Everything You Need to Recruit the Agents You Want This Year

Leveraging a Recruiting ONE-TWO Punch

Real estate recruiting speaker and coach Judy LaDeur has worked with thousands of brokers over the past 25 years, and has fined-tuned the art of successful recruiting.  Recruiting is essential to succeeding in today’s market. However, there are very few brokers who actually take the time to learn about recruiting and make it a priority. The truth is that a lot of brokers just like you struggle. They struggle simply because they don’t understand recruiting. But, the good news is that recruiting doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming! These are not complicated systems or techniques.

Judy started out as a highly successful REALTOR®. She figured out how to leverage the skills she already had to become a master recruiter. Now she will teach you how to do the same. In Judy’s systems, you’ll learn the tools necessary to increase your market position $50-100 million dollars, every single year. It all starts with simply recruiting two experienced agents per month. We’ll assume that these newly recruited agents are doing about $2.5 million in production each. That’s $5 million added to your bottom line each month, but more importantly, you are pulling $5 million from your competitor every month as well. That means in just 30 days you would be $10 million dollars stronger in the marketplace. Or $120 million dollars stronger in just one year. What would that mean for your business? Would it make it easier to recruit the agents you want? When you increase your market position something very different happens…that “something” you’ve been trying to obtain all along. All of a sudden your company has more signs in the market and your agents get more calls. Your competition’s market presence suddenly drops – they have less signs and their agents get fewer calls. Your original group reaps the benefits of the bonus calls and the new activity and each agent does a few more transactions every year.

Using the secrets that the top brokers in the nation already know, any company can bring in at least twenty four producers every single year.

You already have 80% of the skills and talent that you need to be a dynamite recruiter. With the right strategies you can have agents lining up at your doors begging to work for you.  Recruiting is your one-way ticket to success. You will have the power to stop your attrition, increase your production and increase your market position. These are proven, systems that you can use. Dominate your market by leveraging the power of recruiting!

It is very important to keep in mind that much of recruiting is timing. You must be patient. Send them information on a regular basis to educate them on who you are and what you can do. Then, when the time is right, that person thinks of you. It’s much like “farming your area” as a sales agent. The perfect way to stay in touch and be positioned when the time is right is to register today for The Profitable Recruiter Marketing Platform. You will receive motivational emails each week that your prospects will love. You’ll also have access to a library of letters, phone scripts, notes, social media content, and master-class webinars for recruiters — even webinars for your agents and prospects to attend.  All of this and more positions you to CONSISTENTLY get face to face with the agents YOU want to RECRUIT when they are ready.

How do I conduct the recruiting interview?

The key to the recruiting interview is…stay focused on them. It’s all about the agent. You must stay focused on them! In her advanced training audio system, Judy takes brokers through the 7-step process and teaches them how toprofitable recruiting system know what the recruit wants, what to present and how to present your company and your systems in a way that builds value. When you hire on value, you do not have to “buy them” or compete on money. Judy will not only teach you how to conduct the interview, but you will hear Judy role play the entire process with a broker. Every presentation must be customized to meet their needs.

How do I overcome stalls/objections from the agent?

The ability to overcome the stalls and objections that agents are giving you is one of the keys to a successful interview. However, we have found that the better your presentation skills, the fewer the stalls and objections. Brokers and recruiters who follow this process will hire an average of 70-80% of the agents that they interview that day, or they will get a commitment that day if the timing is right. It just goes back to making sure that you are not dragging people in off the streets who are not interested in joining your company and that you maintain that contact until the timing is right.

Every pro member of The Profitable Recruiter can now access Judy’s Profitable Recruiter Audio Training System (a $297 value). In this audio training package, you’ll have more than SEVEN HOURS of recruiting tools, scripts, dialogues, role-playing, and foundation builders.  In her Profitable Recruiter Membership Platform you’ll have weekly eNewsletters, recruiting letters, lumpy letters, retention tools, social media tools, a full library of webinars on demand (for you and your agents), and new scripts monthly as well.  This power-packed duo of recruiting tools is literally everything you need to recruit the team of your dreams, but this offer won’t be on the table for long.

Register today for the six-month or one-year Profitable Recruiter pro memberships, using Promo Code PLAN35 and save 35% off your memberships, and start using Judy’s incredible training tools right away. 

Got questions?  Email us for answers!  Good luck and happy Recruiting! 

NOW: There Has Never Been a Better Time to Recruit

Strike While the Iron is Hot

By Real Estate Coach Judy LaDeur

Today’s market has given us an opportunity that we have not seen in many years, and many brokers are missing it! After a 10-year recession, agents have had a few years to start making money again and they are comfortable. Brokers are saying that the agents are “happy”. Of course, they are happy, they have money in the bank once again. But could they be making more money? Could they be planning for their retirement more effectively? Could they have more balance in their life and career with your company? They will never know until they meet with you and that’s your job!

