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We had a great turnout for our monthly Profitable Recruiter Members’ webinar.  This month we did something a little different. Normally our monthly webinars include a guest speaker from the industry, but we had so many brokers who really are eager to hit the ground running and make this their best recruiting year ever and wanted to learn more about how to use their platform more effectively. So that’s what we covered. The A-Z of how to use The Profitable Recruiter Membership platform to recruit the agents you want and need this year. At the end of the session Coach Judy LaDeur also shared great scripts and strategies for handling some of the biggest recruiting objections that our listeners were facing. So don’t miss out on those!

Thanks to all of our members who shared their questions, and of course to Judy for always delivering great content and answers!

If you’re ready to recruit your dream team and have YOUR best year ever as well – become a member today.  Why? Because creating is hard. Knowing what to send and say to recruit the experienced and new agents you’re looking for to continuously grow your powerful team of agents isn’t easy when you’re going it alone.

Using the tools that others have built for you that will position you for the success and growth that you want for your business is simple and affordable! If you are a Profitable Recruiter Member – make sure you are taking full advantage of your membership platform by actively using everything in your platform. 

If you are NOT a member of The Profitable Recruiter but would like to start using these powerful done-for-you content training and tools, then register here and you too can use the promo code 25OFF to save 25% on any pro membership.  Don’t forget — you can add up to TEN (10) managers or administrators to your account.  That way everyone on your management team is on the same page and working together to grow your company.  Not a big organization? That’s all right too! We can add your admin assistant and help you have as much recruiting power as possible. To access the Audio downloads, register for either the 6- month or annual memberships.  Got questions?  Email us!  We’d love to help!  Make it a great year!

Twelve Ways to Use Done for You Tools to Recruit & Retain

As a Profitable Recruitertpr tools

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Creating is hard right?  But crafting a marketing plan from already done for you tools is not only easy, it’s smart marketing – and savvy time management.  This week, let’s look at twelve powerful ways you can use your Profitable Recruiter Membership tools to recruit the agents you want, brand your company in your marketplace as the one to work for – and do business with, and lighten your daily to do list!

  1. Stay positioned the RIGHT way. The number one thing you can do to recruit your dream team and retain the great agents you have is to stay in front of them at least monthly, if not weekly, with valuable information, inspiration, and a reminder that you are there when they need you.  Our most successful members log into their platform just before the first of every month (or have their admin do this for them) and click on Weekly eNewsletters.  They then copy and paste these weekly eNewsletters into their own email platform (we recommend a platform that allows you to track opens, click through rates, etc.) and then schedule them to go out every Monday morning before 7:00 am.  Not only will you get tons of positive feedback, this week alone, we had several brokers tell us that agents are asking if they can add OTHER agent friends to the weekly campaigns.  You’ll be staying top-of-mind, growing your hit list, and put yourself in the position of being the number one broker to call when those agents are ready to make a move.
  2. Work the challenges.  Each week, we share a challenge and action step that you, the broker and recruiter, can take to further your recruiting goals and grow a stronger business.  The brokers that do, are full speed ahead and on track to surpass their goals.
  3. Pro Members Use Lumpy Letters.  Each month you’ll get these new attention grabbing letters which are meant for the top 10-20% of your recruiting prospect list.  Sent monthly, they not only put you front and center on the radar of those top agents, they will help make you the talk of the real estate town with chatter about how creative you are, how you went the extra step, and how they can’t wait to see what you’ll send next.  They make follow up fun and easy – and they’ll make picking up the phone because the agents are CALLING YOU with a thank you, a welcome relief from cold calls! Top brokers simply copy these (or have their admin copy), order the ‘lumpy’ part of the mail (we offer links so you can find these items easily), and have their admin assistants put them in bubble mailers and send out the first week of every month.
  4. Pro Members Use Seasonal Recruiting Letters.  Each month we add 2-3 seasonal and timely recruiting letters that you can copy and paste onto your letterhead, hand sign, and send to the top 100 prospects on your recruiting list.  We also offer retention letters that you can use to do the same and send or hand deliver to your current agents to make sure they feel special.  There is power in receiving something in the mail in today’s electronic world.  Use it to your advantage.  The first or second week of every month simply copy, print, sign, and send.  (Three of those activities you can even delegate – how cool is that?)
  5. Social Media Tips.  Every month we deliver enough content and ideas to keep you visible (without stressing you out or taking up too much time) as well as strategies to brand you and build a strong, positive online presence.  It’s an easy, breezy way of kicking up your social media without having to reinvent any wheels.  You can even use great tools like to copy and paste some of these into a platform and schedule your posts.
  6. Webinar Invites.  Every month we host TWO webinars.  One for brokers in which we spotlight top recruiters and coaches with timely topics and strategies on what works – and even what doesn’t (common pitfalls) to keep you on track for your recruiting goals.  Secondly, we host an agent webinar with top agents and coaches who deliver powerful strategies to help your agents (and prospects) rise to the top of their field and stay there.  Our top brokers open the invite tab at the first of the month, register for their own webinar, then copy and paste the agent registration link into one email that goes out to all of their existing agents, and a second email inviting all their prospective recruits (use a platform, bcc options, or email individually for confidentiality) to attend.
  7. Blog.  Bookmark the blog for powerful interviews, scripts, dialogues, broker spotlights, etc.
  8. Learn at your own pace.  Click on the Webinars on Demand tab in your platform to watch a wide spectrum of past webinars at your own pace. There are agent and broker webinars here so you can use some as training opportunities for your sales team.  Preview a topic, pick one each month and invite your agents in to watch on demand and workshop what they’ve learned.  This is a GREAT tool if you have an in house trainer.  (Ask us about how to give them access of their own to this popular section of the membership platform.)
  9. Archives.  We archive several months of tools at a time so you can peruse other lumpy letters, eNewsletters and tools if you want to switch things up a little!
  10. Recruiting Scripts for our Pro Members. We add new scripts and dialogues for even the toughest recruiting and prospecting calls and interviews here each month.  Top members print these out and practice, drill, and rehearse so that they are ready for ANYTHING an agent might through their way!
  11. 6 Month and Annual Members access over SEVEN HOURS of audio training for recruiters.  These audio files run the gamut of what brokers face each day and teach you how to master your trade as a broker, recruiter, and business professional.
  12. Help your agents do the same.  Through April 15th, brokers can register for The Profitable Sales Agent for 25% off the membership fee and share THAT content with their agents so they have the vital tools THEY need totpsa newsletter sample stay top of mind, build a strong referral base and sphere and capture the respect, trust, and BUSINESS of the consumers in your community.  In this platform they will get:
  • Weekly eNewsletters designed to be sent to home buyers and sellers complete with DIY home tips, real estate tips, a motivational message, and calls to action
  • Free collateral material and fair trade items such as staging tips, listing tips and more
  • Access to their OWN webinar training spotlighting top agents and coaches each month
  • Agent challenges and weekly action items to keep them motivated and on track
  • Webinars on Demand so they can learn at their own pace
  • Archived tools so they can peruse past success strategies
  • Social Media Tips and Strategies so they can build a strong online presence themselves and connect with their sphere

