be ready for each interview.  What sets you apart and gives you a point of difference?  Not only for experienced agents, but for new as well.  It can be on a laptop, folders, whatever, as long as it is easy for you to use and it is going to demonstrate what makes your office unique and the results that can occur when they join your team.

This is your 3-step presentation process.

  • Recap what they said in the questioning process.
  • Present the tool or system using a visual.
  • Present the results using results from agents at your office or survey results from an organization such as NAR.

Each tool gets presented the same way with the three-step process. Then after the presentation, please go back and ask them to give you their opinion as to how many more transactions they can have with each tool. Please remember that they need you to give them results, in order for them to calculate value.

You can then close on the value of joining, which means that you do not have to worry about fees.  When you follow the process above, you will see that they can give you the value as perceived and believed by them. It will definitely make recruiting easier.

The RECAP = your ROI

The ROI = your Value Proposition

If you are not using the 3-step process above, and sharing results with your recruit, you will not be able to value close them.  After presenting each of your systems, you will recap, which is when you build value.  

Dialog to start the recap:  

“Let’s review what we have discovered.  There were 5 different areas of your real estate career that YOU felt could use some improvement. You said that you definitely need:

  • More leads
  • More marketing support
  • Personalized coaching and broker support
  • Better tools to compete for listings
  • More market presence or a strong name in the community.

Is there anything that I missed?  Let’s look at each tool/ system and determine what the value is to your career.

With regard to Leads: You said… As you recall, our agents receive an average of (number of leads) per year, with most converting 25% of those leads within 6 months. If we gave you the same number of leads each year, how many could you convert?


Total all the opportunities and use this dialog:

“If we total up all the opportunities that you believe you could have with our office, the number is (number) additional sales and or listings sold. If we multiply that number by the average commission received, which is $(dollar amount), it looks like you could have an additional $(dollar amount) in income with our company. How does that sound?

More importantly, these are opportunities that do not exist at your current company, so currently, you do not have the opportunity to earn this money at your current firm. You will need to join our team to have these opportunities.  When you came in today, I told you that my goal was to give you the information that you needed to make the best decision for your real estate career TODAY. Based on what you are looking at, does it look like a good time to join (your company)?  I agree, so let’s take a look at the various compensation plans and determine which one is best for you!

This is called: Closing on VALUE.  When you get their commitment, before talking about compensation plans, it’s a lot easier to hire them.

THE CLOSE: You must ask them to join. I like the handshake close. Those who have tried it have found it works great. There are a few people who are shy about trying it. This summer is a great time to master the official Judy LaDeur Hand Shake close.

Stalls and Objections: If you need help handling stalls and objections, please refer to the audio downloads in your Profitable Recruiter Membership platform.. I have all the solutions recorded.  Here’s what others have found: When you follow the interview process, as described above, you will have fewer stalls and objections.  Have a great recruiting season!

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Powerful Phone Skills Can Be Easy!

Putting ALL the Pieces in Place for a Successful Year of Recruiting

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

What do top recruiters/brokers do on a daily basis to insure consistent results in recruiting?   It is really pretty simple.  Most do what others are unwilling to do to get the results they want!  There are several steps to mastering the phone calls, and many great reasons to pick up the phone. Here are a few great reasons to call an agent:

  • Your office  has a co-op transaction with that agent.
  • Your agent has identified them as a great agent to do business with in your market.
  • Invite them to a social or educational event that you are hosing.
  • Pay them a compliment. It could be on their production or just the way they conduct business.
  • Introduce yourself if you do not know them.
  • Suggest getting together to meet and exchange information over coffee.
  • Check the progress of a first or second year agent.
  • Follow up with agents that you have met with, but did not YET hire.
  • Call to tell them about your special systems and services that your company offers.
  • Invite those who left to come back!

Regardless of why you are calling them, what to say seems to be the biggest challenge for most brokers and recruiters.  For your best results, you should follow a process which allows you to build the relationship and secure the info that you need when the time is right for that agent to make a move.

Our process teaches you how to diffuse the initial response of “I’m busy” or “I’m happy where I am.” When you can lower the resistance in the first few seconds, the call is much easier.  Many brokers jump right in and ask them to meet. That works on occasion, but asking a few questions and engaging them in the conversation will usually result in a better close ratio.

Most agents will say “no” at least two times, before saying “yes”! The secret is asking them more than one time in more than one way! Most agents will say no before even listening to what you have to say. It’s important to say something that will not only get their attention, but peak their curiosity to learn more.

There are also days of the week and times in the day which will have better results. Those who understand the Rules Behind Successful Calling, will have fewer no shows and spend less time making the calls, and more time face to face with the agents they want.

Do you want to hire more agents in 2017?  Mastering the phone is an important part of the puzzle! Not only will you learn many of these vital tools in the 7+ hours of audio training that you get as part of your Profitable Recruiter Pro membership – you have the advantage of learning on demand – individually or as a leadership team.