Now is the critical time to get face to face with as many agents as you can while their inventory is low and they have time to meet. Don’t take no for an answer, or at least don’t take one “no” for an answer. Agents who are comfortable will tell you what they are happy because it’s less painful to stay where they are then to go through the pain of telling their broker good-bye and making a move. This is the time of year to be more persistent when you are talking to those agents. Think like a 2-year-old. They know what they want and they don’t give up easily!

Use one-liners to keep the conversation moving towards the close to get together, and keep it short and sweet. When you leave a message, keep it short. “Hey it’s (Your Name) over at (Your Company). Please give me a call, I just need two minutes of your time.”

If they are not picking up the phone, or calling you back, try texting. It works great with busy agents. “MLS records indicate that you could be leaving a lot of money on the table, based on your sales performance in 2016. If we can put that money in your pocket, would you be willing to meet with us?”

When you know them, but they resist getting together, try:

  • Do you trust me? Then meet with me.
  • So what? Let’s get together!
  • What’s it going to hurt? It’s an hour of your time to learn something about your competition.
  • We need to get together.   I know, I know… let ‘s just get together.
  • I completely understand, but….

If you are calling an agent that you know, who is not picking up the phone, you can send them a text first and say, “In two minutes you will be getting a call from me. Please pick up your phone. Please, please, please…”

If agents bring up objections or concerns on the phone. Brush it off. “Look, it’s just a matter of value. If you can take home more money, and put more in your bank account, and do that with less hassle in less time with less stress — do any of those other things really matter?  Let’s get together so we can look at the numbers together. If you won’t make more here, we won’t ask you to join.”

This is the time of the year to keep “making those calls” at the top of the list.

Continue to learn how to master recruiting skills and be the broker to join in your market. If recruiting is a challenge for you, we can help.  Join us before February 1st and take advantage of our special offer. Save 35% with the promo code PLAN35 for any 6 MONTH OR ANNUAL pro membership.  That’s 35% off everything you need to be in the right place at the right time when the agents you want are ready to make a move – including SEVEN HOURS of recruiting audio training which covers:

  • interview skills
  • objection handling
  • phone calls
  • recruiting strategies
  • handling stalls
  • recruiting to specific personality types
  • and so much more…

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Recruiting: Are You a Farmer or a Hunter?

Savvy Brokers Know the Difference

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Every broker or recruiter naturally falls into one category or the other:  Farmer or Hunter.  They are completely different ways of approaching recruiting.  Most brokers, just like most agents, are farmers.

Farming is the art of developing relationships with a specific group of individuals, educating them about why they should want to work with you, and being positioned when the time is right for that person to make a change.  A broker or agent who farms assumes, just like a farmer, that if they prepare the soil, plant the seeds, water the crops and take care of the crops until harvest time, that there will be a bountiful crop so the farmer will be able to eat and also feed his family.   Farming is a passive form of prospecting.

Some facts about farming are:real estate recruiting

a)     Requires patience/waiting

b)     Takes 6-12 months to fill the pipeline

c)      Emotional agents need a relationship with you so it works with most agents

d)     Education and information is consistently sent out to gain trust

e)     The goal is to stay positioned, educate them, to gain their trust so that when the time is right, the agent will join your team, or you harvest your crop

Hunting is the art of full engagement. Going after the target, not waiting for it to come to you! The hunter assumes that is he/she is not actively pursuing the target that they will not eat.  Think of the lion. The lion does not sit in the meadow just waiting for his prey to appear, the lion tracks their prey, and pounces on it when the opportunity presents itself.   A Hunter also looks for the prey, stalks it and pounces when they are not paying attention.  A hunter does not assume that the food will just appear on their table. The hunter believes that if it is not out there hunting all the time, it might starve.  The hunter’s actions are assertive or aggressive forms of prospecting.

Here are some facts about hunting:

a)     It is a numbers game. Lots of contacts/ fast results

b)     Everyday someone is unhappy, the goal is to find that person each day, which means “who is vulnerable?”

c)      When agents are unhappy or unproductive, they want solutions and results, more than they need a relationship

d)     You have more control over the numbers

e)     Instant gratification

Both are important for long term success, however hunting is the key to survival in this market for you and your agents.