Creating is hard. Using the tools that others have built for you that will position you for the success and growth that you want for your business?  Is simple and affordable! If you are a Profitable Recruiter Member – make sure you are taking full advantage of your membership platform by following the twelve tips above.  If you want to register YOUR Company for The Profitable Sales Agent and deliver the tools above to them – click here and use Promo Code 25OFF to save 25% on your membership through April 15th

If you are NOT a member of The Profitable Recruiter but would like to start using these powerful done-for-you content training and tools, then register here and you too can use the promo code 25OFF to save 25% on any pro membership.  To access the Audio downloads, register for either the 6 month or annual memberships.  Got questions?  Email us!  We’d love to help!  Make it a great year! 

When Agents Won’t Return Your Calls

What YOU May Be Doing Wrong

Sad businesswoman sitting at white office desk waiting for a phone call.

 By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

 “What am I doing WRONG?”  If you could only imagine how many times I’ve heard THAT question.  Most brokers and recruiters immediately think the worse if their prospective recruits are not returning their calls, emails or texts.  It’s not always bad news, but it can be.  One way to help decipher that is by determining their behavior patterns.

Let’s say you met with an agent and it went well but you did not get the commitment. You follow up a week later, but still — you are not getting a response.

 The right side, the expressive or driver, knows what you want and they are not shy. When those on the right are not responding to your calls, it’s not always a bad sign. Since they know what you want, if the answer is no, they will easily reply with something to the effect of “I will call you when I am ready,” or “It’s not the right time,” or “I have decided to stay put for now”.

They move at a fast pace and return calls on a priority basis. They are not worried about telling you that they are not ready to move yet, but at the same time, when they don’t call you or return your email, text, etc. it sometimes means that since they know what you want, it does not make sense to call you until they can give you a definitive answer. Maybe they are finishing up some closings, getting a listing sold or even getting some personal stuff in order. For the best agents, the timing has to make sense. When they do respond, that answer is more likely to be a yes, so stay comfortably in touch with various methods of communication and don’t worry too much.

When those on the left are not responding to your calls, it’s not as good. They also know what you want, but they are shy. If they are amiable, they also have a desire to please. Both the left side personalities, Amiable and Analytical, like to avoid conflict or confrontation. Think about it. If their answer is no, they know that you will try to change their mind, apply pressure, etc. –meaning they will naturally avoid contact if the answer is not what you want to hear.  They are the ones that hide.

But sometimes the highly emotional ones will also avoid conflict, especially if they are going to feel bad telling you. Maybe they indicated they would join, really like you, but for whatever reason, the answer is going to be “no”, they might also avoid calling you back. If the answer is yes, their desire to please and the fact that they are great at follow up, means that they will return your message in a timelier manner.