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Everything You Need to Recruit the Agents You Want This Year

Leveraging a Recruiting ONE-TWO Punch

Real estate recruiting speaker and coach Judy LaDeur has worked with thousands of brokers over the past 25 years, and has fined-tuned the art of successful recruiting.  Recruiting is essential to succeeding in today’s market. However, there are very few brokers who actually take the time to learn about recruiting and make it a priority. The truth is that a lot of brokers just like you struggle. They struggle simply because they don’t understand recruiting. But, the good news is that recruiting doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming! These are not complicated systems or techniques.

Judy started out as a highly successful REALTOR®. She figured out how to leverage the skills she already had to become a master recruiter. Now she will teach you how to do the same. In Judy’s systems, you’ll learn the tools necessary to increase your market position $50-100 million dollars, every single year. It all starts with simply recruiting two experienced agents per month. We’ll assume that these newly recruited agents are doing about $2.5 million in production each. That’s $5 million added to your bottom line each month, but more importantly, you are pulling $5 million from your competitor every month as well. That means in just 30 days you would be $10 million dollars stronger in the marketplace. Or $120 million dollars stronger in just one year. What would that mean for your business? Would it make it easier to recruit the agents you want? When you increase your market position something very different happens…that “something” you’ve been trying to obtain all along. All of a sudden your company has more signs in the market and your agents get more calls. Your competition’s market presence suddenly drops – they have less signs and their agents get fewer calls. Your original group reaps the benefits of the bonus calls and the new activity and each agent does a few more transactions every year.

Using the secrets that the top brokers in the nation already know, any company can bring in at least twenty four producers every single year.

You already have 80% of the skills and talent that you need to be a dynamite recruiter. With the right strategies you can have agents lining up at your doors begging to work for you.  Recruiting is your one-way ticket to success. You will have the power to stop your attrition, increase your production and increase your market position. These are proven, systems that you can use. Dominate your market by leveraging the power of recruiting!

It is very important to keep in mind that much of recruiting is timing. You must be patient. Send them information on a regular basis to educate them on who you are and what you can do. Then, when the time is right, that person thinks of you. It’s much like “farming your area” as a sales agent. The perfect way to stay in touch and be positioned when the time is right is to register today for The Profitable Recruiter Marketing Platform. You will receive motivational emails each week that your prospects will love. You’ll also have access to a library of letters, phone scripts, notes, social media content, and master-class webinars for recruiters — even webinars for your agents and prospects to attend.  All of this and more positions you to CONSISTENTLY get face to face with the agents YOU want to RECRUIT when they are ready.

How do I conduct the recruiting interview?

The key to the recruiting interview is…stay focused on them. It’s all about the agent. You must stay focused on them! In her advanced training audio system, Judy takes brokers through the 7-step process and teaches them how toprofitable recruiting system know what the recruit wants, what to present and how to present your company and your systems in a way that builds value. When you hire on value, you do not have to “buy them” or compete on money. Judy will not only teach you how to conduct the interview, but you will hear Judy role play the entire process with a broker. Every presentation must be customized to meet their needs.

How do I overcome stalls/objections from the agent?

The ability to overcome the stalls and objections that agents are giving you is one of the keys to a successful interview. However, we have found that the better your presentation skills, the fewer the stalls and objections. Brokers and recruiters who follow this process will hire an average of 70-80% of the agents that they interview that day, or they will get a commitment that day if the timing is right. It just goes back to making sure that you are not dragging people in off the streets who are not interested in joining your company and that you maintain that contact until the timing is right.

Every pro member of The Profitable Recruiter can now access Judy’s Profitable Recruiter Audio Training System (a $297 value). In this audio training package, you’ll have more than SEVEN HOURS of recruiting tools, scripts, dialogues, role-playing, and foundation builders.  In her Profitable Recruiter Membership Platform you’ll have weekly eNewsletters, recruiting letters, lumpy letters, retention tools, social media tools, a full library of webinars on demand (for you and your agents), and new scripts monthly as well.  This power-packed duo of recruiting tools is literally everything you need to recruit the team of your dreams, but this offer won’t be on the table for long.

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Got questions?  Email us for answers!  Good luck and happy Recruiting! 

NOW: There Has Never Been a Better Time to Recruit

Strike While the Iron is Hot

By Real Estate Coach Judy LaDeur

Today’s market has given us an opportunity that we have not seen in many years, and many brokers are missing it! After a 10-year recession, agents have had a few years to start making money again and they are comfortable. Brokers are saying that the agents are “happy”. Of course, they are happy, they have money in the bank once again. But could they be making more money? Could they be planning for their retirement more effectively? Could they have more balance in their life and career with your company? They will never know until they meet with you and that’s your job!

Now is the critical time to get face to face with as many agents as you can while their inventory is low and they have time to meet. Don’t take no for an answer, or at least don’t take one “no” for an answer. Agents who are comfortable will tell you what they are happy because it’s less painful to stay where they are then to go through the pain of telling their broker good-bye and making a move. This is the time of year to be more persistent when you are talking to those agents. Think like a 2-year-old. They know what they want and they don’t give up easily!