Here are some Farming activities:

a)     Mailings to educate them about your company and to build the relationship

b)     Having coffee to build the relationship

c)      Invite them to company events

d)     Personal notes

e)     Calls, just to say ‘Hi’

f)      Social media interaction/ comments

Here are some Hunting activities:

a)     Target Struggling agents

b)     Target New Agents who are in school or just licensed

c)     Target Logical agents from their photos

d)     Target agents who fit the company profile from their website/social media.

e)     Sending mass mailings/media/ email etc. playing the numbers game

f)      Using social media to place ads and target specific groups via Linked In and FB.

g)     Placing ads on the internet

h)     Career nights

i)      Approaching sales people in other professions and suggesting a real estate career.

If you HAD to hire 10 agents in the next 30 days, or shut down your office, where would you look for them and what would you do?  That is how the hunter thinks at all times!

The Good news is that most of you planted a crop in the spring and nurtured it until now, so you can harvest your crop and also go hunting…because it is hunting season!

Hunting season is the time of year when agents are most vulnerable. They are vulnerable for a variety of reasons:

  1. Inventory is low
  2. When agents are not busy after summer holidays, they start to panic
  3. They are just going into the last quarter, and many are not happy with their current year’s production

Even farmers should go out and take advantage of the opportunities that hunting season brings to their tables, and they do!

Which method of hunting do you want to focus on?

1. Struggling agents

2.  New Agents

3.  Logical agents

4.  Career night seminars

5.  Cold calling

6.  Marketing to the masses

Here’s to your successful recruiting season! Remember consistency is key! Good luck!

The Profitable Recruiter can help you with BOTH your FARMING and HUNTING techniques!  Learn more here. 

Do you want to hire more agents this season?  Learning to handle whatever objection comes your way with ease are both important parts of the puzzle! Not only will you learn many of these vital tools in the 7+ hours of audio training that you get as part of your Profitable Recruiter Pro membership – you have the advantage of learning on demand – individually or as a leadership team.

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How to NOT Have to RESET Your Recruiting Each Season

Summer Recruiting Realities for Brokers and Managers

By Real Estate Recruiting Speaker and Coach Judy LaDeur

Summer is a great time of year, right?  Time to kick back a little. Enjoy some rest and relaxation.  Re-charge the batteries.  There is one thing that brokers should NOT leave in a holding pattern during the summer months however, and that is the consistent process of staying in touch with their recruiting prospects. Otherwise – you have to hit RESET on your marketing and recruiting efforts each season, losing valuable time and opportunity.

I like to remind recruiters that this time of year it’s crucial to “stay comfortably in touch” with those they want to attract – as well how to not have to reset your recruiting each seasonas the agents they already have.  It’s an easy time to kick back, ease up on the marketing, and postpone “staying in touch” calls. But the months of June, July and August are two really important times to do the opposite, because, the truth is — the agents are doing the same thing!  That means for those who are taking a summer sabbatical – they will be starting all over again come fall. When agents do not stay in touch with their database, their pipeline starts to dry up.  Agents should have 10 clients and customers in their pipeline at all times. That means: current listings, buyers who are looking at homes, or listing appointments booked.  Agents who maintain a pipeline of at least 10 clients, will start off the fall season on the right track.  Use the month of July to spot check your agents’ activity. If they have 10 in the pipeline, great!  If it is less than 10, have a one-on-one consultation with them to see what it will take to bring that number to 10.

The same thing happens to brokers. Many brokers let their pipeline dry up in the summer. Who should be in YOUR pipeline?  Those you have interviewed, but not yet hired combined with those interviews which are set. Do you have 10 agents in your pipeline? If not, what will it take to build up your pipeline?

Summertime is also a terrific time to sharpen your skills and stock up on summer reading that will help you fuel your team and help with retention.  Fall is recruiting season which means, just as you are seeking out and talking to agents in your market, other brokers are going to be talking to YOUR agents, too.  Here are a few great book recommendations to consider:

  • The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon is a great book about passion and positive energy.
  • The Referral of a Lifetime by Tim Templeton talks about building a referral based business. Brokers should apply the same principles to building a referral based recruiting system.
  • Billion Dollar Agent by Steve Kantor studies the common traits of agents who have sold a billion dollars in real estate. It has some great insights for brokers on what their agents should do to build their business.

While lots of agents are on “family time mode” this time of year — there are lots of things brokers can be doing to secure their top of mind spot when agents are back in work mode.

Activities brokers can do to position themselves for a strong finish to the year are:

  • Go back and see who you interviewed, and then put a reminder on their calendar to call them mid-August to get back together.
  • Go back 7 years and make a list of everyone who left your office. If they are good agents, it’s a great time to call and invite them to come back. Tell them that they are missed.
  • Set up your marketing (if you haven’t already) to go out via Constant Contact, iContact, or whatever your email platform might be.  These systems allow you to allow you to see who is opening your emails and track results.
  • A very basic thing is to keep all your data in a contact management program. I am still surprised how many brokers do not have their info set up in an organized format. If it’s not set up, use this time to get organized.
  • Our weekly emails give brokers activities each week for recruiting and retention, so just sending your emails and implementing those ideas each week will keep you positioned.