Drivers also prefer texting, so it’s always the best way to get a fast response.  If they aren’t ready to make a move, the goal is to stay comfortably in touch until they are ready and the best tool to do that is The Profitable Recruiter Motivational enewsletters.

Need to know more about defining the personality types of your recruiting prospects so that you can best match your recruiting strategies?  Profitable Recruiter Members, click on the Audio Downloads link in your member platform and look to the Audio 3 Section of your 7+ hours of audio recruiting training for ELEVEN segments that deal with this specific need!

Not a member? Join today and you too can have access to all of our recruiting tools, eNewsletters, monthly webinars – and the 7+ hours of audio training, including the eleven segments on agent personality types.  Start your New Year off with what many brokers are saying is the best tool they have when it comes to recruiting, a membership to The Profitable Recruiter! Use 25OFF to get 25% off any PRO membership.

One Powerful Script to Inject Some Energy into Your Recruiting

And Get Your Team InvolvedEmpty office desk

By Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

I’m often asked about my ‘favorite’ scripts for recruiters.  Which ones to use when.  How can I get better (or less afraid) at making recruiting calls?  How do I know which agents in the market place would be a GREAT fit for our office?

Have I got a quick script for you that engages your current team in a positive way, and gets them to help line up new recruiting prospects FOR YOU, also in a powerfully positive way! I call it my “One Desk Left” script.  Here’s how it goes:

First, task your agents to give you a business card and write the name of the agent they would like to see you hire if there was only one desk left in the office. Have them write the name on the back of their card. Then use this dialog to follow up with agents:

Only One Desk Left Dialog

Hello (their name), this is (your name and company name). Did I get you at a good time?

The reason for my call is to pay you a compliment. (Let them respond.) This week I walked around and asked each of my agents this question: If we only had one desk open and we could only hire one agent, who would you most like to see sitting in that desk? I am sitting here holding (number) cards with your name on the back! I was impressed, especially with the number of agents here in our marketplace. When my agents feel that way about an agent, I make it a goal to call and not only pass on the information, but to also see if we can get together. I would like to know more about how you do your business but would also like the opportunity to tell you more about the way we do business here at (Company Name).

If they say No:

I understand, and I respect that you are happy at your present company, but sometimes things change. I have always found that it is nice to at least know that the competition has to offer if that day ever comes.

Let me ask you this: If you were to make a move today, what would you be looking for in another company?

What training is most important to agents in today’s market?

If I could help you increase your business by $ __ per year, would it be worth an hour of your time to see how?

Great, I have time available today or we could meet first thing tomorrow. Which time would be best?

Taking the fear and frustration out of recruiting calls starts with preparation.  With setting the stage consistently in your market place so that when you do have the opportunity to speak with the agents you most want on your team, they (a) know who you are, (b) know what makes your organization unique, and (c)  are comfortable talking to you because you’ve made them a priority to connect with again and again.  That’s one of the reasons The Profitable Recruiter system works so well.  It gives you a low-key way to stay positioned with agents that would be good team members for your company.  Oh- and there’s a bonus to this approach as well! RETENTION.  Your current agents will appreciate that you involve them, want to know their opinion, and are eager to choose new team members who THEY would work well with.  (How’s that for a win-win-win!?)

Scripts, and practice also remove fear and increase your confidence to go after even the highest producers, because you have a track to run on once you pick up that phone.  This month we’ve made it even easier to find the recruiting scripts in our platform by putting them as downloadable pdf’s in a navigation tab all their own!  Once you’ve logged into your membership site, simply click on the tab that says recruiting scripts.  Choose the ones that work best for you – print them and keep them in front of you when you’re on the phone.  Many of our members even make several copies for their phone sessions, so they can add the recruiting prospect’s name to the top, and keep notes on their conversation.  They can then transfer those notes into their CRM or database, or even go ‘old school’ and put them in a ‘follow up’ binder.

Do you want to hire more agents in 2016?  Learning to handle whatever objection comes your way with ease are both important parts of the puzzle! Not only will you learn many of these vital tools in the 7+ hours of audio training that you get as part of your Profitable Recruiter Pro membership – you have the advantage of learning on demand – individually or as a leadership team.

And if you HAVEN’T put systems in place to ALWAYS have the tools you need to grow your team with less headaches and more results – consider joining The Profitable Recruiter today.  From now until February 5th make any Profitable Recruiter Pro Membership part of your 2016 business plan, and take 25% off with the promo code 25OFF— PLUS, have the ability to add up to 10 managers or admins to your account at no extra cost!  That’s 25% off everything you need to be in the right place at the right time when the agents you want are ready to make a move – AND includes the SEVEN HOURS of recruiting audio training, more than 30 webinars on demand, scripts, letters, social media tools and more!  What are you waiting for? Register today and hit the ground running for next year!