Use one-liners to keep the conversation moving towards the close to get together, and keep it short and sweet. When you leave a message, keep it short. “Hey it’s (Your Name) over at (Your Company). Please give me a call, I just need two minutes of your time.”

If they are not picking up the phone, or calling you back, try texting. It works great with busy agents. “MLS records indicate that you could be leaving a lot of money on the table, based on your sales performance in 2016. If we can put that money in your pocket, would you be willing to meet with us?”

When you know them, but they resist getting together, try:

  • Do you trust me? Then meet with me.
  • So what? Let’s get together!
  • What’s it going to hurt? It’s an hour of your time to learn something about your competition.
  • We need to get together.   I know, I know… let ‘s just get together.
  • I completely understand, but….

If you are calling an agent that you know, who is not picking up the phone, you can send them a text first and say, “In two minutes you will be getting a call from me. Please pick up your phone. Please, please, please…”

If agents bring up objections or concerns on the phone. Brush it off. “Look, it’s just a matter of value. If you can take home more money, and put more in your bank account, and do that with less hassle in less time with less stress — do any of those other things really matter?  Let’s get together so we can look at the numbers together. If you won’t make more here, we won’t ask you to join.”

This is the time of the year to keep “making those calls” at the top of the list.

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4 Keys to Keep CHANGE from Creating VULNERABILITY

Recruiting Secrets to Stay AHEAD of the Competition

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

It’s that time of year, right? When you are looking at your business plans and thinking about making some changes in your company ?  Change is GOOD, but properly timed change is GREAT!  We have all heard the saying; the only constant thing in life is change.  The same is true for your business.  Change is necessary and needed to move forward. However, change is also the #1 reason for vulnerability in a real estate office.Change Management Flow Chart

When you are vulnerable, you can lose agents. There are also times when you should NOT implement a change.

Change is the #1 reason for vulnerability. When you implement change, there are a certain number of agents who will be unhappy with the change. It has the potential to create some resistance in your office.  We understand that it’s impossible to implement a change and have everyone be happy. But here are some tips for implementing change to control vulnerability.

#1: Try to involve your agents whenever possible: If you are changing locations, ask a team of agents to help you locate a new location. Go out with them to scout out new office space. Let your agents sell the group on the new location.  You could also set up a committee to determine the new colors for the office and ideas for office design. Let them spend their time with the designer, but you can make the final decisions.

#2: Use the exchange method: When you take away or add a service, use that opportunity to evaluate all your existing services and tools.  Whenever a company tells me that they are going to add a tool or service, I usually ask them, “Are you planning to discontinue any services or tools in the near future?”  Or if they want to discontinue something, I want to know their plans for the near future.  This allows you to hold a business meeting with your agents and explain that after careful evaluation of all your tools and services, you are making some changes to better support them in their business. You can explain that a certain tool or service is not yielding great results, so you are implementing something better for them.  Another example is: If you are changing compensation, or implementing a new fee, time it with the implementation of a new service.  “We are implementing a transaction fee of ($Amount) but you will no longer be charged for (service).”

#3: Grandfather your existing agents whenever possible when you are changing compensation or fees:  Money is always a tricky change, and possibly the most delicate one. When possible, “grandfather” the existing agents and apply the change to those new agents who will be joining after the implementation.  Another idea is to grandfather all agents whose production is above a certain amount. You could say “If you are generating GCC of $90,000.00 or more, you will be grandfathered with regard to the new changes.”  You can also grandfather agents who have been with the company a long time.  “If you have been with our firm for 10 years, or your production is $(Amount), you will not be subject to the new changes.”  Keep in mind that emotional agents will usually not leave because of the money, but they are hurt that after so many years, or at their level of production, that you would take money out of their pocket, or not honor the original agreement that they had.

#4: A management change is also tricky:  Whenever you change managers, you should consider the personality of the manager that is being replaced. If the manager that is being replaced was very friendly, emotional and well liked by the agents, you would be more vulnerable with a new logical manager.  If the manager that you want to put into place is a different personality, you can decrease your vulnerability by putting in an interim manager, or yourself, while they go through their mourning period over the loss of their manager they liked.  What I found worked well was to personally manage the office for a period of 6-12 months. During that time I would look for a new manager. When I found the new manager, I would bring them in as a manager in training and co-manage with them for 3 months. After 3 months, I would turn the office over to the new manager, and ease out over the next 30 days.

Times to avoid change:  There are two times that you want to avoid making a change if possible. Do not make changes during “recruiting season” or when their production is at a low point. The months of December/January and August/September are probably the two most vulnerable times to make a change. Agents typically have fewer listings and pendings during this time, so making a move is easier. You also do not want to make a change while you are already vulnerable from a prior change. For example, if you just changed the name of your company, don’t change the compensation plan the following week.

Bottom line: The best way to retain your agents if you are vulnerable, is to always be working on retention. Start today by sending thee notes a week to your agents. Think of something nice to say about them and let them know how much you appreciate them.  If you always practice retention, the competition will have a tough time raiding your office.

Continue to learn how to be the master recruiting skills and be the broker to join in your market. If recruiting is a challenge for you, we can help.  

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