Mindsets are important too.  For a lot of recruiters – forming the right habits, such as time blocking and the ability to pick up the phone without fear are important.  What can you be doing right now to fuel your skill sets?  Networking with other successful recruiters is a great way to keep the right mind set, and pick up new ideas. Recruiters are a team of ONE in many companies. They are not an agent, and they are not a manager. This makes it tough for recruiters to have someone they can talk to, bounce ideas off, etc. I coach many full time recruiters and they are always saying how great it is to have someone to talk to about their recruiting systems/objections/solutions.  As a broker, be aware of their need to connect with other like-minded recruiters. As a recruiter, search out other successful recruiters. They are always participating in our recruiting blitz, and we have one scheduled to start in a few weeks.

Having the right systems and strategies in place year-round takes some of the guess-work out of your success.  We are happy to be a resource to help you stay in touch month-after-month, give you the scripts and dialogues you need to close even the savviest of agents to join your team.  Want to learn more about how to become a more profitable recruiter?  Check out our Membership Benefits and enroll today.   

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Agent Success Tips and Scripts to Share

From Real Estate Coach and Speaker Judy LaDeurreal estate coach Judy LaDeur

By Julie Escobar

Caught up with my friend and dynamo speaker Judy LaDeur to find out just some of what is making her new talk, How to Successfully Sell or Acquire a Thriving Real Estate Business, is getting so much attention worldwide.  What we came away with are some very valuable tips and scripts for competing in any market AND creating a salable book of business.  Share these with your agents — and even consider a round-table discussion to light a fire under agents who need to get on track and stay there!

Q:  Judy – we’ve both seen way too many agents leave this business after years and years of hard work with not much to show for it.  The bottom line reason? They spent too much time chasing new business and not enough time building their base.  What are your thoughts? 

A:  You’re right Julie.  One of the first things I tell agents is this: “If your business is not currently set up in a contact database management program, then the answer is probably NO.  To leverage your business and take advantage of this particular program (and have the ability to sell your real estate business at some point in the future) – that is the first thing you must do.  The program you select should have the ability to set up several categories and to place your clients into more than one category. The more categories you have, the more valuable your business will be.

The more people that you know and that you add to your base, the more valuable your business is when you decide to retire, relocate or leave the business for any reason. With regard to your database while you are still selling real estate, the more names you have, the more successful you should be if you work the system properly.  This is a relationship business, and your job is to build and maintain relationships on a daily basis. Your best sources of business in any market are the people you know.

A recent survey showed that 87% of people surveyed reported that they definitely would usetheir agent again, but didn’t because they can’t remember who they are or how to find them!”  Now ask yourself – is that YOU?

Q:  Great advice Judy.  And now’s the perfect time to get all of that data into a database.  I know that you always tell your coaching clients to delegate what they can, and inputting data would be a perfect job for one of the many college kids out of school right now-right?    How often do you recommend agents stay in touch with their sphere and farm?

A:  I’m still a firm believer in direct mail and layering your marketing. (Postcards, newsletters, email, handwritten notes.)  I tell agents to stay in touch 12 times per year with something of value in writing! Something tangible in their hands each month as well as actively engaging folks on your social media as well as personal contact is a winning formula!

12 Times per year send: 

  1. Newsletters that tell of your success and results with homeowner tips
  2. Social Media postings (and ways for them to find you on social media)
  3. Just Listed/ Just Sold postcards to your entire database
  4. Send information on the real estate market in general – neighborhood update postcards are great for this

See your past clients and sphere of influence at least twice per year.

  1. Stop by and visit when you are in the area
  2. Client parties 1-2 times per year
  3. Schedule lunch with clients who are great for referrals and encourage them to invite a friend to join you

Send personal notes 4 times per year.

  1. An update on the value of their home
  2. A thank you note for a referral
  3. Thanks for listing or buying your home with me
  4. Just writing to say hi and to see if you have anyone who could use my services

Talk to your clients at least 3 times per year. Here is a sample script to stay in touch with your clients.

Hi…this is (name) with (company). I hope you and your family are well.  Do you have minute to talk?

Many people are curious about today’s real estate market. I was wondering if I could help you with any real estate questions you might have at this time?

Are you curious about the value of your home or perhaps you might have some questions with regard to what is going on in your neighborhood pertaining to market times, prices, etc.?

Are you looking to sell your home sometime this year?

As you know… I want to be your resource for everything real estate related.  Please call me if you ever have any questions.

Hi (name)…my business is based on referrals from great clients (friends, people) like you. So before I go, can you think of anyone you know who might want to buy or sell a home now or in the near future?

I appreciate your help and if anyone should come to mind please don’t hesitate to call me! Thank you!

Q:  Great stuff Judy – and agents always love scripts!  We appreciate it!  What else should agents know to solidify their success in this competitive market? 

A:  I would tell them to remember the 10% rule.  10% of the number of people in your base of business will give you business or refer business to you every year if you ask for it. So, for a base of 500 people that would be 50 sales/referrals each year. Treat your past clients and centers of influence with respect because they are an asset that will allow your business to grow, and more importantly, will increase the value of your business when it is time to sell it!

Thank you so much Judy!  We are on the same page!  We always share the 3-7-27 rule of marketing with agents.  It takes 3 contacts for folks to remember your name, 7 to put your name with your business, and 27 to brand yourself in their minds.  Most agents stop making contact after 2 ‘touches’ — most transactions happen after 5!  There’s no time like the present to work ON your business not just in it!  

Want to learn more about Judy’s hot topic, How to Successfully Sell or Acquire a Thriving Real Estate Business?  Visit her site today at www.judyladeur.com

Scripts and Strategies Webinar On Demand

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Profitable Recruiter But Were Afraid to Askwebinar 2

We had a great turnout for our monthly Profitable Recruiter Members’ webinar.  This month we did something a little different. Normally our monthly webinars include a guest speaker from the industry, but we had so many brokers who really are eager to hit the ground running and make this their best recruiting year ever and wanted to learn more about how to use their platform more effectively. So that’s what we covered. The A-Z of how to use The Profitable Recruiter Membership platform to recruit the agents you want and need this year. At the end of the session Coach Judy LaDeur also shared great scripts and strategies for handling some of the biggest recruiting objections that our listeners were facing. So don’t miss out on those!

Thanks to all of our members who shared their questions, and of course to Judy for always delivering great content and answers!

If you’re ready to recruit your dream team and have YOUR best year ever as well – become a member today.  Why? Because creating is hard. Knowing what to send and say to recruit the experienced and new agents you’re looking for to continuously grow your powerful team of agents isn’t easy when you’re going it alone.

Using the tools that others have built for you that will position you for the success and growth that you want for your business is simple and affordable! If you are a Profitable Recruiter Member – make sure you are taking full advantage of your membership platform by actively using everything in your platform. 

If you are NOT a member of The Profitable Recruiter but would like to start using these powerful done-for-you content training and tools, then register here and you too can use the promo code 25OFF to save 25% on any pro membership.  Don’t forget — you can add up to TEN (10) managers or administrators to your account.  That way everyone on your management team is on the same page and working together to grow your company.  Not a big organization? That’s all right too! We can add your admin assistant and help you have as much recruiting power as possible. To access the Audio downloads, register for either the 6- month or annual memberships.  Got questions?  Email us!  We’d love to help!  Make it a great year!

Twelve Ways to Use Done for You Tools to Recruit & Retain

As a Profitable Recruitertpr tools

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Creating is hard right?  But crafting a marketing plan from already done for you tools is not only easy, it’s smart marketing – and savvy time management.  This week, let’s look at twelve powerful ways you can use your Profitable Recruiter Membership tools to recruit the agents you want, brand your company in your marketplace as the one to work for – and do business with, and lighten your daily to do list!

  1. Stay positioned the RIGHT way. The number one thing you can do to recruit your dream team and retain the great agents you have is to stay in front of them at least monthly, if not weekly, with valuable information, inspiration, and a reminder that you are there when they need you.  Our most successful members log into their platform just before the first of every month (or have their admin do this for them) and click on Weekly eNewsletters.  They then copy and paste these weekly eNewsletters into their own email platform (we recommend a platform that allows you to track opens, click through rates, etc.) and then schedule them to go out every Monday morning before 7:00 am.  Not only will you get tons of positive feedback, this week alone, we had several brokers tell us that agents are asking if they can add OTHER agent friends to the weekly campaigns.  You’ll be staying top-of-mind, growing your hit list, and put yourself in the position of being the number one broker to call when those agents are ready to make a move.
  2. Work the challenges.  Each week, we share a challenge and action step that you, the broker and recruiter, can take to further your recruiting goals and grow a stronger business.  The brokers that do, are full speed ahead and on track to surpass their goals.
  3. Pro Members Use Lumpy Letters.  Each month you’ll get these new attention grabbing letters which are meant for the top 10-20% of your recruiting prospect list.  Sent monthly, they not only put you front and center on the radar of those top agents, they will help make you the talk of the real estate town with chatter about how creative you are, how you went the extra step, and how they can’t wait to see what you’ll send next.  They make follow up fun and easy – and they’ll make picking up the phone because the agents are CALLING YOU with a thank you, a welcome relief from cold calls! Top brokers simply copy these (or have their admin copy), order the ‘lumpy’ part of the mail (we offer links so you can find these items easily), and have their admin assistants put them in bubble mailers and send out the first week of every month.
  4. Pro Members Use Seasonal Recruiting Letters.  Each month we add 2-3 seasonal and timely recruiting letters that you can copy and paste onto your letterhead, hand sign, and send to the top 100 prospects on your recruiting list.  We also offer retention letters that you can use to do the same and send or hand deliver to your current agents to make sure they feel special.  There is power in receiving something in the mail in today’s electronic world.  Use it to your advantage.  The first or second week of every month simply copy, print, sign, and send.  (Three of those activities you can even delegate – how cool is that?)
  5. Social Media Tips.  Every month we deliver enough content and ideas to keep you visible (without stressing you out or taking up too much time) as well as strategies to brand you and build a strong, positive online presence.  It’s an easy, breezy way of kicking up your social media without having to reinvent any wheels.  You can even use great tools like SproutSocial.com to copy and paste some of these into a platform and schedule your posts.
  6. Webinar Invites.  Every month we host TWO webinars.  One for brokers in which we spotlight top recruiters and coaches with timely topics and strategies on what works – and even what doesn’t (common pitfalls) to keep you on track for your recruiting goals.  Secondly, we host an agent webinar with top agents and coaches who deliver powerful strategies to help your agents (and prospects) rise to the top of their field and stay there.  Our top brokers open the invite tab at the first of the month, register for their own webinar, then copy and paste the agent registration link into one email that goes out to all of their existing agents, and a second email inviting all their prospective recruits (use a platform, bcc options, or email individually for confidentiality) to attend.
  7. Blog.  Bookmark the blog for powerful interviews, scripts, dialogues, broker spotlights, etc.
  8. Learn at your own pace.  Click on the Webinars on Demand tab in your platform to watch a wide spectrum of past webinars at your own pace. There are agent and broker webinars here so you can use some as training opportunities for your sales team.  Preview a topic, pick one each month and invite your agents in to watch on demand and workshop what they’ve learned.  This is a GREAT tool if you have an in house trainer.  (Ask us about how to give them access of their own to this popular section of the membership platform.)
  9. Archives.  We archive several months of tools at a time so you can peruse other lumpy letters, eNewsletters and tools if you want to switch things up a little!
  10. Recruiting Scripts for our Pro Members. We add new scripts and dialogues for even the toughest recruiting and prospecting calls and interviews here each month.  Top members print these out and practice, drill, and rehearse so that they are ready for ANYTHING an agent might through their way!
  11. 6 Month and Annual Members access over SEVEN HOURS of audio training for recruiters.  These audio files run the gamut of what brokers face each day and teach you how to master your trade as a broker, recruiter, and business professional.
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  • Weekly eNewsletters designed to be sent to home buyers and sellers complete with DIY home tips, real estate tips, a motivational message, and calls to action
  • Free collateral material and fair trade items such as staging tips, listing tips and more
  • Access to their OWN webinar training spotlighting top agents and coaches each month
  • Agent challenges and weekly action items to keep them motivated and on track
  • Webinars on Demand so they can learn at their own pace
  • Archived tools so they can peruse past success strategies
  • Social Media Tips and Strategies so they can build a strong online presence themselves and connect with their sphere

Creating is hard. Using the tools that others have built for you that will position you for the success and growth that you want for your business?  Is simple and affordable! If you are a Profitable Recruiter Member – make sure you are taking full advantage of your membership platform by following the twelve tips above.  If you want to register YOUR Company for The Profitable Sales Agent and deliver the tools above to them – click here and use Promo Code 25OFF to save 25% on your membership through April 15th

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When Agents Won’t Return Your Calls

What YOU May Be Doing Wrong

Sad businesswoman sitting at white office desk waiting for a phone call.

 By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

 “What am I doing WRONG?”  If you could only imagine how many times I’ve heard THAT question.  Most brokers and recruiters immediately think the worse if their prospective recruits are not returning their calls, emails or texts.  It’s not always bad news, but it can be.  One way to help decipher that is by determining their behavior patterns.

Let’s say you met with an agent and it went well but you did not get the commitment. You follow up a week later, but still — you are not getting a response.

 The right side, the expressive or driver, knows what you want and they are not shy. When those on the right are not responding to your calls, it’s not always a bad sign. Since they know what you want, if the answer is no, they will easily reply with something to the effect of “I will call you when I am ready,” or “It’s not the right time,” or “I have decided to stay put for now”.

They move at a fast pace and return calls on a priority basis. They are not worried about telling you that they are not ready to move yet, but at the same time, when they don’t call you or return your email, text, etc. it sometimes means that since they know what you want, it does not make sense to call you until they can give you a definitive answer. Maybe they are finishing up some closings, getting a listing sold or even getting some personal stuff in order. For the best agents, the timing has to make sense. When they do respond, that answer is more likely to be a yes, so stay comfortably in touch with various methods of communication and don’t worry too much.

When those on the left are not responding to your calls, it’s not as good. They also know what you want, but they are shy. If they are amiable, they also have a desire to please. Both the left side personalities, Amiable and Analytical, like to avoid conflict or confrontation. Think about it. If their answer is no, they know that you will try to change their mind, apply pressure, etc. –meaning they will naturally avoid contact if the answer is not what you want to hear.  They are the ones that hide.

But sometimes the highly emotional ones will also avoid conflict, especially if they are going to feel bad telling you. Maybe they indicated they would join, really like you, but for whatever reason, the answer is going to be “no”, they might also avoid calling you back. If the answer is yes, their desire to please and the fact that they are great at follow up, means that they will return your message in a timelier manner.

Drivers also prefer texting, so it’s always the best way to get a fast response.  If they aren’t ready to make a move, the goal is to stay comfortably in touch until they are ready and the best tool to do that is The Profitable Recruiter Motivational enewsletters.

Need to know more about defining the personality types of your recruiting prospects so that you can best match your recruiting strategies?  Profitable Recruiter Members, click on the Audio Downloads link in your member platform and look to the Audio 3 Section of your 7+ hours of audio recruiting training for ELEVEN segments that deal with this specific need!

Not a member? Join today and you too can have access to all of our recruiting tools, eNewsletters, monthly webinars – and the 7+ hours of audio training, including the eleven segments on agent personality types.  Start your New Year off with what many brokers are saying is the best tool they have when it comes to recruiting, a membership to The Profitable Recruiter! Use 25OFF to get 25% off any PRO membership.

One Powerful Script to Inject Some Energy into Your Recruiting

And Get Your Team InvolvedEmpty office desk

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

I’m often asked about my ‘favorite’ scripts for recruiters.  Which ones to use when.  How can I get better (or less afraid) at making recruiting calls?  How do I know which agents in the market place would be a GREAT fit for our office?

Have I got a quick script for you that engages your current team in a positive way, and gets them to help line up new recruiting prospects FOR YOU, also in a powerfully positive way! I call it my “One Desk Left” script.  Here’s how it goes:

First, task your agents to give you a business card and write the name of the agent they would like to see you hire if there was only one desk left in the office. Have them write the name on the back of their card. Then use this dialog to follow up with agents:

Only One Desk Left Dialog

Hello (their name), this is (your name and company name). Did I get you at a good time?

The reason for my call is to pay you a compliment. (Let them respond.) This week I walked around and asked each of my agents this question: If we only had one desk open and we could only hire one agent, who would you most like to see sitting in that desk? I am sitting here holding (number) cards with your name on the back! I was impressed, especially with the number of agents here in our marketplace. When my agents feel that way about an agent, I make it a goal to call and not only pass on the information, but to also see if we can get together. I would like to know more about how you do your business but would also like the opportunity to tell you more about the way we do business here at (Company Name).

If they say No:

I understand, and I respect that you are happy at your present company, but sometimes things change. I have always found that it is nice to at least know that the competition has to offer if that day ever comes.

Let me ask you this: If you were to make a move today, what would you be looking for in another company?

What training is most important to agents in today’s market?

If I could help you increase your business by $ __ per year, would it be worth an hour of your time to see how?

Great, I have time available today or we could meet first thing tomorrow. Which time would be best?

Taking the fear and frustration out of recruiting calls starts with preparation.  With setting the stage consistently in your market place so that when you do have the opportunity to speak with the agents you most want on your team, they (a) know who you are, (b) know what makes your organization unique, and (c)  are comfortable talking to you because you’ve made them a priority to connect with again and again.  That’s one of the reasons The Profitable Recruiter system works so well.  It gives you a low-key way to stay positioned with agents that would be good team members for your company.  Oh- and there’s a bonus to this approach as well! RETENTION.  Your current agents will appreciate that you involve them, want to know their opinion, and are eager to choose new team members who THEY would work well with.  (How’s that for a win-win-win!?)

Scripts, and practice also remove fear and increase your confidence to go after even the highest producers, because you have a track to run on once you pick up that phone.  This month we’ve made it even easier to find the recruiting scripts in our platform by putting them as downloadable pdf’s in a navigation tab all their own!  Once you’ve logged into your membership site, simply click on the tab that says recruiting scripts.  Choose the ones that work best for you – print them and keep them in front of you when you’re on the phone.  Many of our members even make several copies for their phone sessions, so they can add the recruiting prospect’s name to the top, and keep notes on their conversation.  They can then transfer those notes into their CRM or database, or even go ‘old school’ and put them in a ‘follow up’ binder.

Do you want to hire more agents in 2016?  Learning to handle whatever objection comes your way with ease are both important parts of the puzzle! Not only will you learn many of these vital tools in the 7+ hours of audio training that you get as part of your Profitable Recruiter Pro membership – you have the advantage of learning on demand – individually or as a leadership team.

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3 Top Tips to Fire Up Your 2016 Recruiting

New Year for a Great New Attitude!


By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Recruiting remains the #1 challenge for most brokers and managers. Recently, a broker walked up to me and said “It’s just too much! If I get the letters out, I don’t have time for the calls. When I do make the calls, I forget to follow the 5-step process, because I just want them to come in for an interview. When I do get an interview, instead of following the 7-step process, I fall back into my old habits of sell… sell… sell!! It just seems impossible to remember everything!” Sound familiar? I assured the broker that he was not alone. Sometimes it is easier to start out slow, and just do two or three things, but do them well. Here are a few tips that you can follow, as well, which should make it easier to get the agents you want.

#1- The entire interview process needs to stay focused on what they need and what is best for them, not you. A very common phrase that many of the brokers in our coaching program hear is, “You were the only broker who took the time to ask questions about what I needed, and what was important to me. That’s why I choose your firm.” Sound too easy? It’s true! When they come into your office, tell them that your goal is to find out what is important to them, and to determine what their needs are so that you can help them make the best decision for their career. Then spend 20-30 minutes just asking questions in a very reflective way, and think carefully about what they are saying, and what they are looking for.  Think of it as solving a problem. Pretend that they are a friend who has come to you for advice, and your goal is to help them make the right decision. If you focus on them, you will be less inclined to try to sell them. You will be amazed at how easy it is to hear what they need, or want. After you have asked your questions, and assessed their situation, you should then present only those systems that address their needs, and solve their issues. After presenting the “right systems”, watch their body language, and ask yourself, “Are they sold?” If so, very calmly, and very confidently, smile, sit back in your seat, and say “When you came in today, I said that my goal was to help you make the best decision for your real estate career. Based on everything that we have discussed here, it seems as though you’re right. You’ve gone as far as you can with your current company, so let’s take you to the next level in your career. We have a transition packet designed to make your move as smooth as possible.” At that point, you should begin reviewing compensation as well as those details that are necessary to make the move. After you have presented the necessary details, smile and say, “I’d love to have you join our team!”

#2- Adopt a New Attitude while you are conducting the interview. Instead of trying to talk them into joining your firm, maintain a different posture. Pretend that you have a full office of very productive agents, and the only way you can hire this agent, is if you let one of your existing agents go.  This new attitude will help you be thoughtful and reflective, and they will not feel the pressure that so many recruits say they feel in the interview process.

#3- When you hear stalls and objections, don’t panic, and don’t try to talk them into joining. Just keep asking questions.  Two year olds are great closers. Why? They just keep asking questions, until they hear the answer they want. Here are some great responses to the objections you hear at the end of the interview. “Why?” “Why not?” “Why do you feel that way?” “What makes you say that?” “Why would that keep you from making a move today?”“Really? Hum.”  “How would you propose that we solve that problem?” Here’s a sample of how it works. If you ask them to join, and they say they can’t do it today, just smile and say, “Why Not?” You’ll be amazed at how often they say, “I don’t know.” You would respond with “I don’t know either, so let’s do it!” You have to keep smiling, and keep it fun. If they say they can’t move because they are good friends with the broker, you might say, “Really? Hum…” Then smile and make them justify that statement before going further. After that you might ask, “If someone approached your broker and offered to buy their firm for a lot of money, would they consult you prior to making their decision about selling their company?” You’ll have to practice it a few times to get into the habit of asking verses selling, but you should see great results.

Do you want to hire more agents in 2016?  Learning to handle whatever objection comes your way with ease are both important parts of the puzzle! Not only will you learn many of these vital tools in the 7+ hours of audio training that you get as part of your Profitable Recruiter Pro membership – you have the advantage of learning on demand – individually or as a leadership team.

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